La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 2

There Are No Missions

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2000 on USA



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    • Adrian: Hello, Nikita. (Michael slips behind her and puts a gun to her head)
      Nikita: He won't kill me.
      Adrian: He might not, but I will.

    • Operations: (after Michael steals Adrian) Until this matter is resolved, there are no missions.

    • Birkoff: I don't want to know this! I gotta get back. I'm not gonna report you, but you're on your own.
      Michael: Birkoff, if the process is successful, they'll use it on all of us. Nikita's just the beginning.

    • Birkoff: Most recruits give up after their first talk with Madeline. But if you still have any illusions about getting out of here, I'm going to introduce you to Walter.
      Dori: Who's Walter?
      Birkoff: He's the guy who's going to issue you a gun and a single bullet. Because taking your own life is the only way you're going to get out.

    • Operations: You said Michael was testing Nikita. You were wrong, and now he has the advantage.
      Madeline: Even if he's tapped in, I've made sure Gelman's program can't be accessed. Not from outside.
      Operations: We can take all the precautions in the world, but this is Michael we're dealing with.

    • Nikita: You want me to kill Michael?
      Madeline: Is that a problem?
      Nikita: No.

    • Michael: Do you know who you are?
      Nikita: Do I know who I am? I'm me... and I love you.
      Michael: Do you? Or do you want to kill me?
      Nikita: Why are you talking like this?
      Michael: If I hand you this gun, are you going to shoot me? You won't have any reason to hesitate. The order has been given. (he hands her the gun)
      Nikita: Michael. (she pulls the trigger, but it's unloaded) You don't belong here anymore, Michael.
      Michael: Why are you saying that?
      Nikita: 'Cause you don't have what it takes. If you did, I'd be dead.

  • Notes

    • There is a deleted scene from this episode included with the season four DVD set. In it, Madeline gives Nikita some surveillance footage to look at. Then Madeline and Elizabeth (female Devo) use the footage to program Nikita with images of Michael.

    • Music Used In This Episode:
      "No Difference" - Everything But the Girl (when Michael surprises Nikita shopping)
      "Despair" - Kill Transmission (when Mick goes to Nikita's apartment)

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