La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 21

Up the Rabbit Hole

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2000 on USA



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    • George: (when Operations gets proof he was a mole for Red Cell) I'll see you in Hell.
      Operations: I'm sure he'll be waiting.

    • Operations: (walking in on Madeline's interrogation of Grenet) That's not the way. Not with him.
      Madeline: Just a few more minutes.
      Operations: No. I'll handle this. (to Grenet) You're making it very difficult on yourself.
      Grenet: Your attempt at good cop, bad cop is a hopeless failure.
      Operations: That's to be expected. There are no good cops. (the Devos enter the room with a cage full of rats)

    • Quinn/Nikita: (explaining why she's disguised) I didn't have a choice. Red Cell offered us a way out. We'd be free!

    • Michael: Don't move.
      Quinn/Nikita: Michael...
      Michael: Hide in plain sight. Section is the last place we'd think to look.
      Quinn/Nikita: Michael, I'll report this. You'll have to account for your behavior!
      Michael: And you will have to account for your reaction when I told you I had no feelings for Nikita.
      Quinn/Nikita: Like I said, Nikita is very emotional. Seems to be what trips her up most of the time.
      Michael: Why?
      Quinn/Nikita: I couldn't leave without you, Michael. I came back to convince you to come with me. You've seen me do it. I can show you how.
      Michael: No one really leaves Section.
      Quinn/Nikita: I agree. This place will always be in my head. But we can help each other forget.
      Michael: Sooner or later they would have found you.
      Quinn/Nikita: Not without the implant. Not after sinking my files. Not if I didn't want them to.

    • Michael: Nikita was taught if exposed, to hide in plain sight.

    • Quinn/Nikita: But have you stopped to think that maybe you don't want us to find Nikita?
      Michael: For what reason?
      Quinn/Nikita: Because you're in love with her.

    • Walter: (after Nikita escapes) Hey, Michael. You pick up on the weird buzz around here? Seems 'sugar-free' leaves a bitter taste on the back of the tongue.

    • Madeline: (To Michael, about a profile he made) You spent six years training and getting to know Nikita, we're not going to retrieve her on intel alone, we need a more personal profile.

    • Jason: Tight-lipped bunch, aren't ya?
      Madeline: You have an unusual opportunity, Mr. Crawford, your fate at Section is in your hands. You feel you're ready for this?
      Jason: (playing along) I'll do what I have to do, Madeline, and you'll make sure nothing happens to Naomi. My brother Jason will expect you to keep up your end of the deal.

    • Nikita: Where can I feel safe, Michael, when I can't even trust you?

    • Operations: In a few weeks, most likely, I'll be moving to Oversight which means you will be given the Perch, Section One will be yours. You don't seem pleased?
      Michael: I am.

    • Operations: (Not knowing that it was Nikita who escaped with Michael) I want Michael and Quinn apprehended and brought back to Section immediately.

    • Operations: You're slipping, Madeline.
      Madeline: If that's what you want to believe.
      Operations: I have two liberated operatives. An entire Alpha Team wiped out. And a Chief Strategist without answers. What should I believe?
      Madeline: I just need more time.
      Operations: You have 24 hours. If Michael and Nikita are not returned by then, you will be removed from your post.

    • Jason: Hey, Walter. What's up?
      Walter: My faith in humanity.
      Jason: What are you talking about?
      Walter: Nikita and Michael. They flew the coop.
      Jason: Impossible.
      Walter: Yeah, that's what everybody around here thought. But they did it. They are history.
      Jason: Mom and Dad must be freaking out.

    • Nikita: Michael, it's over. You can relax now. They're never going to find us.

  • Notes

    • There is a deleted scene from this episode included in the season four DVD set. Walter tells Jason he wants to help him, but Jason doesn't understand why. Walter also tells Jason that Operations was having a private chat with Naomi, something that seems strange, given all the problems Michael and Nikita were causing him at that point in time.

    • This is the final appearances of David Hemblen as George and Lawrence Bayne as Davenport.

    • Music Used In This Episode:
      "I Love You" - Sarah McLachlan (Michael and Nikita together away from Section)

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