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  • Excellent spy series

    Watching the entire series in 3 weeks was great. Okay, it was suspenseful and exhausting but worth it. I had watched this when it was first on, but missed some episodes .

    The storyline was interesting and certain questions were answered, but I feel that some emotions from the characters could have been better. Especially gets the answer as to "WHY" she was brought into Section One. But her response in finding her real "father"? is not real at all. Here is an old man who must have spunked Nikita's mom when he was over 40. Why didn't she asked the why's .

    Where was did he would she even care for this old man? Only at the very end has he actually behaved like a father.

    Nikita emotions and actually whining over "innocents" was tiresome at times. And she changed way too much from season 4 to 5 .....

    Michael was such an interesting character. His acting, and yes it looked like he just stood there and whispered his replies, but watch his . I liked him the best with two were top notch in a majority of the shows.

    The other characters were good to okay. Of course Operations was pure evil on the good side. He was not to reckless with. His mind was carefully sharpened to take over any Michael was his equal and at times his superior.

    The designs and music was awesome . The show looked exciting always and to think all the outdoor shots were done in Toronto only. Looks good. The music captured you many times.

    You will, not find another series that can excel what LFN has done. Great and enjoyable.
  • La Femme Nikita not a simple show

    I have a love/hate opinion about this show. I love the dynamics between Nikita and Michael. Like any on TV romance, it begins rocky and yet despite the lies they trust each other without question. Their bond becomes so strong not even a father's love can come between them. The show itself is more about love and trust than it is about the missions. Operations and Madeline also seem to share a love so deep that it transcends death. It would seem that Operations and Madeline are the future Nikita and Michael, and Nikita and Michael are the past Paul and Madeline.

    Nikita's seemingly being the only compassionate person on the show, yet she leaves a young man who trusts her to be tortured. She hates Madeline so much yet cannot wait to become her when Operations is shot. She flaunts any little degree of power she gets as if she knows, and time and time again Michael has to save her, mostly from herself. The show begins with Madeline being a half decent person to Nikita, a few well placed lies and Nikita hates Madeline, and believes herself to be better than her. Madeline is the most honest person on the show, Nikita lives in a world of lies she tells herself but Madeline is able to kill in cold blood because she understands the job. She doesn't get to close to people and they know why.

    Nikita's constant whining also drives me crazy, especially where Michael is concerned, she can't wait to jump Durgoff (sp) and yet the way he gets power is through blackmail and lies, how dishonest is that and then behaving as if he is better than Michael. For someone who acts like she knows people so well it takes her forever to learn who Michael really is.

    Then Nikita lying to everyone and spying on everyone to "make things better", then she kills the first guy in abeyance that praises her for wanting to make things different. My issue is that Nikita the centre of the show is a hypocrit and it's difficult to root for her, I probably wouldn't if it wasn't for Michael.

    Love the show, hate the show.
  • A true "Guilty Pleasure". No matter how off the director got in an episode, no matter how bad the source script... The cast (perhaps the executive producers) always preserved the true integrity of the characters.

    I have been a member of TV.Com for sometime now. This is my first review of any show, let alone any episode.

    I give the series a value of 9.2, and I am compeled to write a review, but must insist that I preface it, and my review will: [CONTAIN SPOILERS]. Read No Further, if you are on the fence about choosing to watch the show. [JUST WATCH IT] :)

    I was recently going thru some personal downtime. No need to be specific, but a friend noticed my down-in-the-dumps attitude, and my friend also knows I am the harshest of critics. He lent me his DVDs of La Femme Nikita - Season One, and asked me to "tear it apart".

    I am a fan of the Luc Besson's Film, and a huge detractor of the Hollywood version. I knew the series existed but gave it no sway; refused to watch the TV version when it was airing on the USA network.

    The Season One DVDs sat on my shelf for a longtime, and my friend continued to badger me about "how bad is it?". Once I was finally annoyed with his insistence that I watch the DVDs, I finally broke down and popped the Disc One - Season One in the DVD player.

