La Femme Nikita

Season 3 Episode 21

Playing with Fire

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 22, 1999 on USA
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Episode Summary

Literally playing with fire, Michael and Nikita are setting up clandestine rendezvous on Section missions as a way to get around Operations and Madeline's ban on their seeing each other. Operations and Madeline still suspect them, so Madeline starts sending Davenport along on Michael's and Nikita's mission to spy on them. Meanwhile, Madeline orders Birkoff to sweep Michael's and Nikita's computer panels for secret communication, and when Birkoff does indeed discover communications between the two, it implicates Walter as their go-between. Will Birkoff turn in Walter? And, if so, what will happen to Michael, Nikita and Walter?moreless

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  • They do are playing with fire.

    A episode full action. Michal and Nikita are literally playing with fire when they decide not to care about Madeline who forbid them to meet. And she is not the person who cares about other wills. She is ruthless and tries to make everyone life a hell. He starts sending Davenport with them to the mission to keep eye on them.

    But that is not the main theme. The main thing focuses on Birkoff who is asked to check Michel's and Nikita's panels and when he discovers that they have forbidden communication, he has hard choice to make. He knows that his decision may have bad aftermath not only for the two but also for Walter who had his part on it. The dilemma of Birkoff is the main focus on this episode.

  • "Yeah, to live. Look it up, it's in the dictionary." --Walter to Madeline. You go Walter! "We're playing with fire..." --Nikita Oh, yes they are! Basically, these two quotes sum up the episode.moreless

    Weren't there any terrorists in the world to go bother for two days? Come on Red Cell...Glass somethingorother...Freedom League? Anyone to pull Madeline and OPs attention away from two lovers trying to find a way to spend time together?? Oh yes, there was that one terrorist...but when he's caught, Operations is shocked! He was trying to kill Michael and Nikita, not worrying about any silly terrorist!

    This was a really good episode, but the exclusion of terrorists, their whole job, was a bit of a bother to me. I mean, there was no focus on anything but Section trying to slit up, even kill if nessesary, Michael and Nikita!

    Kill? Come on, Ops - you're really going to kill both of your best operatives? The whole reason they say they want the two not to be together is because Michael's performance had droppped...what was it? A half of a point to a point in his percentage when he's usually a perfect? So kill them to take them from a 99 1/2 % to zero? Where's your logic here, Ops?

    Besides all of that, this episode finally let Michael open up a bit and show how much this relationship meant to him. He was willing to sacrifice everything to be with his love. Nikita reciprocated this. Very sweet, very endearing.

    But I wish Birkoff would stop being so uptight! Ever since he went to that place in All Means Nessesary, the boy's been too different. Loosen up! Be more like Walter, who was willing to risk being canceled to help his two friends actually live. I loved how he stood up for them and talked back to Madeline fearlessly (or almost, at least for a while) to get to the point - leave Nikita and Michael to their fun. How much more can you take away before destroying them?

    So alter puts his neck on the line and saves Nikita and Michael again by letting them know about Ops's trap. Good boy.

    Meanwhile though, Nikita hateds that Walter is doing so and feels terribly guilty. Yet Michael vows that they shall find a way to be together, and that Section wont stop them. Good luck there. Best keep Nikita by your side all the time next episode!

    Three out of Five stars.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The boat where Nikita and Michael secretly meet in this episode is the same place where they first made love in the Season Two episode "Hard Landing".

    • The terrorist group targeted in this episode is called Crimson Storm.

    • Nitpick: When Operations walks Michael and Nikita to van loading for their solo mission, he nods to Davenport and team before the door closes. As sharp as Michael and Nikita are, they certainly would have noticed and realized they were being followed.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Davenport: (visibly uncomfortable) Sir, Nikita and Michael will resist capture.
      Operations: You're cleared for extreme force.
      Davenport: (even more uncomfortable) I'm sorry, sir, I'll need you to be more explicit.
      Operations: They are not to escape. Kill them if necessary.

    • Walter: (when Birkoff says he has to turn them in to Madeline) Look, we are talking about Michael and Nikita, remember.
      Birkoff: And you.
      Walter: Oh, come on, Birkoff!
      Birkoff: No! I'm not going down with you guys!

    • Birkoff: What were you thinking?!
      Walter: I was helping two friends.
      Birkoff: Being a messenger for Nikita and Michael is not helping them! It's digging their graves, and yours!

    • Mick: (when Nikita opens her door) Picture this, Venice, it's 5:00 in the morning, and I'm just walking back to my hotel, from where, you don't have to know, and I see this in a window (opens a jewelry box to show her a decorative pin) and I say to myself, 'Nikta'. Here, it's fun. Look at it, it's nice.
      Nikita: I can't take gifts from you, Mick.
      Mick: Pity. Still, I do need a favor.

    • Madeline: Did you really think you could get away with this?
      Walter: It doesn't matter. It's what they wanted. It's called living.
      Madeline: Living.
      Walter: Look it up, it's in the dictionary.
      Madeline: Walter, you're a 60 year old teenager.

    • Nikita: Michael, we're playing with fire.
      Michael: (Michael kisses her hand) I know.

  • NOTES (1)