La Femme Nikita

Season 3 Episode 9

Slipping Into Darkness

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 1999 on USA
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Nikita, Walter, and Birkoff consider mutiny when Operations' orders become more and more illogical.

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  • Beautiful episode what opens us the new reality - people who have tasted power won't let it go so easily.

    Very different and special episode. The beginning is intriguing - Michael seems to be acting against Section and Operations. This is the first question what rise - why? What drive him into that level in that moment?

    And the things even go more and more intriguing when due the poison Michael gave Operations, he starts to act paranoid and illogical - the only mission he had failed, comes to hunt him and they are after a ghost. So, everyone is in top priority to find a man long dead and one operative gets even canceled as he let go an innocent girl and they did not find the man they were looking. As we know, Michael poisoned Operations, more questions rise - why he does it? How long will it continue? How many has to die?

    But not all can see it happen. Nikita has her thoughts about the situation as the usual work of Section is really suffering and she fears that there might be more cancellations. And she is not the only one. After a secret meeting, we know there are quite many who are concerned. But when Nikita brings the case to Michael, he asks to wait.

    But the situations gets even worser when Operations feels that Nikita has done wrong and she has to face cancellation and she is ready to accept it - but on the last minute, she tries to escape, but Michael stops her - he won't let her go. That was super moment - and then, I did not understand why but he was right - there was no way she could have get away.

    If you think you have had all the shocks already and the story is now completed for this episode, no - there are just so many things that happen here. In one point, Michael gets enough too and confronts mad Operations. Powerful and beautiful scene. And for that moment I was sure - Michael wanted that power. He wanted to rise his position. But when you think he has just overtake Operations and Madeline, and this is the end - no.. there is even more...

    Michael and Nikita go to Georg (in Michael words), only so she could learn that Michael did it for Red Cell and then, we she refuse to go with it, he shots him. The most shocking moment (I was sure we already had it). I was like - what??? But then we finally learn all the truth about that act we have been fooled all the episode - a superbly, cleverly plotted play to catch Red Cell leader.

    Fantastic :Dmoreless
Michael Dyson

Michael Dyson


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Brian Tree

Brian Tree


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Carlo Rota

Carlo Rota

Mick Schtoppel

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Malcolm Xerxes

Malcolm Xerxes

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The group responsible for the attacks is called Shadow Brigade, but Michael is pretending to work with Philo, who is with Red Cell. Gustav Pogue, the ghost Operations fixates upon, was the founder of another group called the Btari Rebels.

    • Rene Dian Sighting
      When Michael tells Operations that he is no longer in command, there is a monitor in the background with a picture of Rene Dian, the former leader of L'Heure Sanguine.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • (After Nikita learns it was all staged)
      Nikita: So this whole thing was a chess match, to smoke out Philo.
      Michael: It worked.
      Nikita: You would have let me kill those people in Siberia?
      Michael: We knew you wouldn't.
      Nikita: Well, I'm glad I met everybody's expectations. Even the talk of insurrection? You anticipated it?
      Michael: Yes.
      Nikita:I'm going to have to stop being so predictable.

    • (After Michael has deceived Nikita to trap and knocked her unconscious)
      Black: I'm impressed.
      Michael: I'm glad.
      Black: I hear you two were close. Must have been hard, killing the girl.
      Michael: It will be a lot easier killing you.

    • Operations: (To Madeline when Michael disobeys) Cancel them all! I gave you a direct order! Did you hear what I said?
      (grabs for his gun, Michael stops him)
      Michael: I can't let you do this, sir.
      Operations: (laughs maniacally) What did you just say?
      Michael: You're not well, sir. I'll have to ask you to step down, sir.

    • (When Operations starts acting completely insane and Michael disobeys)
      Michael: It's over, sir. There will be no more phantom missions. No more cancellations.
      Operations: What, have you people gone insane? Failure to act on my direct orders will be considered an act of treason.
      Michael: Until you compose yourself, and have a chance to re-evaluate things, perhaps you should take a rest.

