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La Femme Nikita

Season 2 Episode 2

Spec Ops

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 1998 on USA
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Episode Summary

While Nikita is reassigned to Special Operative Jurgen, Section is takes prisoner one of Freedom League's operatives in order to verify Nikita's story about her capture.

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  • Superb episode what tries to bring us and Nikita back to Section but the trouble she has to go trough, is not over yet.

    Nikita is back but she is not safe. First, Section has decided she needs reprogramming and they have to be sure she did not co-operated turning her time in captivity. She also gets new mentor, whose real agendas remain hidden.

    But on the same time when she struggles to prove her new mentor that she did was imprisoned and they did torture her and she did not co-operated with them, Michael is risking everything to keep the secret. Section as found one member left from the croup who so called hold Niktia and he is send to get that man. But Michael cannot let them have him as he could tell and betray them. So, he shoots him and is protecting Nikita (remember, he said, he cannot to that, but things are little changed, I guess). But it does not end there. The man survives and Madeline is doing her best to get the information. And to make it even more fatal, there is a computer with data and someone has to go and get it, Michael offers, only to risk his head again and blows it. All in the name of love.

    When talking and looking back for the two, Nikita is ready to let everything go, just to be with Michael but he, he acts more like calm thinking adult and he is bulling her away. Many symbolic scenes, like the one where Michael and Nikita met on different side of the bar.

    In conclusion, very well written, well acted, catching and moving episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The terrorist group The Freedom League is featured for a third time in this episode.

    • We see Madeline's new office for the first time in this episode. They felt the old office was too warm and unthreatening, so they made a new set that would be much more stark and harsh.

    • Goof: When Nikita goes to visit Jurgen in his office, in one shot she's wearing a sweater over her blue and black shirt, but in a shot a few seconds later the sweater is gone and she's just wearing her shirt.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Jurgen: (referring to the Chinese form of chess) In go, every move is a cover for something else.
      Nikita: Well, I'm sure it's the Section's most popular pastime.

    • Nikita: I'm going into rehab with a man named Jurgen. Do you know him?
      Walter: Yeah, I know him.
      Nikita: And...?
      Walter: I've seen him help people, I've seen him destroy people.

    • Nikita: So what are we going to do. You and I. Something happened between us, we can't keep on pretending it didn't happen.
      Michael: This isn't the right time.
      Nikita: We may never have another time. We can kiss, we can touch. There is nothing stopping us.
      Michael: They will see it in our eyes, and it won't be long before they figure out the truth.
      Nikita: They'll cancel us.
      Michael: Yes
      Nikita: I'm willing to die. As long a it means if I can live, really live for one day.
      Michael: Nikita wait.
      Nikita: Until when?
      Michael: Until you finish rehab.
      Nikita: And after that there will be another excuse.
      Michael: I don't know. I just know right now it's too risky.
      Nikita: I came back for you. For use to be together.
      Michael: That's going to be difficult now. We'll have to be careful.
      Nikita: I am tired of being careful.
      Michael: Get over it.
      Nikita: (walking away, furious) Get over it?!

    • Madeline: (as she checks on the injured terrorist) The doctors say you're gonna live. That's the bad news. There is no good news.

    • Nikita: I don't give a damn about the Section!
      Jurgen: Neither do I! Because death doesn't matter if you betray life! And now you're not thinking about the Section, or being canceled or anything ... except what you want ... to put that knife DEEP inside my throat! Isn't that right?!
      Nikita: THAT'S RIGHT! (she struggles mentally with her actions but in the end throws down the knife and crumbles)
      Jurgen: Congratulations, Nikita, you're alive again.

  • NOTES (1)