La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 7

Sympathy For The Devil

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2000 on USA
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Operations asks Michael and Nikita to protect a man named Willie Kane, an old comrade from Vietnam, as a personal favor to him. Kane once helped Operations survive torture while a POW, and now wants to return that help to Kane, a drug addict and a drifter. Complicating their mission are Carlo Bonaventure, a mafia capo, and Tran Van Lin, the man who once held them captive in the war. Meanwhile, Birkoff develops a sudden interest in how he became part of Section, which leads him to the discovery of an unknown twin brother, and a duplicitous history involving Walter.moreless

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  • Birkoff is asking question about his past - and something intriguing comes up but that is all the magic this episode has.

    Birkoff and his crusade to understand his past is the pearl of this episode. So far Birkoff has always been here, but he has so few times been in focus, we know so little about him and now we learn there is a reason - he does not have any other memories than Section. And he finally has the courage to ask himself why. The main storyline, is concentrated on Michael and Nikita, altought Michael gets most of the screen time doing what Operations said: trying to help his old friend from Vietnam days who is in trouble. But he is not only one who is interested about him. In one moment Walter steps in and says what Nikita and Michael should do. They decide to go their own way only to learn the truth - the ex-soldier betrayed his comrades. But Walter takes it to extreme to protect the truth from Operations and kills the man in the same time the others are with him. Why Walter protects operations, that remind unsure for me but it was something to think about.moreless
Stephen McHattie

Stephen McHattie

Willie Kane

Guest Star

Russell Yuen

Russell Yuen

Tran Van Lin

Guest Star

James Purcell

James Purcell

Carlos Bonaventure

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The story told here does not match the details his son Steven related in the episode "Missing". In "Missing", Operations supposedly remained a POW for quite a long time, in a large camp with many other prisoners. In this version, he was only prisoner for 15 days, along with two others. The story Steven told must be the cover the government fed him to cover up the fact that Operations was still alive.

    • Birkoff's mother was a level 2 operative named Lisa who was killed during a mission. Birkoff also has an identical twin brother Jason who is living in the outside world.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Michael: What is your relationship to Willie Kane?
      Tran Van Lin: My relationship. Would you any more ask me what my relationship is with my dog?
      Michael: He pays you, why?
      Tran Van Lin: Because I tell him to. He's quite clever, really. He would deliver my morning paper to me, in his teeth, if I so request.
      Michael: I asked you a question.
      Tran Van Lin: And I gave you my answer.

    • Nikita: (after Walter tells them not to help Willie) Which way do we play this, his or Walter's?
      Michael: Ours.

    • Willie: (after Michael kills two men attacking Willie) Well, you must have been one hell of a Boy Scout!
      Michael: Yeah.

    • Birkoff: What's it like?
      Walter: What's what like?
      Birkoff: Having memories.
      Walter: What do you mean? You got memories.
      Birkoff: I guess. I've made up stories. I've told different things to different people. But none of it's true. It's always Section. It's as if I didn't exist or have a life before.

    • Nikita: How do you do it, Michael?
      Michael: Do what?
      Nikita: Keep your feelings sorted out, your head straight? You were married to Elena.
      Michael: Well, sometimes our thoughts and feelings take us where we can no longer go. Feelings are not captive.
      Nikita: Maybe it'd be better if they were.
      Michael: I don't know.
      Nikita: You know, a year ago, having time like this together... Michael, I'm lost, I don't know what I am anymore.

    • Operations: You did what I asked you to do, I owe you fifteen days, they're yours. Something wrong?
      Michael: We'd prefer to wait.
      Operations: If that's what you want.
      Nikita: It would be better to wait.

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