La Femme Nikita

Season 4 Episode 3

View of the Garden

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2000 on USA
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Michael discovers that Adrian's mind is not blank as she led him to believe. The two continue to work together to try and save George from Operations and Madeline's plan to assassinate him. Also, Michael kidnaps Nikita in a futile effort to break through her conditioning.

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  • Welcome back to Section, Michael

    How???The big question remains. After all what he did, they just take him back. He tried to fool them, he stole from them, he did so many things worth canceling. And he risked coming back, saying I am back like nothing happened. Like he did not tried to use their communication to show Adrian to George. how... How they happened this to be? And Michael made it to the George already. Why risk twice. Ok I know.. they keep all the juice part to the end of the season (at least i think this) but...

    This episode was amazing. Maybe not so much action than previous two but super. All those omg moments.. all the things they did I never expected. Like Section to assassinate George. What next..?moreless

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    • Michael: Why the deception?
      Adrian: Freedom. Nothing personal, just don't like partners.
      Michael: Well, you have one.

    • Walter: Who would you rather be killed by, Operations or Michael?
      Birkoff: I don't have time for games!
      Walter: It's no game.
      Birkoff: Michael's been in touch?
      Walter: Yeah.
      Birkoff: Oh God!
      Walter: He needs us! Answer the question.
      Birkoff: What does it matter who kills you?
      Walter: If it's the only choice you have left, it matters.

    • Operations: Well, I've come here to ease your mind.
      Walter: That'll be a first!
      Operations: You're aware that Michael has effectively declared war on Section?
      Walter: I'm aware there's a war, but I'm not sure who declared it.
      Operations: The point is, in the past you've assisted him on occasion even when he was off profile and still managed to survive. This time it will be different.
      Walter: How so?
      Operations: His situation is hopeless. He's alone and up against the entire resource base of Section One. He will be crushed and so will anyone who attempts to help him. There will be no exceptions.
      Walter: And that puts my mind at ease, how?
      Operations: It eliminates choice. Do nothing to help Michael if you want to go on living.

    • Michael: They changed you.
      Nikita: Something better.
      Michael: You only think that because you can't remember what you were.
      Nikita: I remember. I prefer this. No needs, no fears, no desires. I used to think you were like that. But you're not, are you? You're weak. You should let them make you feel stronger.
      Michael: There was a time when we used to care for each other.
      Nikita: Well that time is gone. There's nothing you can do to change that. If you think otherwise, then you're the one that needs help.

    • Michael: There's more than one Nikita. I can't tell which is real.
      Adrian: Kill them all.
      Michael: What?
      Adrian: All but one. Only the real Nikita is good enough to survive.

  • NOTES (2)

    • There are several deleted scenes included in the season four DVD set from this episode. The first shows Madeline and Operations discussing the aftermath of Michael's removal of Adrian, the second shows Michael and Nikita talking in the cabin about the Gelman Process and their former relationship, and a third, which is a different version of an aired scene: when Michael tries to get to George in Section, Operations shoots a screen showing Adrian. In this version, when the tech protests, Operations shoots him as well.

    • The man who fires the RPG into George's helicopter is the episode's director, Jon Cassar.


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