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  • I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's damn cooooooooolllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this show.....................but i forgot the show timings..................can anyone please tell me the show timings of this show.................and can anyone give me all the videos of season 1 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just what the world needs, another Tattoo show.. Da plane! Da Plane!

    Seriously, why on Earth did they create this show - isnt Miami Ink enough? More importantly why do people do this to their bodies? People in their teens and 20's put this grafitti all over their bodies then wonder why they cant get decent jobs later on and must spend thousands of dollars to have doctors remove their "art".

    Some people are covered with tattoos - art school students end up being qualified for jobs with the circus, adult book stores or a tattoo shop - thats about it - Hells angels member too - forgot about that one. Of course doctors love this trend as tattoo removal has become a booming business. In some cases people spend tens of thousands of dollars having them removed. America, what a country! Ugh.........
  • A good show about Kat Von D and her amzing shop, staff, and mainly art. Loads of drama included.

    I love tattoos. I have loved them for as long as I could remember, and this show is just amazing for people like myself. The beautiful and talented Kat Von D really completes the show. I watcched Miami Ink when it first came out, and it really just didn't cut it for me. This show was just so much better. The drama sometimes gets to me, and gets a little irritating, but it's worth it for the point of the show, and the amazing ink featured. Kat has come a long way too, from the drinking, to the original VERY awkward narrations, there is so much that has been improoved on. It's a good show to follow, especialy if you love the art.
  • I am new to this so I put everything that I am thinkiing in the review box lol

    I love this show, I hate that I have missed sooo much of it before by not giving it a chance. I think they should do a weekend marathon so that those of us who have missed it can see the past shows and those that have seen them Im sure would enjoy seeing them again. Now I have a lot of respect for Kat but she needs to take better care of Corey. He is a good man and is always there for her. If she doesnt watch it, she may just lose him. And Aubrey OMG that girl is sooo stupid, she has no clue when to just be quiet and DO HER JOB. Kat has been waaay more patient then most of us ever would be. But the last straws for me would have been 1, the lady that had the tatoo of a woman looking out at the boat coming home, anyone with a menial sense could see that. 2 Her talking that client out of her tatoo, it was not Her place to do that and 3 Her expecting to be on the mural OMG PAAAALEEESE . Please Kat, kick her assto the curb ! lol
  • Very Good Show But Could Do With Being Less 'Staged'

    I thingk this show is a very good show but sometimes feel that it is very 'staged' and not so much a 'reality' show as such. I have to say that Miami Ink is much better. I love Kat and the rest of the cast and i think the show is very good in general apart from the above. I watch every episode and love the concept but there is always the feeling that it can do much much better and doesn't quite match up to Miami ink. All in all a very good show though. I hope it gets better with each season..
  • I love the show Kat and Cory are the reason i watch. Im proud of Kat for her choice to stop drinking..I wish you had a new show every night that would be the only thing.. Your show is my fix...

    Kat you and Cory are the reason my family watchs..I love there work i would give anything to have Kat give me a tattoo.. But Pixie needs to grow up or move on.. She shows no respect to Kat. I think Kat and Orbi are good for each other and you feel part of them; for there love is growing as we watch.. I think Kim is to hard on herself; She is good and she knows it.. I like the stars next too your left eye is cool and told my husband i would like to get something around my eye but not for sure what yet... Love ya Kat and love the show
  • Love the show love the people you guys rock

    would like to come and let you guys ink my back.have a big family and would love to let the best..You guys do a pics of the family on my back.Been watching your show for a long time now and just love what i've seen.I think you do the best portrits i've every seen so it would be a dream of mine to come out and let you do your thing.I have 5 brothers 2 sisters and would like to have us all on my back becouse thay have always had my back.My mom and pop are no longer with us and just love the thought of having them so close to me all the time.thanks for your time the best to all of you.....Johnny stowe
  • LA Ink is the new tattoo shop Kat Von D has decided to open after leaving Miami. The question is... Will she find the best tattoo artists in the biz? Will her shop be rockin'? The answers are in this show.

    LA Ink is Kat's baby, she's paid her dues to getting her shop up and running and she is pretty excited about owning her own shop.
    To compare this show to another tattoo show is unfair. LA Ink is more laid back and easy going, which some people don't always like.
    To some viewers the shop doesn't seem to be busting at the seams with customers, but given to the location that might give you a clue. The artists that have been listed in to work in the shop are all amazing in their own right - Corey Miller is amazing at doing freehand tattoos, Kim and Hannah both preform magic when it comes to coloured tattoos and they are all quirky in their own way; Hannah is very happy to have a good ol' chin wag to customers, while Kim is more laid back and quiet; neither are a bad thing.
    Pixie is the shop manager, and she loves the job, hopefully we'll see her filling out the role more than we have been, aside from watching the artist do their think and help customers who want cover up ect, but the artists won't manage to do a good enough job.

    The show is interesting in its own right, though at times it can be a bit slow.
  • LA Ink is nothing like Miami Ink!

