La Femme Nikita

USA (ended 2001)





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  • Something very special - lot of excitement, unpredictable plot turns and mysterious, challenging, hard and complex characters.

    To be honest, I started to watch it as the beginning of the September I had too much free time after uni and I needed something to fill that time. I just remembered that I used to watch it when I was much younger and thought - maybe I would like it even now. It is hard to say how much the serie really was above my expectations. It was much better than I hoped - the story was catching and well written, the high-tech with mysterious life in Section, the different world that this show introduced. It has it magic as the main character Nikita was someone who you would feel sorry, want that she would be better. And now three months later thinking back to all of the episodes, the journey those characters have gone trough - the changes the made. It is just incredible. Who would have though after first season that in the end it will be Nikita who will run Section?

    I am only sad does not have that kind of feature that I could see the highest rated episode by my rankings because after 96 episode I hardly remember all of them which I loved - but "Escape" and "War" from first season left unforgettable memories, and the actions in the switch on first and second season - maybe the best of all. To look back, season 1 had most of the magic - it was all new, Nikita was so "innocent" and not in the world yet, trying to fight out and do things different. With time that defenetly changed and there is noone to blame - it is logical. Carla and Madeline's first office - something special adding to this show. Season two had some bright moments like Adrian storyline at the end. And it was mostly to get tensions between Michael and Nikita. Like "Not Was" when the real kind heart of that person was revealed. Michael was defenetly great addition to the show - not only to eye but the so complex, hard and contrary personality, his philosophy of the two faces he has... Season 3 goes with little different perspective than the previous, concentrating first on Michael past what defenetly made him more clearer and added something humane and out of the Section life but it also had some episode that hardly caught attention and maybe this seasons finale was the weakest of them all.

    Season 4 starts with Adrian theme again and makes our hopes up and gives some really enjoying episodes full of action and unpredictable events. A series classic, defenetly. We have some weaker episodes in the middle to build up very fast and little confusing ending for the last planned season.

    But they did go for some extra episodes and even if they seemed first to stand out of the original events as many characters were dead, replaced or gone. But they add some other magic there and the end they wrote to those events there - it made the serie even better, tearing our tears to run as the fate of Nikita is decided.

    A super serie, worth watching.
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