La Femme Nikita

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 24, 1997 on USA

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  • I personally think that this is the best Nikita episode. Why? Because till now it was more ore less fair play, but in this episode starts the real essence of this show.

    I personally think that this is the best Nikita episode. Why? Because till now it was more ore less fair play, but in this episode starts the real essence of this show. Best friend might be traitor, you can trust no one and your not even sure that your on right side, but you have no choice. Just try to survive. Some questions are raised - can operative have a child, why there so few middle age operatives. She have completed her probationary period. When after unsuccessful mission Nikita is in different situation she takes initiative on her own hands and leads tactical team to save another operatives kid.
  • Some questions are better left unasked.

    The serie starts with Nikita in Madeline's office asking why there are so many young people and not many old ones. And somehow this question and the dilemma about Section 1 activities and how the things are organized, goes trough the episode. I enjoyed very much to find out more and more about the Section and the questions - what and why started me to wonder more and more. We know that everyone (?) in the Section come from somewhere out.. they are criminals (or least they are thought to be) We know about Nikita and Roger.. but I started to think... Madeline? How she ended up there? And Michael? He said once that he is alive only thanks to Section but what he did? I really like to learn that.

    But on the other, the philosophical dilemma and question might be interesting, but the case was rather average - too long camera was stopped on Nikita, while she tried to sneak closer, the action was somehow left aside... they wanted to show that she is humane and she cares - they did it.. but it is rather disturbing when they bring a new char in just to use it for this episode - if they plan to make us feel that Nikita and some other agents know each other, at least, introduce them episode before the main action (this was the second time - we see a new operative, they are all friends and buddies and then we just remove the operative for the end of the episode)
  • Independent Woman

    The best episode so far, this hour features everything you could want from La Femme Nikita. A great storyline, a fun undercover sequence, tons of awesome action scenes and some tense character drama.

    In Treason, Nikita discovers that one of her fellow operatives has a son, a major liability for Section operatives, who has been kidnapped by the smuggler that Section are currently tracking.

    This episode turned Nikita into a real bad-ass. Peta Wilson is extraordinary throughout and the two raids on Suba's compound provide some of the most thrilling sequences on the show. You can see how her confidence has grown greatly since the Pilot, as she comes up with her own plans on how to takedown Suba and is capable of evading several guards to rescue Kyle all on her own.

    The storyline is very interesting and expresses even more evidence of how dangerous Section is. Their willingness to cancel Roger because of his abducted son and his deceit of his bosses in order to keep him safe is shocking.

    The episode is book-ended with two scenes with Nikita and Madeline. These scenes are extremely dramatic and acted brilliantly by Peta Wilson and Alberta Watson. Watson, in particular, has gone from strength to strength as the series has gone on. It's a major accomplishment, since she only has (at best) a couple of scenes each episode.

    A classic hour that's nerve-wracking and explosive, Treason is an underrated beauty.
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