La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 21

Up the Rabbit Hole

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2000 on USA

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  • Nikita has escaped from the Section. Everybody tries to find her, but only Michael succeds, after setting a trap. George is cancelled, Davenport is killed in action. Birkoff finds out Naomi is a Section operative. Michael and Nikita escape from Section.

    When I started to watch LFN, it was mostly because I had nothing better to do. As time passed, I became more and more interested. Truth be told, the relationship between Michael and Nikita concerned me more than anything else in the show. My friends also loved the show. Thus, all of us had one concern and one concern only - will they be free AND together? This episode answers with a firm YES.
    It was perfect - all the bad guys like George were punished, all the nice people got what they deserved, and Michael and Nikita were free on a boat sailing off to sunset. Perfect... I just wished the series ended after this episode.
    Too bad episode 4x22 and Season 5 spoil everything…
    For me, LFN ended with "Up The Rabbit Hole".
    If you haven't seen the whole series yet, STOP watching after this episode!
  • Finally out.. alone.. on the sea... it is over..

    The superb ending is starting... Everyone in Section is after Nikita. They try to figure out what will be her next move but it seems it is not easy - she is clever. They dig it up to the plastical surgery but he has no leads for them. So it seems - Nikita did it - she got out of the Section.

    But Madeline believes - Nikita will come after Michael. But then on mission something is different than Michael wanted and he comes into crazy idea - he has his own agenda and he tells Quinn that he never loved Nikita. It looks weird at the first point but in the end - both Nikita and Michael are genius - Quinn is really Nikita. So.. they go to mission.. and try to escape.. but before they drove over Davenport.. (that was shocking to be honest)

    But.. they get out.. enjoy themselves out there.. in freedom.. with a both on sea.. beach to walk.. they are happy.. But can the really escape?

    But this is not the only focus - Birkoff's brother is doing good job and Georg seems finally brought down. And Naomi - she works for Section as suspected.. so.. how this all will end?