    It took me several attempts to complete watching even the pilot. I was just not ready to accept Peta Wilson as Nikita. I was very unhappy with the super-model cast (which was my perception at the time). I was further unhappy with the changes they made to the characters: (Peta as) Nikita is Innocent, Micheal is her age, Nikita wasn't forced to kill on her first test. I stopped watching the pilot several times, finally finishing the pilot and giving my friend my dark review of the series.

    I knew he was a fan (he owned the DVDs). He agreed with me on almost every criticism I offered. But, he insisted I watch the first 6 episodes. His excuse was that even TV executives don't kill a show, based on the first episode (silly him).

    I begrudgingly agreed, and watched the first few episodes when I could, when I had nothing better to do.

    After the first few episodes I still didn't care for anyone, but I had become intrigued with the cohesive setting. Section One had become a character of it's own and I was curious; regardless of Nikita.

    I quickly became hooked; I power-watched the entire first season: Four, maybe Six, episodes at a time. The weekends were worse.

    When the first Season was over, I knew I was addicted. I actually didn't want more, I just needed more.

    I returned the DVDs to my friend and insisted on the DVDs for Season Two. I was rabid, and needed my Peta Wilson as Nikita fix. How this infection had occurred I was unaware. But, it made it no less real.

    To my violent disappointment, my friend shared with me the very bad news that he had never bought more than Season One of the TV Series: "La Femme Nikita". He explained, that in his opinion it was never better than Season One. He had watched as it was aired, and it never regained the foothold required to surpass Season One.

    In retrospect, I agree. But Season Two and (in most regards) Season Three are still exceptional TV.

    I found and bought the 5 Season - Complete Set of DVDs at Amazon dot Com.

    I power-watched all of Season Two. I made it thru more than half of Season Three, before I had to club (figuratively) someone over the head and drag them back to my cave: begging them to watch "La Femme Nikita" from the beginning.

    My new found lady friend also enjoyed "La Femme Nikita". And it gave me the chance to re-see the pilot. I realized I accepted all the changes made to the characters, and had embraced them. Watching the first few episodes wasn't nearly as hard as it was the First time. I accepted Peta Wilson as Nikita, I needed her to be innocent of her crime, I wanted Micheal to be her age, and I knew she'd never have been able to kill on her first test.

    I realized then that the executives had replaced my early understanding of Nikita: "the film", and given me a far more broader interpretation of the clandestine mission/clandestine organization/unwilling participant. They had approached the challenges of a 2 hour movie to TV series with the very best effort anyone could have given and succeeded on every level.

    All this said, I am still a very harsh critic. The end of Season Three was unnecessary, everything building up to it was distracting. Season Four, while it had it's highlights was never as good as it's predecessors; And the limited Season Five was merely bandage for open wounds with a contrived story arc.

    I have subsequently researched the production time-line. I work in the production field for Live Stage ((think) plays and musicals) and Film on occasion. I have worked for TV very rarely and never for any kind of longterm project like Nikita was. Everything that occurred seems natural and explainable, even if unfortunate.

    There is a text by "Heyn, Christopher" titled: Inside Section One: Creating and Producing TV's La Femme Nikita. It explains in more detail the changes made to the series, when and why, and how.

    For me: I give the series a 9.2 rating. I swear upto the late Season Three it's 10 all the way. A solid non-conforming 10. A Whole-Hearted TEN. After that tho, it becomes common, they seemed to try and increase their viewer-base by dumbing down the story, by dumbing down the complications, by simplifying a fairly realistic world into one that wasn't actually at war with realistic Eastern European enemies.

    They begin to reuse story-lines (sometimes well). They begin to evolve the bad guy into, "just a bad-guy". They begin to mis-represent (what would have been) recent history.

    This is why I cannot give the series a higher value.

    With that said, whether it be the cast or the executives of the series, the characters never missed a beat. That most of all is to be commended.
  • Nikita was an original show that was ahead of its time. Nikita was picked up by section one, an secret orginisation fighting terrorism and other crime. But that same organisation wasn't all that good for its employees. Best ever spy show. it deserves 8.9.

