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L.A. Heat

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SHOW PREMISE Meet Chase McDonald and August Brooks. Two guys who will do anything to keep L.A. safe . . . even if it means blowing half of it up.

L.A. Heat is an explosive crime drama that follows the action-packed cases of robbery/homicide detectives McDonald and Brooks, who are as different as night and day. Chase, with seven years on the force, likes the thrill of adrenaline and is always looking for action. August, a seasoned veteran with sixteen years on the force, often acts as the voice of reason for his young partner. Together they clean up the streets of Los Angeles to try to make the city a little bit safer.

Utilizing the natural backdrops of the city (from the beautiful beaches to the rougher areas), the series contains more action in one episode than most series do in an entire season, making it possibly the most action-packed series ever created for television.

THE CHARACTERS Chase McDonald: A risk-taker, Chase likes living on the edge and is passionate about his work. Though a born leader, he often needs the guidance of someone with his partner's experience to keep him out of trouble. His enjoys metal sculpting in his spare time and resides in a beachfront home in Malibu, where he lives with his girlfriend, Jodi Miller.

August Brooks: In his youth, August was a promising boxer, but after he was forced to throw his first pro fight, he became disillusioned with the sport and left to join the police academy. He found he was a natural at police work and quickly rose through the ranks to become a detective. A Vietnam veteran, he also runs the Hoover Street Youth Boxing Center in his spare time, a recreation area for underprivileged children, providing an alternative to gang life.

Jodi Miller: Chase's girlfriend, she was never happy with his job and tried repeatedly to talk him into quitting the force, to throw himself completely into his art. When she got a job offer to manage an art gallery in Texas, she began pressuring him even more to quit and come with her. Chase refused, insisting they could work things out, but ultimately, Jodi had to leave.

Kendra Brooks: August's loving wife, she works at the Hoover Street Youth Boxing Center, where she helps the kids with their problems.

Captain Jensen: The high-tempered superior of Chase and August. Despite the aggravation they often cause him, he still considers them his best detectives.

SHOW HISTORY Produced by PM Entertainment Group, Inc., L.A. Heat began shooting in 1996 in Southern California, in areas that included Los Angeles, Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Long Beach. But due to the fact the show didn't have the backing of a major network, it was not picked up for domestic distribution in the U.S. But it was sold overseas, where it became rather popular and, in its second season, accomplished the impossible: it took the #1 spot away from Baywatch in Germany. Production ended in 1998 after just two seasons due to financial troubles within PM Entertainment, which could not recover and ultimately went out of business. A year later, L.A. Heat finally premiered in the U.S. when it began airing on the cable network TNT on March 15, 1999. All 48 episodes were shown Monday through Friday at 4PM for almost two years before leaving the network, and it has not been aired on American television since. (There were plans to bring the show back for a third season in 2000, but an agreement could not be reached.)

CAST BIRTHDAYS: Wolf Larson - December 22, 1959 Steven Williams - January 7, 1949 Renee Tenison - December 2, 1968

WORLDWIDE PREMIERE DATES: Germany - January 20, 1997 France - March 16, 1997 Portugal - May 18, 1997 USA - March 15, 1999 Italy - June 21, 1999moreless
Kenneth Tigar

Kenneth Tigar

Captain Jensen

Steven Williams

Steven Williams

Det. Augustus "August" Brooks

Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard

Det. Benny Lewis (episodes 1, 2, 4)

Renee Tenison

Renee Tenison

Kendra Lee Brooks

Wolf Larson

Wolf Larson

Det. Chester "Chase" McDonald

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