La Femme Nikita

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 1997 on USA
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A raid on a chemical weapons plant proves successful, but at a price, when Michael is injured and left behind, prompting Nikita to lead a rescue mission.

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  • Great story composition, lot of action, but most of all - very emotional, moving and thought-provoking episode.

    The first few seconds of this episode show that I will love it - the Engima music on the beginning - I was so surprised to something like that on this show as their usual music is much different (and far from what I like to listen but Engima is one of my favorites... so you can imagine my surprise)

    The story itself is catching - the mission goes wrong, Michael does everything to fix it and by that gets shot and is left behind - but he shows he is a man who knows his duty and he can get away on his own. He kidnaps a nurse and after a little they come quite found of each other. The woman wants that her country would change and they would have a more democratic system and she saws Michael as a man who is working for it plus I feel she has wanted someone to care and love as a mother for long. When she talked about herself - she is on her fourteens, with no husband nor children, she looked at him like she wanted a child like him. And the way Michael started to admire her for her bravery and courage - I think he likes to see that women are capable of taking after themselves and do the right thing even if much is on stake.

    The other part of the story is on Nikita and Madeline (who I am happy to see outside the Section). We learn that Madeline is so loyal, so dedicated that she is ready to risk very much to make the job done. Madeline still remains quite a big questionmark as there is so much from the previous episodes and this too, that leaves so many question unanswered.

    There are so many stylish scenes, gorgeous locations and the ending - very emotional. The best episode so far.moreless
  • Classic La Femme Nikita genre and style. Exemplifies the reason I love the show.

    A very moving and deep episode. Shows Michael\\\'s underlying humanity - a side not seen often, or for long. I especially liked the exchange between Nikita and Michael toward the end of the episode, after they are back in Section 1. Nikita says about the nurse who helped Michael - \\\"I am sorry she died.\\\" After which Michael says \\\"I am glad she lived.\\\" I interpret this in two related ways: 1) He is glad the nurse lived because she saved him. 2) He is glad the nurse had some meaningful activity in her life before she died. This refers to when the nurse grabs the machine gun and runs outside to try and hold off the soldiers to give the Section 1 team time to escape. All in all, one of the most moving episodes. And the Enigma music (Beyond The Invisible) in the beginning of the episode was a great accompaniment.moreless
  • Somebody Saaaave Meee!!

    One thing I love about La Femme Nikita is the location shooting. The scenes set in Klodno were visually stunning, with the streets blanketed in snow and the Russia-esque coldness and roughness of the scenery. This was just one thing that helped make a truly memorable episode.

    I think this was the first episode to see Madeline outside of Section, and her inclusion in Michael's rescue made for a neat change of format, and it also gave Alberta Watson the chance to really shine. I liked the partnership of Madeline and Nikita and it really proved how different they are as agents. For one, Nikita managed to fall for Madeline's admittedly lame fake heart attack, whilst Madeline knew her partner would be fooled.

    Angie Georgiev was an interesting guest and Nancy Beatty was a pleasure to watch. She really sold the character to me and genuinely made me saddened by her death at the end of the episode. Her relationship with Michael was also intriguing, as it showed a more open, caring side to him, much different to the slightly cold side we've seen so far.

    The revelation that Petrosian was working for Section came as a great shock to me, but, soon after viewing, I wondered if I should have felt that way. Section has already been proved as duplicitous, manipulative organization so why exactly should I be surprised? Just look at Madeline, who's so devoted to Section's cause that she's willing to induce a real heart attack to get what she wants...

    Admittedly enjoyable but sometimes grating (mainly the fact that Michael just left Angie's body to disintegrate on the ground), this episode mostly succeeded in fleshing out the characters, notably Michael and Madeline, who both got a lot more insight thanks to a couple of scenes that really revealed their true agendas and little hints of their real personality.

    Director: Ken Girotti

    Writer: Peter Bellwood

    Rating: A-moreless
Nancy Beatty

Nancy Beatty

Angie Georgiev

Guest Star

Nigel Bennett

Nigel Bennett

Egran Petrosian

Guest Star

Diego Matamoros

Diego Matamoros

Major Frankel

Guest Star

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  • QUOTES (15)

    • Nikita: (About Angie) I am sorry she died.
      Michael: So am I. But I'm glad she lived.