    Nikita was an original show that was ahead of its time. Nikita was picked up by section one, an secret orginisation fighting terrorism and other crime. But that same organisation wasn't all that good for its employees. Best ever spy show. it deserves 8.9. Nikita herself was different from most of her companions. She didn't give herself up for this type of work but didn't have a choice. Section 1 was a cold dark place most comparible to a dungeon. You could see her struggle to remain a positive, honest person with her own beliefs. This show is on of my favs.
  • Something very special - lot of excitement, unpredictable plot turns and mysterious, challenging, hard and complex characters.

    To be honest, I started to watch it as the beginning of the September I had too much free time after uni and I needed something to fill that time. I just remembered that I used to watch it when I was much younger and thought - maybe I would like it even now. It is hard to say how much the serie really was above my expectations. It was much better than I hoped - the story was catching and well written, the high-tech with mysterious life in Section, the different world that this show introduced. It has it magic as the main character Nikita was someone who you would feel sorry, want that she would be better. And now three months later thinking back to all of the episodes, the journey those characters have gone trough - the changes the made. It is just incredible. Who would have though after first season that in the end it will be Nikita who will run Section?

    I am only sad does not have that kind of feature that I could see the highest rated episode by my rankings because after 96 episode I hardly remember all of them which I loved - but "Escape" and "War" from first season left unforgettable memories, and the actions in the switch on first and second season - maybe the best of all. To look back, season 1 had most of the magic - it was all new, Nikita was so "innocent" and not in the world yet, trying to fight out and do things different. With time that defenetly changed and there is noone to blame - it is logical. Carla and Madeline's first office - something special adding to this show. Season two had some bright moments like Adrian storyline at the end. And it was mostly to get tensions between Michael and Nikita. Like "Not Was" when the real kind heart of that person was revealed. Michael was defenetly great addition to the show - not only to eye but the so complex, hard and contrary personality, his philosophy of the two faces he has... Season 3 goes with little different perspective than the previous, concentrating first on Michael past what defenetly made him more clearer and added something humane and out of the Section life but it also had some episode that hardly caught attention and maybe this seasons finale was the weakest of them all.

    Season 4 starts with Adrian theme again and makes our hopes up and gives some really enjoying episodes full of action and unpredictable events. A series classic, defenetly. We have some weaker episodes in the middle to build up very fast and little confusing ending for the last planned season.

    But they did go for some extra episodes and even if they seemed first to stand out of the original events as many characters were dead, replaced or gone. But they add some other magic there and the end they wrote to those events there - it made the serie even better, tearing our tears to run as the fate of Nikita is decided.

    A super serie, worth watching.
  • Good show with good actors and good ideas

    I liked this show because it was hi-tech and it was really interesting. Everything was fine except Michael - I really couldn`t stand that guy. His and Nikita`s relationship was not as convincing as it should have been, but Operations and Madeline had relationship that was so mysterious and weird - they kinda reminded me of Mulder and Scully. The plot was good (I mean, original Nikita is, in my opinion, one of the greatest classic movies ever) and every episode offered something new and different - not to mention fabuluos Peta Wilson. Her interpretation of the main character was great - hard but soft, cruel but kind... I even wrote a novel based on her (not fanfiction) ;-)
  • My very show,,,,,,,,, and I am actualy mad that it was cancelled.

    The show is absolutly edge of your seat material. I love the suspence, the action. I love to watch my fellow women kick some major butt. All the while stiffling a torrid love affair. Like I siad, totally on the edge of your seat. I would really like to see the show back on again. Maybe we should all sign a petition, no joke, what do you say? Give me back my awsome entertianment, put good T.V. back on television. If you really want to keep us stupified in front of the T.V. then give us something that is worth watching.
  • The best TV Series I've ever seen! You don't know any femme fatal until you meet Nikita. If you love Alias, you'll wonder what in the world made you love it. It's so lame compare to La Femme Nikita. The only down side of this show was that it had ended!

