La Femme Nikita - Season 1

USA (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Mercy
    Episode 22
    Section One is hot on the trail of Tyler, one of the world's most dangerous terrorists. After Tyler kidnaps a young inventor named Stanley Shays who has created a new, completely undetectable plastic explosive, Nikita is sent to try and rescue Stanley and keep his knowledge out of Tyler's hands. When the mission is unsuccessful, Nikita is given orders to cancel the inventor, but she refuses. Operations decides that Nikita has crossed the line, and he purposely sends her on a suicide mission to destroy a terrorist hideout. Michael intervenes and gives Nikita the means to escape, but her freedom will change both of their lives forever.moreless
  • Verdict
    Episode 21
    Jovan Mijovich has been elected as premier of his new nation, but there is a hit man out to assassinate him. Nikita and Michael, along with other Section One operatives, are dispatched to provide security. During the inaugural celebration, the hit man is taken out, but a hostage situation develops that no one expected. A man, Bruner, claims Mijovich raped and blinded his daughter during the nation's civil war, and threatens to kill him. Nikita tries to defuse the situation, and manages to keep Mijovich alive for the time being, but when Bruner's daughter appears to give her side of the story, the accuracy of her testimony will mean the difference between peace and war for her people.moreless
  • Brainwash
    Episode 20
    When Nikita is sent to investigate a bartender at a posh club who may be a terrorist contact, he responds to her questioning by leaping from the 65th floor window to his death. A search of his apartment turns up a strange helmet-like device, which Section later discovers is used for brainwashing. Unfortunately, Nikita has used the device several times in an effort to discover what it is, and now it is in control of her mind. When Nikita and other operatives are assigned to protect the Premier of China from other similarly brainwashed individuals, Section has no idea that the greatest threat to the Premier is Nikita herself.moreless
  • Voices
    Episode 19
    While working undercover near a Central European Consulate, Nikita is attacked by a known serial rapist. Will she help the police put him away for good, or will she let him go free to kill again to protect her cover with Section One from a persistent police detective?
  • Missing
    Episode 18
    In exchange for her freedom, Nikita agrees to protect one of the targets of a Section sting... who is revealed to be Operations' long-lost son.
  • War
    Episode 17
    Red Cell holds both Nikita and Michael hostage, subjecting them to a painful inquisition to discover the location of Section's command center.
  • Noise
    Episode 16
    A brush with death during a mission rattles Birkoff's emotions and puts him at risk of being cancelled.
  • Obsessed
    Episode 15
    To obtain a book containing high-level secrets about nations allied with Section, Michael seduces the vulnerable wife of a hitman who can access her husband's records to discover where the book is hidden.
  • Gambit
    Episode 14
    Extreme interrogation techniques have no effect on a terrorist who knows the whereabouts of a cache of deadly Cobalt 60, but Section may yet have a card to play that will strike at the one thing the terrorist cares about- his daughter.
  • Recruit
    Episode 13
    Nikita is assigned to decide the fate of a Section recruit who is nearing the end of her two-year training period, something which she finds difficult to accomplish since it means she may have to order the other woman's cancellation.
  • Innocent
    Episode 12
    Terrorists sneak a nuclear device into the country, and Section One find that their only hope in locating it rests on a mentally challenged pizza deliveryman who witnessed something suspicious.
  • Rescue
    Episode 11
    A raid on a chemical weapons plant proves successful, but at a price, when Michael is injured and left behind, prompting Nikita to lead a rescue mission.
  • Choice
    Episode 10
    The CIA believes that a rogue element of their agency is responsible for a recent massacre of heroin dealers, performed in order to steal money and drugs as part of an embezzlement scheme. Section One is brought in to clean house quietly, but Nikita's continued involvement with architect Gray Wellman is hampering her ability to be a reliable operative. As Section One's operation reaches a fever pitch, Nikita is unable to balance both sides of her life, and is forced to make a choice between the organization that controls her life and the one man that she's ever loved.moreless
  • Gray
    Episode 9
    Section One's computer security is breached and the directory of all their agents is stolen. Michael goes to Prague to reclaim the directory, but the man who stole it is killed by another terrorist seeking the directory for himself. Nikita discovers that it was randomly left with a civilian passenger on a city bus, architect Gray Wellman. Nikita is assigned to get close to Gray and retrieve the directory, but when she starts falling for him, her actions not only threaten the mission but Section One's very existence.moreless
  • Escape
    Episode 8
    A mysterious Section One operative offers Nikita a seemingly ironclad opportunity to escape from Section for good. All the information he gives her checks out, and Nikita seriously weighs his offer. However, Michael starts making romantic overtures toward Nikita, and her emotions are divided. Is the Section just toying with her to test her loyalty, or is it the opportunity to escape a real one? And if it is real, can she escape with her heart?moreless
  • Treason
    Episode 7
    Section One is asked by the CIA to "quietly" deport Suba, a foreign anti-terrorist contact who is smuggling waste uranium out of the country for his own profit. The first attempt to capture him goes terribly awry, and Nikita is held responsible. Upon further investigation, Nikita discovers a traitor in the Section - an operative who's son is held hostage by Suba. Nikita must now figure out how to get to Suba without endangering the boy.moreless
  • Love
    Episode 6
    When an international arms smuggler steals a canister of deadly nerve gas, Nikita and Michael pose as a married mercenary couple in order to infiltrate his compound. However, when the gas is discovered wired to a bomb in a crowded train station, Nikita must put her life on the line to defuse it.moreless
  • Mother
    Episode 5
    A nuclear trigger is stolen by the Wickes, a cold-blooded terrorist couple also responsible for killing an entire team of Section One operatives. In a final attempt to retrieve the trigger, Nikita poses as the a long-lost daughter of Helen Wicke, who was given up for adoption years ago. However, this leads to unexpected connection for both "mother" and "daughter."moreless
  • Charity
    Episode 4
    Nikita is assigned to get close to a money launderer in order steal his data files. When she learns about his successful charity for troubled youth, she starts falling in love with him. However, when Section One admits to Nikita that the shelters are a front for a thriving child slave trade, Nikita's feelings turn to hate. Can she hide her feelings and do the job, or will they get her and a truck full of kids killed?moreless
  • Simone
    Episode 3
    Glass Curtain is a high-tech terrorist organization that attracts new members via internet chat rooms. Posing as a new recruit, Nikita is taken to Glass Curtain headquarters, where she discovers that Michael's wife Simone is being held hostage. A former Section One operative, Simone was believed killed years before. Now, Michael's continued love for Simone may threaten the success of Section One's attempted infiltration of Glass Curtain.moreless
  • Friend
    Episode 2
    Section One is assigned to protect Jovan Mijovich, a politician attempting to negotiate peace among opposing forces in his section of the world. When Nikita meets with a contact to find out who has attempted to assassinate Mijovich, Nikita is recognized by Julie, a childhood friend. In desperation, Nikita attempts to protect Julie's life by creating a new identity for her... but can Julie be trusted?moreless
  • Nikita
    Episode 1
    Nikita, a girl living on the streets, is accused of a murder she did not commit and sentenced to life in prison. After the government arranges to fake her suicide, Nikita wakes up at Section One, a top-secret agency that aims to train her to become an anti-terrorist operative. Nikita wants to resist, but in order to stay alive, she has no choice but to comply with their plans. Can she survive as an operative and retain her soul?moreless