La Femme Nikita

Season 3 Episode 8

Outside the Box

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 1999 on USA
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Episode Summary

A man with a photographic memory is framed for murder in order to force him to work for Section. While working closely with the new recruit, Nikita starts asking questions about her own recruitment, and finds the man who sent her down the path of her destruction.moreless

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  • A man with a photographic memory is brought in for a mission. Nikita investigates her entry into Section.

    When Nikita helps set a man up for a crime he didn't commit, she gets suspicious and starts investigating her own entry into section. Nikita quickly discovers that acquiring information about her entry into section isn't going to be easy, as her leads get erased or canceled. Meanwhile, Hillinger sets up Tatyana, Birkoff's assistant, and takes her place. Birkoff suspects but can't prove that Tatyana is innocent. Hillinger is obvious about his ambitions to replace Birkoff. Kruger, the man they bring in, has a photographic memory that they use to "download" a file that can't be acquired any other way.moreless
  • Nikita is starting to think why she was brought in when she is used to set up for another innocent soul who section needs.

    We are having quite deep look back into the past, back to the time when she was still that girl on street and on one fatal night she ended up in wrong place but now it seems that maybe it was even more than just coincident - she wants to know the reason she was brought it.

    The story concentrates but the other person, Benjamine, who has photographical memory and they need him for a place they cannot bring technology in. It not only ends up being a mission, but she starts to avoid that man turning into her and getting everyone out alive.

    It was different from usual episode, that thing what went on between Birkoff and Greg - they way that was left. And that they really made us wonder - what they wanted from Nikita in the first place. It seems so much that Michael is behind that, only I could not come up with any reason why, yet. Anyway, something promising and left us so many open clues.moreless
Lara Boyd Rhodes

Lara Boyd Rhodes


Guest Star

Christopher Bolton

Christopher Bolton

Benjamin Kruger

Guest Star

James Downing

James Downing

Scar Man

Guest Star

Kris Lemche

Kris Lemche

Greg Hillinger

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The group Section faces in this episode is called Par Epistemen Taksis, which translates as "Through Science, Order".

    • Goof: Several times throughout the episode it is said that Nikita was arrested for murder three years ago. This is way off, because she was first arrested, then tried, then convicted, then sat on death row before finally "committing suicide". Then she trained for two years and has been an operative for two more. This all adds up to much more then three years.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Operations: (referring to Nikita) She wants to know why she's really here.
      Madeline: It was inevitable.

    • Hillinger: See, This is what I'm saying, you're blaming me. This is why I couldn't tell you. Birkoff, she was a shark in disguise. Face it, I saved your butt.

    • Hillinger: (after Birkoff reports Tatyana's unauthorized access) Birkoff. You did what you had to do.
      Birkoff: I just don't get it. She's not good enough to hack my password. But ... but, you are. You set her up!
      Hillinger: Wait a minute, Birkoff, wait a minute. Yes. Yes, I set her up, okay? Look, because she was setting you up. I did not trust her from the start. Miss Sweetness and Light in a place like this? I don't think so. So, I hacked her station. She had a subchannel to the outside, she was going freelance.
      Birkoff: Why didn't you just tell me?
      Hillinger: I couldn't tell you, Birkoff. You hate me, you had the hots for her - would you have believed me?
      Birkoff: I don't believe you now.

    • Nikita: Are you all right?
      Kruger: Nope, I'm scared to death.
      Nikita: Don't be. Your job is to memorize. My job is to keep you alive. I plan to do my job very well. Let's go.

    • Madeline: I'd hate to think Birkoff's turned.
      Operations: So would I. On the other hand, Hillinger's coming along quite nicely. I'll keep you posted.

    • Birkoff: How'd she get the password?
      Hillinger: I have no idea, I thought you gave it to her. That's why I didn't say anything.
      Birkoff: I've never given it to anyone. Why would she do it?
      Hillinger: Money? Who knows, maybe she's got a grudge against Section? Birkoff, um, you're going to have to talk to her.
      Birkoff: It's too late. The shield's been penetrated. They'll be onto this in no time, if they aren't already.
      Hillinger:'re going to turn her in?
      Birkoff: I've got no choice.