    If you love dark movies with surprisingly unpredictable story lines you'll love Nikita. If you love conspiracy theories, you'll love Nikita. If you love strong chemistry between the main characters look no further, Nikita had excellent ways of showing deep feelings,true love, friendships and passions in the place where those very human emotions could get you killed . The stories although made a decade ago were strongly related with and were reflections of the current world affairs. It's simply superp. Michael with his blank looks and cold demeanor was able to convey his deep feelings for Nikita to the audience through calculated and covert operations. His efforts to protect Nikita by secretly defying the 'Law' in the Section was actually one of the best part of the series. They showed how much she actually means to him. While Nikita with her soft heart struggles to be cold and aloof, and find a way to put her love for Michael in 'the right place' which are the only way to survive in the section. She is never sure about Michael's real feelings for her. And the audience just couldn't get enough of it. The power struggles between the characters were always unpredictable. You never know where they stand. It raises a very good question: Is an end really more important than the means. I don't know why they stop the series. Instead of making Alias, somebody should think of a way to continue Nikita. Bring it back! It's absolutely fabulous. The best show ever!
  • the fatal femme you can't take your eyes from

    peta wilson portrays nikita framed for murder..... but given a way out by becoming a section one operactive (section one is the deep cover organization whose mission is to stop terrorist who elude other ops agencies)codenamed jospehine.she dressed to kill trained to survive.a new fashion in action.robert cochran and joel surnow has done a great job by creat this story and not to mention a another awesome story like 24.i like this story much and it suck that the story has end.and for you out there who never seen this story yet,just give it try cause i think u will like it
  • Here's what I don't get. Why was ALIAS the show that everyone in mainstream media WORSHIPED? It's the same show and Nikita did it better.

    Peta Wilson was everything you could have asked for in an undercover agent. She was vulnerable and rock solid at the same time. Her relationship with Micheal was tempestuous and erotic and they brought out the vulnerable side in each other.

    Through the seasons we saw the development of Nikita's relationships with Walter (the weapons and gadget man of Section 1) and Birkhoff (the computer genius) and her distrust of Operations (the man in charge) and Madeline (her trainer).

    While there was always the question of who to trust, the audience knew we'd always have a great ride and a lot of sexual tension as Nikita and Micheal 'danced' around each other.
  • I just rememberd this awesome show!!! It was sooooo good. I want it back!

    I was surffing the net, and i saw an ad to this show, and i rememberd how much i loved it. It had something that you dont see in every show, that maked this so good.

    The actors and actresses were awesome. most of them i haven't seen in anything else before, but fell in love with.

    The show had great storylines, wich i loved.
    I can't remember exactly how the show ended (it was a long time ago..), but i do remember that it was kinda sad to see this kind of show over.

    Now, i don't really expact the show to return, but it will be nice to see some re-runs..
  • Skip to the Review...

    La Femme Nikita is fascinating and very unpredictable. It seems that alot of hard work was put in this show, I think of this as one of the greatest action/sci-fi series ever made! Some of the main reasons I gave it a 8.8/10 is because in a few episodes there has been a bit of lack in continuity as well as some things happening way too quickly. Whoever is reading this probably thinking those are all unimportant details, it's true, but when you put them together it really does make sense to take away 1.2 of it's score. Anyway, I still think that many people will have a great time watching this great series.
  • I want this show to come back ON!!!

    I love this show, I think it's a shame they took it off, I had I high hopes it would make another appearance but no luck. I really think now it would be a great hit. There was action and romance and suspense. Who wouldn't love this show. I want to know what happened to the characters. This is the best show ever on TV. Please bring this back for us to view again. It deserved more credit, I really think if it was on now it would get the credit so well deserved, the actors were perfect for each role. Bring It back!!
  • La Femme Nikita was an awesome show with a very small budget that never got the respect it deserved.

