La Femme Nikita

Season 3 Episode 10

Under the Influence

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 1999 on USA

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  • An emotional episode that reveals much about various characters...

    This episode further enhances the character of Operations, humanizing him by revealing the depth of his grief over his son's death. Madeline's actions to protect Operations could be interpreted in two ways. She either protects him out of true feelings or as a way of protecting her own position. The programming of Nikita using Michael's image was also very revealing, proving that Section is fully aware of the feelings between them. It was inconclusive whether or not Michael actually knew what was being done for he never defends himself one way or the other.
    The show also opens up the possibility that all of Nikita's feelings about Michael may be the result of subliminal programming from the beginning. However, it is difficult to believe that Michael's feelings in return are fake, even though he does an excellent job of pretending at times.
  • How easy it is for them to make Nikita do exactly what they want

    A very good example of how is it is to manipulate people and she did not even understand it. The story is intriguing and the start, even if I missed the most important thing (that the man was Operations' son), was really promising, and after the opening, the story gets just more and more speed. Nikita, who is forced to play a finance of a man she despite and on one point she feels like falling for him, is just to discover what the Section can do with people - they not only changed that man memory, they made her cover to look more real. Locigal choice from their side, but for one human being - feeling like used - it is hard for her to accept it but the outcome - she does her part well, do well - and the scene, when he remembers everything after killing his brother.. moving

    Loved the speed, the emotional struggle in this episode.