    • Nikita: So it was never about Michael at all? It was about Petrosian.
      Madeline: Rescuing Michael gave us a way to extract Petrosian without letting the enemy know that he'd been one of us.
      Nikita: But if it had to come down to a choice ... say between him and Michael?
      Michael: Leave it alone, Nikita.

    • Nikita: Michael? They're gonna get to us before the chopper does. We'll need a diversion. I'll draw them away.
      Michael: It's suicide.
      Nikita: It's the only chance we've got.

    • Nikita: (with amused admiration as Madeline hotwires a car) You have to tell me about yourself someday, Madeline.
      Madeline: (smiles warmly) Someday.

    • Frankel: Your papers seem in order. You sell cosmetics?
      Madeline: Yes that's right.
      Frankel: A poor country like ours cannot be a very profitable market.
      Madeline: In a few years you won't be poor and we'll be in all your stores.

    • Angie: You must think I am fool for helping you.
      Michael: I think you're very brave.

    • Michael: (To Angie) If you do as I say I won't hurt you. If you don't I'll kill you. Understand?

    • Frankel: You're trying to provoke a rescue attempt.
      Petrosian: (snorts) And then we will have the agent and the rescue team both.
      Frankel: Very clever.
      Petrosian: We may have lost the Cold War, but we can still score a point now and then if we use our heads.

    • Nikita: (angry) What's the crap about overnight analysis and ten to one odds?
      Birkoff: I . . . did a feasibility study, isolated key factors, ran a sim...
      Nikita: This is Michael we're talking about. Couldn't you have fudged the sim? Maybe rigged the odds just a little?
      Birkoff: I did. Objectively it's one hundred to one against bringing him out. Maybe one hundred fifty. Sorry Nikita. Michael's on his own.

    • Nikita: What about Michael?
      Operations: Overnight analysis suggests one chance in three that he's alive. And even if he is, one chance in ten of bringing him out. He'll be missed.
      Nikita: That's it?
      Operations: Yes that's it.

    • Petrosian: (to Nikita) Your performance was quite extraordinary, and I thank you for it. (turning to Michael) I should thank you, too. Your incompetence allowed the rescue mission to take place.
      Michael: Incompetence?!
      Petrosian: Yes. Or was it part of the plan to get yourself shot?

    • Angie Georgiev: (When Michael says he will be leaving soon) I am in my 40s, I have no family, no husband, no child, not much chance of either. I have a job, but a job is not a life. It's not self-pity, it's plain speaking. Since you have been here I have been confused, worried, scared out of my wits, but I have lived more in the past 24 hours than I have in seven years since my father died. It is not just for his sake I help, but, huh, for mine. I ... I am glad you will be safe ... very glad and as pathetic as it sounds I think when you go, life will go with you.

    • Nikita: (Realizing that Madeline's heart attack was planned) You could've warned me!
      Madeline: Your reaction had to be convincing, Nikita.
      Nikita: You actually induced a heart attack, Madeline?!
      Madeline: The doctors needed to be convinced, too.

    • Nikita: So what changed your mind?
      Operations: I want Michael back too, Nikita. I am human.
      Nikita: (blinks in disbelief and clears her throat) Of course you are.

    • Madeline: They may be expecting a rescue attempt, but not by two women selling makeup.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The location of this episode is stated as being the city of Klodno, somewhere in Eastern Europe. There is a city named Klodno in Poland on the southwestern border with Czechoslovakia. However, the ambulance and other local fixtures have Cyrillic writing on them, rather than using the Latin alphabet, as Poland does. There is a Kladno in the Czech Republic, but the Czechs also use the Latin alphabet. In Eastern Europe, the countries that use Cyrillic are Russia, Bulgaria, parts of the former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro), Macedonia, Bosnia, Belorussia, and the Ukraine.

    • In an interview with Cinescape magazine, Joel Surnow revealed this was one of his favorite episodes from the first season.

    • Nancy Beatty won the award for "Best Performance by an Actress in a Guest Role in a Dramatic Series" at the 1998 Gemini Awards for this episode.

    • Music Used in This Episode
      "Beyond the Invisible" - Enigma (used in the teaser)