La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 17

Sleeping with the Enemy

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 30, 2000 on USA
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Episode Summary

One of Sections' substations is seemingly destroyed by Red Cell, but very soon they discover that Red Cell has taken similar losses, all from the same source. The two enemies become unlikely partners in order to discover who is behind the attacks, trading key operatives to facilitate the sharing of information. But Operations plans a double cross, even though it is Madeline who is in Red Cell's hands. Will Madeline die so that Section can live? Or will Red Cell double cross them first?moreless

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  • What happens when Red Cell and Section try to work together and on the same time destroy the other.

    It was an adventurous episode, different from usual episodes. I adore the idea that they changed the key operatives and we learn that Madeline is not so important after all.

    What looked little weird in this episode was that with so high security someone did managed to break into their and Red Cell system and noone understand it. And how can someone do it without knowing what he does?

    Lately it seems that Red Cell is not doing well - they got Cardinal, now they got the substation. It does not looked for them. Exciting, all that thing how both sides tried to fool each other and who come out from that as a winner - section of course.moreless
Emily Hampshire

Emily Hampshire

Satin Tate

Guest Star

Conrad Dunn

Conrad Dunn

The Director, Red Cell

Guest Star

Christopher Heyerdahl

Christopher Heyerdahl


Guest Star

Cindy Dolenc

Cindy Dolenc

Kate Quinn

Recurring Role

Lindsay Collins

Lindsay Collins

female Devo (uncredited)

Recurring Role

Josh Holliday

Josh Holliday

male Devo (uncredited)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Walter tells Nikita, "Adrian once said, 'Poison one flower, and the whole garden dies.'" Interestingly enough, Operations said something very much like this in a previous episode, but attributed the quote to his mother. Coincidence, or was he perhaps referring to Adrian as "Mother" metaphorically, under his nickname of "The Mother of Section One".

    • While the damage sustained by Section occurred at the hands of a "random", the foe that is ultimately attacked by Section is Red Cell.

    • Kate Quinn, Birkoff's replacement in comm, is introduced in this episode.

    • Nitpick: Madeline traces the hacker to the United States midwest and Michael's team gets to him and brings him back to Section within the few hours remaining of the truce. This could hardly be possible; we know Section was in Paris at one point, although it's location is now unknown, but it must be close enough to it's former location that Nikita still lives in the same apartment.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Operations: (interrogating the hacker, Harlan) I'm willing to wipe the slate clean. Give you a fresh, new start. And all I ask in return is your cooperation.
      Harlan: Sure, fine. That sounds like a plan.
      Operations: You've made the right choice, Mr Harlan.
      Harlan: What do you want me to do?
      Operations: I want you to pretend that this is still a game and help us wipe out the other side.

    • Nikita: (as Walter stares at Satin) And what did you expect? Horns and cloven hooves?
      Walter: That's exactly what I see. All wrapped up in a pretty little package.

    • Walter: Birkoff would've been proud.
      Quinn: Yes, well, I hear he's dead. Stiffs do nothing for my ego.

    • Quinn: (after Walter welcomes her to Section with a drink) This isn't going to get you lucky.
      Walter: (sadly) It's like I said, I was just welcoming you to the neighborhood.
      Quinn: Well, neighbor, just keep it zipped and out of the way and everything will be just peachy. (she drinks, then leaves)
      Walter: (hoisting his flask, then drinking a toast) Birkoff.

    • Madeline: (interrogating Starnes) This entire process can be painless. The choice is yours.
      Starnes: For some, pain is pleasure.
      Madeline: Good, then you should enjoy yourself.

    • Quinn: (to a comm op who has made a mistake) Why don't you go and see bandana-boy and ask him to issue you a brain?

    • Quinn: So you're the twin.
      Jason: Yeah. Well, not everythings the same. Maybe you should take a test drive and see for yourself.

    • Harlan: (to Michael when they find him) But I'm still 3 substations ahead of you. (realizing it's not a game, but a very dangerous reality) But I guess it's your move.

    • Nikita: Is Madeline dead?
      Michael: There were no survivors.
      Nikita: I don't know how I feel.
      Michael: We destroyed Red Cell's base of operations.
      Nikita: I know what the trade-off was. I...I can't help but wonder whether it was worth sacrificing one of our own.

    • Satin: You deceived me.
      Michael: I did what I believed in.

    • Madeline: You've nothing to prove.
      Quinn: Except that I can do my job.

    • Quinn: (to Walter) Is your bandana on too tight?

  • NOTES (2)