    La Femme Nikita was an awesome show. When Alias came out trying to mimick it I refused to watch it and to this day have not watched one episode of the show. All Alias is or was is a sad duplicate of what La Femme Nikita was and is.
    The Episodes were very similiar to La Femme Nikita\'s. The Characters were similiar, but it didn\'t have one thing that La Femme Nikita had. Charisma. Even though the media built up the show it still did not have the Charisma that La Femme Nikita had when it was on and now that it isn\'t it still doesn\'t hold a candle to LFN.

    Peta Wilson and Roy Dupuis were awesome as Michael and Nikita. And it\'s very sad that they did not end the show as many would have liked. Everyone has told me that they have to end the show where the two main characters can\'t fall in love and stay that way or people lose interest. I don\'t agree and never will.
  • A personal favorite and ahead of it's time..

    This is an awesome series based on the movie from the 80's. I loved ever minute of it, and you truely never knew what side other than good vs evil that everyone was one. Even toward the ned of the series we got the biggest shock. And I lvoed every minute of it. WOW talk about ahead of its time, there have been a few remake and series that aired that went along the same plot but none never where succussful like this. That is thanks to the staff, cast, and writers we got this hit. I think it was greatly under rated at the time and still it. True beleives hang on someday we will see and get the glory and respect that this show deserves.
  • I just foun this site: and i´m sure that every fan of the music of the serie, will love. Hope you like it. Let me know what everyone thinks. Take care...

    I´m from Puerto Rico & even here, LFN was a favorite. The scenes outside of Section One are always so pretty and neatly prepared. The songs of every episode are magnific, but my favotite ones are almost always in the love scenes between Michael & Nikita. Theres a song called \"Ma Jeunesse Fout le Camp\", by Francois Hardy in the episode \"Beyond the Pale\" that is one of the magnificent wonders of one of the escenes. I love the sphycological games that the characters are subjected to and the interrogation technics are brilliant. I´m definitly convinced that LFN was more than a tv show, it was a piece of art given to the audience every Sunday. I hope that the producers take in consideration all the people totally in loved with the serie and maybe give something more to the audience, even if the show was cancelled. A week maybe of a LFN tribute. For the people like me, in love with the music in a los of episodes, theres a list of every song played in every episode availabe at Google. Just write LFN song book and you´ll find it. Remember to buy the 5th season already in sell.
  • Do you want to spent an evening watching a predictable plot? La Femme Nikita is not for you.

    Do you want to spent an evening watching a predictable plot? La Femme Nikita is not for you. This is a spy show with a twist. All of the spies are actually criminals that society thinks are dead. They are government operatives that have no past or future except in “section”. There is no way out and they must perform to stay alive. That being said you would think the show is predictable. The beauty of this show is that it is never what it seems to be. This show is totally unpredictable. It has more twists and turns than a roller coaster. Just when you think you how who is who and what is what, it turns in another direction. It is exciting, action filled and intriguing. It has an appealing female lead that is a modern day hero with heart and sole continually being tried and tested. How did this wonderful creature get into section? That mystery is only solved at the end of the series. She is no criminal. She was framed. The male lead has a cool exterior. He is handsome and captivating He is in love with Nikita or is he? Just when you feel you have their relationship and emotions figured out, the plots twists and you wonder if Nikita and Michael are really whom the appear to be.
  • A great spy show with no dull moments

    “La Femme Nikita” never disappoints you. Every episode is filled with action and agony that makes it so addictive. The actors are quiet good, especially Peta Wilson (Nikita), who gives a human touch to her character making Nikita very believable. The same more or less can be said for most actors and actresses throughout the series something that makes the whole world of Nikita believable (as farfetched as that sounds). The direction is quiet good though not that pioneer. The music in every episode is excellent and really set the mood and the special sound and optical FX are also great. Maybe the story really went too far in the last episodes but because it is from the beginning fast-paced it doesn’t get too weird destroying the magic that “La Femme Nikita” makes. It’s a shame it got cancelled.
  • A strange show.