    • Nikita: (About the Operation's behavor) We have to go to Oversight.
      Walter: Whoa, whoa Sugar, not so fast.
      Nikita: Do you have any better ideas?
      Walter: No, all I'm saying is that we should put some thought into our next move. I was at a meeting like this thirty years ago - talk of insurrection.
      Birkoff: What happened?
      Walter: I didn't want any part of it. That's the only reason I'm here today.

    • Walter: (about Operations) It doesn't make any sense. One day he's normal, the next day he's Dante leading us down the nine circles of Hell.

    • (after an operative is cancelled for not killing an innocent)
      Nikita: I need a minute.
      Madeline: Something wrong, Nikita?
      Nikita: Canceling Duskis was unjustified.
      Madeline: He was an abeyance operative.
      Nikita: I didn't know we executed abeyance operatives. I thought they performed a function?

    • (When Operations orders the cancellation of an operative who let non-hostile woman go on a mission)
      Nikita: Birkoff, Operations is out of control. He's just ordered Duskis to be cancelled, we have to do something.
      Birkoff: Just keep your head down and your mouth shut, you'll be fine.

    • Michael: (concerning their mission to Pogue's safe house abandoned six years ago) Doesn't matter, it's not your call.
      Nikita: What about you?
      Michael: It's not mine either. We're locked.
      Nikita: So this is a waste of time?

    • Walter: (About the terrorist thought to be dead) Pogue was the largest arms dealer in Europe. Class A priority. Operations tracked him for four years, every time Pogue got cornered, he got away. Pogue was too smart for Operations, but not for George.
      Nikita: So George put him down?
      Walter: Mmm-hmm. It was the only time Operations ever failed at something he really wanted.
      Nikita:If Pogue's dead, then what's Operations doing?
      Walter: I don't know. How about going crazy?
      Operations: (Stalking by them, looking like he's starting to lose it) Briefing in two minutes.

    • (After Mick makes an improper suggestion and mentions her relationship with Michael)
      Nikita:You should leave now before you get hurt.
      Mick: Excusez-moi, I didn't know that things had soured between you two. But you still got feelings, and that's a good thing. You know, I'd stay here and help you work things through, but...
      Nikita: Just get out of my life! Please!

    • Operations: It appears holding Shadow Brigade responsible for the embassy bombing was a mistake. We may have acted too hastily.
      Madeline: They took responsibility.
      Operations: They lied.
      Madeline: Who do you think it was?
      Operations: Gustav Pogue.
      Madeline: Gustav Pogue has been dead for four years.
      Operations: That's exactly what he wants the world to believe.

    • Nikita: So it was you all along. You compromised Operations.
      Michael: Yes.
      Nikita: He might die.
      Michael: That's the point.

    • Operations: (after ordering Nikita to shoot innocents) You've been given orders!
      Nikita: Then I'm disobeying the order! No one's gonna die here.

    • Nikita: Are you sure you want to be taking orders from him?
      Michael: Intel was confirmed.
      Nikita: Like last time?! Michael. Pogue's dead and you know it. Operations is delusional. He needs to be taken out of the play.

    • Nikita: (after Operations tells them they are going after Pogue) Michael, Walter said Pogue is dead.
      Michael: That's right.
      Nikita: So I don't understand, what's Operations doing? What's wrong?
      Michael: You don't have to understand.

    • Walter: I hear we're chasing a ghost.
      Michael: Gustav Pogue.
      Walter: Yeah. What's the idea? It can't be him, I saw the corpse.
      Michael: It could have been doubled.
      Walter: Come on, we ran the DNA!

    • Operations: (about Michael) He might just have what it takes to do this job.
      Madeline: Your successor? I don't think he has the ambition.
      Operations: Oh, he's got it. He just doesn't know it yet.

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