    • Nikita: (when Kruger complains about his training) They're just trying to help you stay alive, Kruger.
      Kruger: Well, it's a waste of time. I'm no fighter, as you saw. So why don't you just kill me, get it over with.
      Nikita: All right. Just take this pill, drop it in your drink. You'll be dead in ten seconds. (Kruger looks away with shame) Oh, so we're not so anxious to die after all?
      Kruger: Maybe not.
      Nikita: Then I suggest that you stop playing games and behave yourself. I'll help you.
      Kruger: Why would you help me?
      Nikita: Because I owe you. And because I might need your help. Until then, I suggest we concentrate on keeping you alive. Deal?
      Kruger: Deal.

    • Madeline: Kruger isn't working well with his trainer. I want you to take over.
      Nikita: And what makes you think he'll be different with me?
      Madeline: You connected with him at the bar.
      Nikita: Yeah, right before I betrayed him.

    • Tatyana: I'll need a password.
      Hillinger: Oh, yeah, right, I'll give it to you, no problem.
      Tatyana: (referring to Birkoff) He won't mind?
      Hillinger: Um, no, I mean, he gave it to me, told me to use it at my discretion. I trust you.
      Tatyana: Wow. Thanks, I'm flattered.

    • Walter: What's up?
      Nikita: How do I get a hold of my file?
      Walter: You don't.

    • Nikita: I just saw the mission debrief. Kruger was framed for murder.
      Michael: He'll be more focused knowing escape is pointless.
      Nikita: The frame was real. Dobbs is dead.

    • Hillinger: Hello, hello, hello, who's this?
      Tatyana: Tatyana.
      Birkoff: My assistant.
      Hillinger: You have an assistant? That's very impressive. Hi, I'm Greg Hillinger, resident genius. They call me Lifeguard.
      Tatyana: 'Lifeguard?'
      Hillinger: Yeah, I'm always saving people's asses.

    • Hillinger: (when he returns as an assistant to Birkoff) So what'd you screw up this time, Seymour?

    • Birkoff: I don't need any help.
      Operations: It's not a criticism, Birkoff, it's a question of time. I want everyone on board for this one. And I expect you two to fully cooperate with each other. Understood?

    • Operations: We have to put technology aside, think outside the box. The cicle can't be copied, can't be filmed, but it can be looked at. The man you picked up last night will do the looking. Benjamin Kruger.

    • Madeline: You murdered him twenty minutes later in a nearby alley. Traces of skin with your DNA were found under his fingernails. This is the murder weapon. It has your fingerprints on it. And a clerk at a hardware store distinctly remembers selling it to you. If you were on the outside, we estimate you'd be taken within 12 hours. Your chances for acquittal are nil; you'd be imprisoned for life or executed. The point is, Mr. Kruger, there's no escaoe. Accept that, concentrate on doing what we tell you, and maybe we'll let you live.

    • Kruger: Who are you people?
      Madeline: We're called Section One, and we need to make use of your special talent.
      Kruger: My memory.
      Madeline: Yes.
      Kruger: And if I don't cooperate?
      Madeline: You'll be killed.

    • Kruger: You new around here?
      Nikita: No, not really.
      Kruger: That's weird. I thought I new this side of town pretty well.
      Nikita: Well, life's just full of surprises, isn't it?

    • Michael: Stop playing games, Nikita. What's really going on?
      Nikita: I need to know why Section chose me.
      Michael: What do you mean?
      Nikita: They brought me in Michael... just like they did Kruger.
      Michael: It's been three years. If you were brought in here for some other reason, you'd know by now.
      Nikita: Maybe. Maybe not. If you won't help me, will you at least not interfere? Would you do that much for me? Please?
      Michael: Yes. Nikita? What if you don't like what you find.
      Nikita: Anything's better than not knowing.

    • Nikita: I'm a veteran here, Michael - I have my own sources, you know.

    • Nikita: The crime that got Section's attention, the reason I'm here? I didn't do it.
      Walter: Well that may be true but what the hell difference does it make now?
      Nikita: Suppose I was framed in the first place, because they wanted me here?
      Walter: Why?
      Nikita: Yeah, why?

    • Nikita: Oh, so we just took him off the street? An innocent man? Do we do this kind of thing often, Michael?
      Michael: No. Not often.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music Used In This Episode:
      "Superstar" - Vibrolux (in the bar in the teaser)
      "Ride With The Flow" - Sixty Channels (the bar in Belgrade where Nikita finds the scarred man)
      "Revenge" - Thrive (as Nikita retraces her steps from her recruitment)