La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 11

Time to Be Heroes

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2000 on USA
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Operations gives Michael and Nikita an almost impossible task; they must get five absolutely, brand spankin' new recruits up to full, field-level operatives, in a very short amount of time! They must go up against new terrorist group, Crystal Sky (who recently did a number on Section Eight). Nikita doesn't think it can be done. Is this another of Operation's gambits, in which the five new recruits are cannon fodder for some mission? If so, can Michael and Nikita save them from this fate? And, if these recruits aren't ready by the time of the mission, could their inexperience also put Michael and Nikita themselves in peril?moreless

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  • For the first time in years, I found myself cheering Section on

    Wow. For the first time in years, I actually found myself cheering Section on.

    Or, more accurately, the young recruits: The "Mod Squad" cum "Dirty Dozen."

    Too bad that by doing the right thing -- risking their own skins to rescue Nikita and Michael -- they're going to be trained as Section assassins.

    In other words, they're going to go from being the good guys to being the bad guys.

    Nitpick: What kind of evildoer is named "Crystal Sky?" That's a name for a New Age book store that sells incense and meditation tapes!moreless
  • Nikita and Michael has to train recruits with very limited time and they are not sure why. But in the end, they will be heroes.

    Nikita and Michael has to train recruits with very limited time and they are not sure why. The recruits are quite colorful band and they are not so keen to be where they are. And they are not happy to be here. But they are send to mission and Michael are sure they fail but what he does not know is that they are a set up. He understand its but too late, one of the recruits get killed and Michael and Nikita cover the others retreat and are captured. It does not look good for them but then the bad guys think about trading them and Davenport is sent to kill them. But the recruits mostly are ok and they decide to be heroes and go and help Nikita and Michael who did tried best for them. And they manages it and do something noone expected.moreless
  • Michael & Nikita are sent to train a team of young recruits. The new team is sent out before it's ready, & Michael & Nikita are captured while covering them. To everyone's surprise the recruits rescue their mentors & save themselves frommoreless

    This is one of our few chances to look at the Section through the eyes of knowledgeable outsiders. The kids aren't yet a part of the section, and their reactions to things that oldtimers like Michael and Nikita take for granted are priceless. We also get some highly amusing commentary on the two lead characters. The plot keeps moving, and we get some touching scenes between Michael and Nikita, which is always a plus. Add in some cameos by Berkoff and Walter and we have all the elements of a classic episode. The soundtrack for this episode is particularly good as well.moreless
Aaron Ashmore

Aaron Ashmore

Neil Hudson

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Clé Bennett

Clé Bennett

Trent Hammett

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Megan Fahlenbock

Megan Fahlenbock

Claire Brooks

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Lawrence Bayne


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Kira Clavell

Kira Clavell

Jasmine Kwong

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Nitpick: Why would Operations order the recruit team to be taken out, and do nothing to either free or eliminate Michael and Nikita? They present a much greater threat to Section than the kids at large.

    • The enemy of this episode is Crystal Sky.

    • Nitpick: The farm team figured they would be facing ten to one odds at the Crystal Sky base, but they seemed to face only two or three to one odds. Obviously Davenport's team made major inroads in their available manpower. But if they were so decimated, why stay at their base, which they didn't have the numbers to defend and they had to know was compromised, and try to gas Michael and Nikita instead of a quick, sure bullet to the head?

    • Goof: Michael takes a glancing bullet to his left temple, but his hair isn't even mussed! There should be a patch of skin and hair torn away over his ear.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Claire: (when they discuss going after Michael and Nikita) He's right. If we're going to die, let's go down doing something right for a change.
      Darwin: Save us the half-time speeches!
      Claire: See you in Hell!
      Darwin: You really want to die, don't you?
      Claire: Maybe I just want to feel like I didn't waste 19 years, all right?

    • Nikita: (taking the rifle back from Darwin, who hit all bullseyes) I can see you've done this before, thank you.
      Darwin: Only in a video game.

    • Darwin: (when Neil comes in with some coffee) How's the joe?
      Neil: (makes a face) Ugh. It blows.
      Darwin: Figures. This place is turning out to be a big-time downer.
      Neil: Yeah, tell me about it.
      Darwin: You know, you'd figure the blonde would be down for some partying. She's obviously been neutered. Real Joan of Arc wannabe. Bet you ten to one, she has a pocket rocket made by Smith and Wesson. And that Michael... that man is in thundering need of an attitude adjustment. Get him laid, you know? At least he'd crack a smile. I can't even hear what he's saying half the time, you know? (mimics Michael's monotone whisper) 'Pass... the sugar.'

    • Darwin: (as Nikita gives the a tour) Like we care about any of this.
      Nikita: I'm sorry, are you bored?
      Darwin: Yeah. (turns to Michael) When do we get to kick some ass?
      Michael: (stares at Darwin, then flicks his throat with a finger, making him collapse) When you're ready.
      Nikita: Any more questions?

    • Trent: Yo! You know what he's doing? He's jacking us so we can't escape!
      Walter: Give the man with the bad haircut a kewpie doll.

    • Nikita: (upon seeing her recruits) They're just kids.
      Operations: What were you when you came in here?

    • Neil: What are you doing? You heard what Nikita said: weapons on safety.
      Darwin: Be prepared.
      Neil: Yeah, like you were ever a Boy Scout.
      Darwin: Nah, but I used to kick their asses all the time.

    • Madeline: (pointing a gun at the recruits) Once you come through those doors, you have two choices; one is compliance, the other is self-explanatory. Make no mistake, if any of you have any delusions about leaving here, I'd erase them immediately.

    • Jasmine: (after Michael and Nikita are captured) We can do something no one expects from us.
      Darwin: What's that?
      Jasmine: Survive.

  • NOTES (5)

    • In the commentary for this episode in the season four DVD set, writer/producer Peter M. Lenkov reveals that Joel Surnow, who went on to become the Executive Producer of 24, originally wanted to do the show in a real time, 24 hour format, but this idea was rejected for Nikita.

    • In casting the part of Claire, the producers wanted to get an actress who would remind the audience of a young Nikita. Kira Clavell, who plays Jasmine, was a personal friend of writer/producer Peter M. Lenkov, and he always wanted to use her in one of his episodes, and knew that this one would be perfect for her.

    • In the original scripts, they were going to introduce the new recruits by showing Section snatching them from their every day lives, but it was too expensive to produce, so it was rewritten. But they kept the stories of how they were all supposed to be taken in the newspaper clippings.

    • Music Used In This Episode:
      "Attitude" - Hardknox (as the recruits are introduced)
      "Dying Wish" - Kill Transmission (in the recruits' quarters)
      "Living Dead Girl (Subliminal Seduction Remix)" - Rob Zombie (as Michael and the recruits confront Davenport's team)

    • This episode was intended to be the beginning of a possible spin-off series. Unfortunately, instead of picking up the new show USA cancelled the original. Eventually, the network did bow to popular demands to bring Nikita back for a limited fifth season, but never put the spin-off into production. Jasmine, played by Kira Clavell, became a recurring character in season five, however, as a full Section One Operative.