    I love Kat. I was excited to see here get her own show. She does such awesome portriat tats. If I ever get one of my kid I would want it from Kat. But her show...let's talk. This is nothing like Miami Ink, the spinner to this series. I have to question if any of this is for real or if it's just for the cameras! I'm a man and I appreciate nice ladies but I tuned in for tattoos. I wanted more stories and less stories between the staff. The drama queen race has got to go. Still, Kat, I love you. Go back to Miami!
  • Lots of skin...

    As a Miami Ink fan, I was skeptical of a spin off (do documentary/reality tv shows call it that?) involving the flaky and pretentious Kat Von D.

    Obviously, as a guy, the majority of my 7.5 score is the fact that there's a show with several hot tattooed women on it. Pixie being undeniably cute and perky... though a little slow at times.

    The remaining 2 or so points are for the content. For me, my biggest thrill (other than the women) is to see the amazing skill and attention to detail each tattoo involves. Whether it be on a grieving father, or simply a whimsical spur of the moment decision, the artistry is superb and undoubtedly expensive. It feeds my desire to get tattoos of my own and sparks my creative mind while keeping me a safe distance from any needles and permanent damage.

    Unfortunately, the downside to the show is how intensely setup it feels. Of course, one can expect a show of this nature to be biased towards customer entries entailing some sort of traumatic life-changing experience. However, sometimes the show is redundant and hearing the same sob stories is rather depressing. I have no doubt that 90% of customers to the normal tattoo parlor has put little real thought into their design and even less thought into the finality.

    Even so, it provides a daily dose of drama, hot chicks, and very cool tattoos to enjoy.
  • I love this Show...Everytime I see it I want a tattoo...Love Kat, Pixie, Kim, Hannah and Corey....they rock my tuesdays nights.

    This Show is about friendship and hard work in this times where all the tabbu of tattoing is gone and even a first grade teacher go to the parlor to get one. U see a lot of people stories,so U cry, U a great show. Is not easy to be a woman in the tattoo bussines and this 3 girls rocks!!! Their work is out of this world, very proffesional and beautifull. This show is not only about tattoos, is about the people who get it and the people that make it happend. Kat, Corey, Kim, Hannah and Pixie expose their true colors showing us the true meaning of friendship and dedication. I know thet if U see this show U will want a tattoo...That's happen to me everytime I see it.
  • I love Kat

    I love Kat and was so sad when she was let go on Miami Ink. She brought a powerful positive influence to that show. But things change as time moves on. I knew there would be nothing for her to worry about for she is so talented. She is one of the best tattoo artist around. Her portraits are amazing. I would love to have her grace my body with her work.

    I was excited to learn she was given her own show, LA Ink. I don't know but something is missing and I can't quite put my finger on it. The show started off promising but its quickly going downhill. I have no idea what can save this show for I am no longer an avid viewer. Just my opinion.
  • Congratulations on your acheivement Im a 44 year old male trying to be a tattooist, all i can say is that Id be your apprentist any day.Id Love to have a backpiece done by you

    There is no better show on the planet! There has been at least weak trys at best but nothing matches this show! It has sex, Hot woman, partys, stripper poles, drinking, celebs, Stevo, and last but not least you have some of the most sexiest artists on the planet. They make you want to fly to LA drive to HollyWood run right in there shop give those girls a big hug, crack a bottle of Champane and Toast the new Tattoo that your favorite world Tattooist is about to apply to your body. Ummmmmm, a dream come true, as far as Im concerned these woman are as good as it gets and getting a "TaT" by them would be sure heaven, Cory included!
    These people perform nothing but perfection in there work there art and the skills that I believe are true "Miracles of Art! Sincerly, Wishing to be your apprentist, Ken (Curly)
  • I love this show

    I watch L.A. ink since it began on the 7th and I must say, it's better then Miami INk...... I'd rather watch Kat then the other dude, what ever his name is. I would love to beable to go to L.A. and have Kat do a tattoo for me. Maybe one day I will. But in the mean time I know Kat and her crew will do great and make it big, they are all so talented and awsome. Best Tattoo show ever...Kat Rocks!!!!
    And so does her show, I hope she stays on for a long time to come....Go Kat.....
  • I love Kat's new show!.

    OMG ! I love her new show! I love seeing her in it! she is so taleted! I so wnats a tattoo from her ones days! She seem like the the one u could just have a very fun wild time with! && i likey that about her ! ily ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! i loves her! ily ! yea man!
  • If I ever went to LA I would get a tattoo in Kat's shop

    I think this show is really awsome, even though there has been only one episode so far, I think it has the makings to be really good. I really like that Kat, who was fired from Miami Ink, got her own job, and her own TV show. Way to go Kat!!!! I'm really proud of her lol. I think the show and the shop itself is gonna look awsome, when it's finished. I think that Kat's an amazing artist and an amazing person, and needed something like this to skyrocket her carrer. I really like the whole 'tattoo show coming to LA' theme, I hope the show does well.