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La Femme Nikita

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 27, 1997 on USA
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Episode Summary

Glass Curtain is a high-tech terrorist organization that attracts new members via internet chat rooms. Posing as a new recruit, Nikita is taken to Glass Curtain headquarters, where she discovers that Michael's wife Simone is being held hostage. A former Section One operative, Simone was believed killed years before. Now, Michael's continued love for Simone may threaten the success of Section One's attempted infiltration of Glass Curtain.moreless

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  • Can Nikita stop the blinking dots before they hit each other?

    Michael's reveal that he was/is married was right at an act break. Peta Wilson's great facial expressions (I can't mention enough how much I love her facial expressions) right before it fades to black shows she is just as surprised as us. I did not find the plot about Michael's wife that interesting, but I really liked the geeky-villains-crashing-planes plot.

    Alright, the geeky villains were comic book bad guys. But I like comic book bad guys. The ringleader in top hat jumping over couches and directing classical music with his hands as he wreaked havoc on the world was a delight to watch. You pluck a hair out for the DNA scanner to enter his lair. While cool, totally ineffective. We've seen on countless movies spies cutting off fingers for fingerprint scanners and popping out eyeballs for iris scanners. To circumvent security here, you just have to pluck out one of the villain's hairs. Maybe the villain is smarter than we give him credit for, and he was watching out for his fingers and eyeballs. He asked Nikita, “Why aren't you afraid?” and Nikita answered, “Who says that I'm not?” but never blinks an eye as he approaches her menacingly. She hits on an important fact here: being fearless isn't near as important as being able to overcome your fear.

    I don't think we learned near as much about Michael's character as intended by the reveal that he was married. It was mostly just distracting. Everyone already wants Michael and Nikita to get together, and a wife would just complicate matters. We dig considerably deep into Nikita's character and how perceptive and caring she is. Our friend the extreme close-up returns as Nikita, coffee mug in hand and legs crossed, sits across the desk from Michael having a heart-to-heart. "You told me the facts. Michael, I want to know how you feel." If she keeps that up, Nikita can apply for Section counselor if the position ever opens up. Whereas in the last episode, Michael cared for Nikita, in this episode, Nikita is caring for Michael.

    The occasional scene with Nikita's non-Section neighbor Carla adds variety to the series. She notices Nikita's "Josephine" phone calls in this episode but doesn't pry beyond what Nikita is willing to share. Birkoff's 1997 definition of IRC was funny. The chase scene in the "geek hangout" used way too many filters that come in a $100 home video editing suite and almost induced motion sickness. Nikita's low budget shone through in this episode, but they creatively overcame it by showing us the radar screen to depict what was happening with the planes. While Simone was a fun episode, the fun does not merit more than a 5 out of 10.

    -Matthew Miller

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  • Deeper look into mysterious Michael past and mind

    I most say, most of all, I enjoyed this episode for the char development as past two episodes have gave us some ideas who Nikita is, now we are starting to learn more about others, in this episode - about Michael.

    He has stand out as a mysterious, black guy, and I have heard so many saying he does not have emotions but for me, in last two episodes, he has had emotions - ok they are not comparable with the ones here. He proves that he is a human being after all, who is ready to have all those feelings humans have. And this episode not only proves that he was able to care about people in past, but now too, as Walter said.

    I enjoyed the Simone storyline, even if it confused me a little as I remember (behind all those years) that in one point, Michael loses his wife and son.. how that can happen, if she already died but I am sure I will figure it all out when I get that far by watching.

    Also those computer villains were enjoyable to watch - different from the usual bad guys. And somehow the way Nikita and Michael changes their positions - Nikita was now the one ready to be radical thinking and acting and Michael, instead, very emotionally involved and making his decision on feelings rather than facts. And the way she was there for him in the end: "You told me the facts. Michael, I want to know how you feel." It was beautiful :Dmoreless
  • Michael shows what's underneath

    Having get the first season on DVD, I truly liked this episode, because Michael shows his true self, ell, not really his true self, but what is underneath his cold hard exterior.He actually cried! I knew he was human somewhere. It was such a sad episode, Michael believed he lost Simone a long time ago, only to be found by Nikita, but according to the changed Simone, \"i\'m already dead.\" So she kills herself with the guy that trapped her there in the first place. I always thought, what would have happened if Simone had lived, where would it leave Nikita? But thank goodness they did not explore that! Hehe. Anyway, this episode was great, but of course later on in the season Michael turns back to his manipulating self. Such a complex man, I say.moreless
  • The Glass House

    We discover a lot more about Michael in this episode and he's thankfully made a much more interesting character because of that. We find out hidden secrets about his past and that he can sometimes become reckless when he's personally involved in a mission.

    Simone sees Nikita infiltrating Glass Curtain, a secret organization ran by a man who wants to create chaos through technology. Nikita discovers that Glass Curtain were responsible for the death of Michael's wife. But, could she still be alive?

