La Femme Nikita

Season 3 Episode 20

Three Eyed Turtle

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 1999 on USA
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During an operation, Hillinger's goofing off costs an operative his life, and Hillinger pleads with Birkoff to cover for him, which Birkoff inexplicably does. Hillinger doesn't return the favor, however, when Birkoff is sent out to direct a mission from the field, and Hillinger deliberately tries to get his rival Birkoff killed off once and for all. But the joke's on Hillinger when Birkoff exposes what Hillinger did. Sure enough, Operations puts him in abeyance and Hillinger's days seem to be numbered. At the same time, Operations is acting more and more viciously toward Madeline. Operations' timing is terrible, as George from Oversight is turning up the pressure on Operations, just as he's acting out with Madeline. Will Madeline get even with Operations by betraying him to George?moreless

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  • Birkoff in focus again and Greg is taking risks. Madeline is making unexpected moves.

    This episode maybe somehow continues the last one - Birkoff's place is not secured and Greg is doing everything to get himself the higher position. And Madeline - things seems to get worser for her. For some point she has stand everything Operations has asked from her but now... she seems to have enough. The tension between them rise to the level it is unbearable and it really looked - how could she find a way out of that kind of troubles in a world on dark creatures? Almost like asked Georg makes an offer for Madeline - bring down the Operations and then she will be leading all the Sections.

    The story takes really stunning turns.. Birkoff founds himself in mission and cover removed and he has to fight for his survival. Madeline seems to betray Operation - tension is rised to the top..

    adoring episode.. one of the best and the ending is amazing too.moreless
Alex Poch-Goldin

Alex Poch-Goldin


Guest Star

Malcolm Xerxes

Malcolm Xerxes

Owen Tell (uncredited)

Recurring Role

Kris Lemche

Kris Lemche

Greg Hillinger

Recurring Role

David Hemblin

David Hemblin


Recurring Role

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    • Madeline: (discussing her possible betrayal of Operations) And when it's over, I'll run Section?
      George: When it's over, you'll run all the Sections.

    • Operations: Oh, one other thing. I'd like to see you in the Tower.
      Madeline: Which is it you'd like me to be? Your whipping post, or your whore?
      Operations: I'll see you tonight. 11:00.

    • Madeline: I will not tolerate this kind of treatment from you. I'm sorry if George is undermining you but I'm your ally, not your enemy.
      Operations: You're neither. You obey me and will continue to do so until I'm done with you.
      Madeline: If I've done something to upset you, I assure you it was unintentional. Now let's talk about it.
      Operations: It's bad enough your people aren't performing up to standard, but to have to stand here and listen to you grovel is totally pathetic. I wish you could see yourself.

    • Operations: This is your fault.
      Madeline: I beg your pardon?
      Operations: Tactical falls under your purview. When they screw up, I look bad.
      Madeline: I'll find the source.
      Operations: Yes you will. If you paid as much attention to this as you do to your idiotic plants, this wouldn't be happening.
      Madeline: I don't think that's fair.
      Operations: I don't care what's fair and I don't care what you think.

  • NOTES (1)

    • There was an interrogation scene edited from the final cut of the episode included in the season three DVD set. In it, Nikita goes to interrogate a prostitute, who tells her that since she is a whore, she's used to selling herself. She will tell Nikita anything that she wants to know for a price, and they can go shopping together later. Nikita releases her, saying, "Okay", and they leave the white room together.