    This show's okay, but it looked really strange. I get to see this show almost everynight because it was on re run. The show was okay, and I feel better than the original movie where it was based on. This show wasn't as good as Forever Knight but it wasn't so bad as well. In this show for some reason, the characters always speak with a straight face like they were being hypnotized, maybe that was intentional. It was entertaining though, and the action didn't look silly. I think Peta Wilson was great, she plays nikita really well. Overall, the show isn't so bad.
  • Great TV female action hero.

    This show is one of the few that I attempt to regularly tune into each week. I'm not a die hard fan analyzing every sentence/glance/breath of every character, but I certainly enjoy the show. A person who says this show has poor acting or poor character/plot development is most likely disappointed by every TV series and not being fair to the genre. This show says more with a moment of silence than most shows say in an hour of dialog. It is impossible for a show that has run as long as this one to dot every "i" and cross every "t", of course there will be holes. But by and large the show remains true to itself and at the top of it's genre. The acting and action are appropriate, the plot works well enough to be create a suspension of disbelief and the character development is the best I've witnessed from any long term series.
  • Fabulous show - the last season was weak, in my opinion, but the previous seasons were amazing.

    Sleek and stylish, La Femme Nikita brought us the "who's a terrorist when both sides use the same tactics?" question before anyone else. The moral ambiguities and actual *surprises* in the plotlines made the show a cut above anything else that was on at the time.
    Good scripts, solid acting, pretty people, and a wardrobe to die for, this is one of the only whole series I own on DVD.
  • This is one of my favourite shows. Four years excellent entertainment: action, love, suspense great fashion. Unfortunately with an miserable ending!

    This is my favourite action show. Sure this American adoption can’t be compared to the original film Nikita from Luc Besson it’s based on, but still I think they managed to bring it to a new level.
    Nikita is always the good one, that’s obvious, Operations and Madeline are the evil ones, but there are other others in the middle, like Birkoff. Sure because this is an action show, there need to be some mysterious characters too. There’s Walter the good old guy, but he has more secrets than anyone else. And of course Michael. H’s Nikita’s big love, but he’s never that, what he pretends to be. Mostly the show turns around him, instead of Nikita.
    I loved this show for a long time, expect of the last (short) season. We saw a lot of great action. The show always surprised us with new ideas and showed us the latest fashion trends and showed us how the computer world could look one day. Sure they didn’t look much in the future, but I think a few things they foresaw correct.
    For four years we got perfectly entertained with a forbidden love story, great and sometimes brutal action, fashion and suspense. I give the writers of this show big credit, for trying to end this show by destroying everything. Well I hated the last season. Not because I hated, that the show’s end was near, because I hated what happened to all the characters I loved so much. I even loved the evil characters, like operations or some terrorists.
    This show ended in the exact right time. Why? This show showed us a fight against several terrorist groups in Europe. A fight we enjoyed, but also knowing that it is fiction. Only a half year later the worldwide war against terror started. And we all wouldn’t have trusted such a show anymore, because our “heroes” were too successful for our new world. Additional to that, the show mostly operated in Eastern Europe, an unknown region for a long time during the 90’s. But today several of these countries are in the European Union, so the plot wouldn’t be plausible. A great show to the right time, sadly with a very bad ending.
  • Started it all

    La Femme Nikita started the female spy genre. Now with Alias following behind and adding a more personal and unrestricted twist. I'm amazed that the networks didn't see it before, the atraction of a strong, beautiful, and mysterious leading female. La Femme Nikita was a great show in its time. And working with a lower budget in the begining they made a wonderful extention to the film. I glad to say I have all three seasons that are out.
  • Watched the first episode and was unimpressed. Tried watching 2nd episode and couldn't get past the first 15 minutes.

    This show is a total waste. I'm sorry, but even the Point of No Return movie was better than this. This show is trying way too hard to be cool and it just doesn't pull it off. I'm sitting there watching the second episode and couldn't help laughing when the captive at the beginning commits suicide with a cyanide capsule hidden in one of his teeth. That is trite to the point of being cliche. Nikita sitting around indoors wearing sunglasses (again, indoors) for no good reason and trying too hard to look like a street-wise tough girl with attitude was just too much. I had to turn it off when she goes into her childhood friend's place of business to "take her hostage" and the guy starts shooting at the two of them as they run out the building. it was just too damn ridiculous for words.