    This episode explores deeper into Michael's past and the revelation that his wife was apparently killed by Glass Curtain was a massive shock. Simone is an interesting character and it's a shame she went up in smoke so quickly. You have to imagine what terrible things she went through to make her want to seek vengeance so badly on Sparks at the end. Mung-Ling Tsui gives an, albeit small, but excellent performance as Simone and her reunion with her husband is especially sad to watch.

    The only problem with this episode is the bad guy Sparks. He's played like a camp 60s Batman-style villain by Julian Richings and his eccentricity just gets annoying eventually.

    Despite Sparks, this is an excellent episode with a phenomenal performance from Roy Dupuis.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Carla: Why can't you tell me what happens when the phone rings?
      Nikita: I... I have to... I've made some promises to keep some things... certain things, um... confidential.
      Carla: (changing the subject with a smile) So do you always keep your promises?
      Nikita: I try to.

    • Operations: (after Michael learns Simone is alive) This is a potential air disaster, Michael. Don't even blink!

    • Nikita: Uh, there's an innocent down here.
      Michael: A hostage?
      Nikita: Yes.
      Operations: (to Michael) Acceptable collateral.
      Michael: Forget it. Just go. We're about to launch.
      Nikita: No, you can't.
      Michael: Let's not get into it, Nikita. Move, now!
      Nikita: Michael... it's Simone.
      Michael: What?!

    • Michael: (telling Nikita about his wife) Simone... was an operative. She did work for the Section. It was supposed to be a cold mission. The two of us went in to gather information about Glass Curtain. Before we left, she asked for a back up team. I said it wasn't necessary. I was wrong.
      Nikita: Was it Sparks?
      Michael: I don't know. We were ambushed. There was a lot of shooters. It was three years ago.
      Nikita: It still hurts, doesn't it?

    • Siobhan: (hacking into an airport's computer system and setting off an alarm to test it) It'll be 20 minutes before they realize it's a false alarm.
      Sparks: Siobhan, I love your flair for the dramatic.

    • Michael: We don't need the history lesson. Just give us the relevant data and let's move.

    • Michael: Nikita. I wanted to thank you.
      Nikita: I'm so sorry.
      Michael: If it wasn't for the Section, no one of us would have a life. What right do I have to feel cheated?
      Nikita: You have a right to feel anyway you want. Do you want to have a cup of coffee?
      Michael: I'd love to.
      Nikita: Good.

    • Nikita: Did Simone work for the Section? Michael, you can't tell me you had a wife and she was killed then just drop it, get back to business.
      Michael: Listen, Nikita, you asked me what happened... and I told you.
      Nikita: You told me the facts. Michael, I want to know how you feel. Sometimes you have to let yourself trust someone. I'm right here.

    • Walter: When he thought she died three years ago, he just shut himself right off. He didn't talk to anyone until you came along, sugar.

    • Simone: (refusing to leave before the base self-destructs) It's too late, Michael. I'm already dead. After all these years you've kept me here, we're going to go together, Sparks.

    • Michael: (to Simone) I would have never stopped looking for you, never stopped loving you.

    • Nikita: What's wrong with the way I look?
      Sparks: Like someone who's been forgiven her entire life.
      Nikita: I don't need forgiveness from anyone!

    • Nikita: (posing as JB) I don't listen to music.
      Sparks: Why not?
      Nikita: Music evokes emotion.
      Sparks: Emotion spawns genius.
      Nikita: Emotion blurs judgment.

    • Siobhan: (referring to the newcomer, Nikita) I don't like her.
      Sparks: I don't like you.

    • Walter: (To Michael) Operations wants Nikita posing as JB, not you. He feels that Nikita would be more believable as 'Disaffected Youth'.

    • Michael: Glass Curtain killed Simone.
      Nikita: Who's Simone?
      Michael: My wife.

    • Nikita: What's an IRC?
      Birkoff: (Teasing) Someone wasn't paying attention in computer
      Michael: (Smacking him on the back of the head) Not today.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Alberta Watson (Madeline) does not appear in this episode.

    • Music Used in This Episode
      "Red Zone" - Mark Stewart (used in the arcade scene)
      "Slacker Boy Blue" - Katrocket (used when Nikita and Carla talk)
      "What Intrepid Spirit Is This" - Christoph William Gluck Orfeo and Euridice Act 2, Scene 1 (as the planes crash in the teaser)
      "O You Shades Whom I Implore" - Christoph William Gluck Orfeo and Euridice Act 2, Scene 4 (as Glass Curtain begins to go after flights 19 and 135)
      "Recitative 2" - Christoph William Gluck Orfeo and Euridice (Siobhan hacks into O'Hare)
      "Recitative 3" - Christoph William Gluck (When Nikita meets Sparks)