La Femme Nikita

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 22, 1997 on USA
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Nikita is assigned to decide the fate of a Section recruit who is nearing the end of her two-year training period, something which she finds difficult to accomplish since it means she may have to order the other woman's cancellation.

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  • Very emotional and psychological episode, where Nikita has a decision to make, not realizing the decision will be made over her.

    I love this episode because here we will have that psychological dilemma from the start. Nikita got recruit Karen and she has to decide is she ready to become operative or she will be canceled. So, she feels like a executer as she is quite pathetic first. She seems to be very infirm, afraid. So, Nikita feels sorry for until they end up in first mission as Nikita is quite sure something was wrong with her. She learns that before the left the scene, she killed one of the fellow operative. She managed to make her angry and she proves she can be a great fighter. They end up in heart-to-heart talk and she confess that Brian raped her. So Nikita, with all her compassion, feel sorry for her.

    They have next mission and they have to get to the safe. They take two man to hostage and ask where the safe is. Karen ends up shooting one of them and after that - the look on her face. She feels like something is not wrong. She asks help from Birkoff and he founds that she enjoys killing, Brian resigned from teaching her as she felt he did not like him - so it came out that incapable and afraid girl is psychopath who thinks so well that she is for killing.

    With that Nikita turn against her and even if she saves her life and she is against violence, her decision is to cancel her. And she learns that it was all a test about her...

    I adore that dilemma, the way Nikita handled this.. Super and very well writtenmoreless

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    • Nikita: (trying to make her decision about Karyn) How did you make your decision? What were you looking for? Was there some kind of checklist, seven out of ten I live, anything less than that I die? Or was it intuition, gut feeling?
      Michael: I don't believe in intuition. Your scores were high, you excelled in all areas, it wasn't a very difficult decision.
      Nikita: So why did Operations resist?
      Michael: (surprised that she knows) Who told you that?
      Nikita: Intuition.

    • Madeline: (saying that Karyn's fate wasn't Nikita's choice) An operative's resolve and judgment is as important as her tactical skills. We knew Karyn would be a problem. We wanted to see if you would come to the same conclusion.
      Nikita: If I hadn't?
      Operations: (smiling) Then we would have had two problems.

    • Nikita: (when Karyn balks during a mission) Do you want to live?! Answer the question, do you want to live?! Then walk in and do what you gotta do!

    • Karyn: (after Walter comes on to her) I hate to be rude.
      Nikita: It's technically impossible to be rude to that man.
      Karyn: I just want the people here to like me.
      Nikita: Why?

    • Michael: What is your question?
      Nikita: I need to know if your admiration for her is purely professional.
      Michael: I thought you would know me better then that.
      Nikita: That is funny Michael, because I don't know you at all.

    • Karyn: (adjusting her belt) Should this be this tight?
      (Michael start to adjust it for her)
      Nikita: What are you going to do? Guess her belt size?!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Karyn is actually much closer in appearance and history to the original Nikita from the French movie. Like that Nikita, she was arrested while robbing a pharmacy for drugs, and killed an someone in the process.

    • Music Used in This Episode
      "Broken Man" - SIANspheric (when Nikita thinks about Brian's death)

    • Guest star Felicity Waterman originally auditioned for the role of Nikita and was one of the last two actresses considered for the part.