    Blech Blech and Triple Blech!!!
  • Alias has nothing compared to la femme nikita, for one they have far better looking people and better story lines that gets you from the second it starts and doesn't let go.

    when I first tuned in I was like "What the heck is this!!!" am I watching the international channel or something! but the more I watched the more I wanted more!!!!! I liked the idea of non-stop drama, romance, and action all rolled into a fanastic show and to have actors that know how to act. it was a shame that they took it off the air.
  • My new favorite boxset, wish I had watched when it was on originally.

    I never watched when it was on originally but thanks to the wonders of DVD boxsets, I'm watching the first season now. Alias is one of my favorites and this has a similar feel while being different enough (and obviously first!) I hope they release all the seasons. I love Nikita's heart versus Section One.
  • There will never be anything as odd as section one.

    La Femme Nikita was one of the most original shows that I have ever seen. Now everyone is doing it! Just look at "Alias" and all those that follow. I was always being suprised and there wasn't any rededundancy. I loved it. Now that was great acting. I highly suggest this show to all.
  • Missed

    This was SUCH a great show and I miss it. Smart, sexy, dramatic and action pack, this show had EVERYTHING! The relationship between Michael and Nikita, while frustrating, was SO HOT! The cast was fantastic, and each charactor brought a different angle to the show, which kept it interesting. They MUST bring this show back in reruns!!!
  • Style and class that will not be easily done again.

    By far the best total packaging of the storyline that has been, and is being attempted by various look-a-likes such as Alias, The Point of No Return (Bridget Fonda), La Femme Nikita(French original) movies and TV wannabees.

    The art of the performing ghosts with their undertow implications was seen at its most subtle. This series was an amazing, gut-wrenching, difficult, emotional nonsurgical removal of the soul of its audience, by the actors, directors, producers, etc., and then the show would give your soul back, your not ever knowing that they had extracted it from your body as you watched, mesmerised by spiritual cannibolysis.

    Added, edited later: Every President of the US, along with any and all public policy-making officials ought to watch this series over and over. There are very evil people and groups out there that must be taken down by means and methods from which which most of us average citizens would recoil and not support, initially. 9/11 prevention methods must be funded and encouraged, well manned with our best and brightest and by those who know what freedom really is and means, they, must be in charge of enforcement. "The Dirty Dozen" was an early example of some of the things those in charge must be prepared to do. In the vast majority of cases, the USA protects the world and allows many other countries to live peacefully with no armies at all. For this we are rarely thanked and often hated. Who cares, as long as we do what it takes to keep our freedom and economies improving the quality of life of any who will be free with us.
  • Nikita is based on the French movie of the same name and is loyal to the feelings of claustrophobia and paranoia that movie presented so well. Avoid the heinous American version (‘No Way Out’ which is a total stink bomb).

    Peta Wilson does a wonderful job as Nikita, a young woman wrongfully convicted of murder who is forced into a new life as covert government agent after her 'execution'.
    The television program is based on the wonderful French film of the same name. The American film version was called "No Way Out" and starred Bridget Fonda -- rarely has a worse movie EVER been made. Avoid that stink bomb at all costs.
    Nikita is educated and molded to be the perfect agent/killer. Unfortunately for her handlers at super secret 'section 1', she isn't a killer. She isn't guilty of the murder for which she was convicted. This is the set up for a very unhappy person.
    The series is filled with fascinating characters:
    Michael is Nikita's trainer and superior. Does he love her? Can he love? Is he setting her up? Can his pants be any tighter?
    Operations is an icy bastard who runs Section One very competently. However, even if you're a perfect agent, he'd have you executed in a heartbeat.
    Madeline is the psy-ops expert at Section. She knows how people think and what makes them tick. She and Operations are a perfect team of bastards.
    Too many to mention, too complicated and deep to figure out in just one viewing.
    Buy the DVD's and get used to the idea of entropy. Your couch will thank you.
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