La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 18

Toys In the Basement

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 06, 2000 on USA
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Episode Summary

While on a mission, Nikita is shot and badly injured. But when Michael goes to the spot where she fell, she isn't there. A man by the name of Henry takes her home, where he cares for her wound. However, when she begins to feel better, Henry refuses to let her go- he wants to marry her, and thinks that since he saved her life, she must agree. Michael is told that Nikita is to be considered collateral damage, but when he reminds Operations about his promise to give the two fifteen days of freedom, he relents. Can Michael get to her in time?moreless

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  • Shooting on the bookstore never leaves into nothing good

    It was not my favorite storyline, but it was different from previous episodes we have seen - so refreshing. The story was striking at the first - the incident in the bookshop - shooting - Nikita not getting out and the little hunt on the roof. but then? The story somehow died for me. After that it was that Nikita wanted to get out from that very weird house. To be honest the family was too weird and made the looking quite painful. I am starting to wonder if Robert Knepper plays only weird characters who mostly have some mental problems.

    But the ending was sweet - from wedding to executing, from executing to camping with Michael.moreless
  • Another great episode!

    This episode is really great. The acting is superb. Peta Wilson does an eccelent job here as well as Robert Knepper (Henry) also known for his role as T-bag on Prison Break. Apparently he likes to play the bad guy and he does it as no one else. I loved it! And the storyline was very well. Nice ending with Michael saving Nikita as when she was about to hung up. So who knows what they will be doing during the 11 days that Michael got off. It was really an exciting episode! That's exactly why I watch this show!moreless
  • Finally...

    It's about time the show started to get good again. After the return on Nikita when Michael kidnapped Adrian this show was slowly progressing with storylines that were super boring and hard to care about. At least this episode starts the kick back into true Nikita fasion.

    As with most Nikita endevors she is kidnapped and held by a crazy wack job, he decides that he loves her and would rather marry her against her will than face life as the ultimate momma's bot.

    Reeks of the episode where she was held hostage by Russian's or whomever a season or two ago but at least it's not dull dull dull like the past episodes.moreless
Dawn Greenhalgh

Dawn Greenhalgh

Mrs. Collins

Guest Star

Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper

Henry Paul Collins

Guest Star

Jacqueline Pillon

Jacqueline Pillon

Bookstore Op

Guest Star

Lawrence Bayne

Lawrence Bayne


Recurring Role

Cindy Dolenc

Cindy Dolenc

Kate Quinn

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: After Nikita lights the candle stick, she walks away from the plate of cake with the candles in it. However, just before the dogs find her, the plate is below the window. She never walked back to grab it.

    • The terrorist group attacked by Section in this episode is Bright Star, the same group they faced in the earlier episode "Old Habits".

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Walter: (referring to Nikita) You really think she's still alive?
      Michael: Yes.
      Walter: You think, or you wanna think?

    • Nikita: (After the rescue) You should have had backup, you had no way of knowing if I was going to be all right. What if this had been a Bright Star sub-station? You wouldn't have made it out of here.
      Michael: If you weren't alive, it wouldn't have mattered.

    • Jason: (referring to Quinn, after Michael asks her for a favor) Trust me pal, I've been there, done that. Forget it. You know the iceberg that sunk the Titanic? An amateur. Really.

    • Michael: You owe me fifteen days, for helping your friend.
      Operations: Yes, I did promise you that.
      Michael: I'd like to take them now.
      Operations: All right Michael. You do what you've got to do, but you're on your own. If I find out you employed any Section resources, put a drain on our manpower, I will act accordingly.
      Michael: I understand.

    • Henry Paul Collins: (to an injured and chained Nikita) You smell a lot better than most of my patients.

    • Jason: (to Quinn who is instructing him about running sims) Aw, you're just saying that to get me excited, aren't you?
      Quinn: Your loins must be a sad and primitive place, Mr. Crawford.
      Jason: They're just lacking for company is all, darlin'.
      Quinn: Mm-hum, and tact, apparently.
      Jason: Tact's for the boardroom, not the bedroom.
      Quinn: Or in your case just bored in the bedroom.
      Jason: You're too good for me, Darlin'. Smarter, faster with the one-liners. I'll bet that moat around your thighs has kept most every human male standing at the drawbridge trying to wonder why he ever wanted to cross it in the first place.

    • Mrs. Collins: (about the dead terrorist hidden in the basement near Nikita) Henry pleaded with him to come back next week, but he wouldn't have it. Anyway, it'll be nice to have another guest.

    • Jason: (To Madeline who is reprimanding him about helping Michael) You're not gonna climb outta your skirt about that, are you?

  • NOTES (3)

    • There were a number of deleted scenes included in the season four DVD set for this episode. In the first, Quinn shows Jason that she wasn't fooled by his techie tricks while he was helping Michael track Nikita. In the second, Madeline and Quinn discuss Jason, and Madeline orders her to do whatever it takes to assimilate Jason into Section quickly, implying even if it meant going to bed with him to make him more comfortable. In the third, Quinn apologizes to Jason for being so stand-offish, but he leaves abruptly. In the fourth, Madeline shows Jason a tape of his brother as a boy, but Jason comes on to Madeline, and she shuts him down.

    • Robert Knepper, who plays Henry, is himself the son of a veterinarian.

    • Music Used In This Episode:
      "Supermarket" by Tykwer, Klimek & Heil (after Nikita is shot in the teaser)