La Femme Nikita

Season 2 Episode 11

Psychic Pilgrim

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 1998 on USA
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Section believes that an imprisoned terrorist leader is ordering an attack through his lawyer. Nikita and Michael go undercover as a couple, with Nikita posing as a psychic. The terrorist's lawyer asks Nikita to contact his dead son, but Nikita is shocked to discover that the connection she has to the boy is real.moreless

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  • Really moving, well acted, superbly written episode.

    I think everything in this episode is in super... The story is very appealing and catching, camera work is superb and with that, they managed to create us many surprises, also the story, plot - marvelously written. With all that plus genius acting by Peta Wilson to play out that hard role of psychic. The outcome is unforgettable. The episode starts very intriguing but when we are smart enough, we would understand in the first moment - this is mission (like the start of the Mercy). More the story continues, more we will learn what it is about. The father of a boy, who died, is looking for psychic and Nikita is planted as a trap to get trough him. it works as always, Nikita is said to say no first, to make people come back. So - Nikita and Michael acting loving couple will be taken and Nikita, with help of Birkoff, plays her role very well. I loved that book scene, when Nikita read the words written there before she even open it - stylish.

    The all episode just is so stylish. When she acts to talk with the men's son - the best acting part seen so far. And .. the way everything just goes - moving.

    One of my favorite episodes.moreless
  • A very convincing scene of a father talking to his son\\\'s \\\"spirit\\\" through Nikita, and powerful acting.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I always felt that Peta Wilson was a very good actress, but she really shows her talent when she was pretending to talk through the son\\\'s \\\"spirit\\\"; not many actors or actresses can do this convincingly. Alberta Watson also deserves kudos (especially) in this episode. This episode told a bit more about the story of how Madeline killed her sister, and when she went to talk to her mother, she did an excellent job at showing deep emotion in a very subtle way while appearing ruthless. I also got very sad when the guy saw his son on the screen at the end. He was also very convincing in the \\\"spirit chat\\\" scene. Basically I loved this episode, it really caught my attention and I highly recommend watching it. So much about the section is revealed, and the relationships of the characters as well.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The terrorist group under attack this episode is called First Flag.

    • We learn that Madeline had a sister named Sarah, who died as a child. Sarah and Madeline were fighting over a doll, and Madeline pushed her sister down some stairs in order to get it. But whether she intended to kill her, or even truly harm her, is left unclear. Madeline first mentions her sister to Nikita in the Season One episode "Gambit".

    • Twin Sighting
      One of the twins doing surveillance on Nikita for Adrian walks his dog past the house where Michael and Nikita are staying for their undercover mission.

    • Goof: When Nikita gets into bed in the opening scene, she tosses a pillow off the bed and knocks a couple of things off her bedside table, possibly a clock.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Madeline: (to her mother) After Sarah died, I made a choice. Of course, I didn't realize it was a choice at the time, but it was. I chose to be the person you saw, the girl who killed her sister. I still can't say for sure what happened on the landing that day. Maybe it was an accident, maybe it wasn't. When I heard you were dying, it occurred to me that maybe you never blamed me for Sarah's death, that you loved me all along. If that's true, than I created my own Hell and have lived in it ever since.

    • Madeline: By the way, Armel is still watching you. He has to remain convinced that you and Michael are husband and wife.
      Nikita: What, is there something wrong?
      Madeline: The average couple who have been married under five years have intimate relations at least twice a week. (Nikita looks surprised, then calculating) Also, I would suggest a small argument, perhaps about finances or in-laws.

    • Walter: So, how's things in the suburbs?
      Nikita: Normal.
      Walter: (laughing) Oh yeah, we all remember normal!

    • Michael: (to Nikita as they lie in bed together) Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?
      Nikita: Not today.
      Michael: (making an amorous advance) Well, you are beautiful.
      Nikita: Oh, no, you don't. That's how you hurt your back in the first place.
      Michael: I should report you for that kind of cruelty.
      Nikita: I know, I know, I know . . . Michael?
      Michael: Yes?
      Nikita: I love you.
      Michael: I love you, too.

    • Michael: Was it difficult for you?
      Nikita: The debrief?
      Michael: No, the mission.
      Nikita: At the time, no.
      Michael: And now?
      Nikita: Well, that all depends on you... how do you feel about it?
      Michael: Conflicted.
      Nikita: Well, maybe I can help... we can talk about it.
      Michael: I'd love to... but what you need to hear, I can't tell you yet.
      Nikita: Yet?
      Michael: You know a lot about me, Nikita, but not everything. There are things that have to remain hidden. It has nothing to do with how I feel about you.

    • Madeline's Mother: Sarah? Is that you?
      Madeline: (hesitates, then responds coldly) Yes mother, it's me.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The season 2 DVD release of this episode included a deleted scene: Michael and Nikita saying goodnight after a dinner party at their house with another couple. Michael acts slightly tipsy, and feigns a pulled muscle in his back. This was meant to be the opening scene, leading into Michael and Nikita's bedroom, which was used to begin the finished episode. Director Jon Cassar explains that that part of the scene wasn't used because it was too happy- La Femme Nikita always has its dark side, even when the characters are happy, and this just scene didn't have that. The deleted scene also established Michael's injury, giving Nikita a good reason to refuse his sexual advances with Michael's apparent cooperation. Deleting that footage made it seem as if Nikita made up his "injury" herself as an excuse to avoid having sex with Michael for which she'd otherwise have no good reason to refuse. The two do have sex later in the episode, but only after Nikita decides to make advances of her own- a very different thing!


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