L.A. Law

NBC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • Season 8
    • Return to Justice
      Return to Justice
      Episode 24
      Michael Kuzak is brought back into law practice to handle the appeal of an innocent former client on death row and finds himself going up against his ex-lover, Grace Van Owens. Meanwhile, Arnie finds himself in a messy divorce of his own; Stuart and Ann are the victims of fraud; and Roxanne tries to help her ex-husband, Dave Meyer, who's told her he's dying.moreless
    • 100th Episode Celebration
      Jane Pauley hosts a behind-the-scenes look at the first five seasons of the critically-acclaimed series with interviews with the cast, crew and legal experts.
    • Finish Line
      Finish Line
      Episode 22
      McKenzie throws the firm into a turmoil when he announces his plans to retire as they prepare to throw him a surprise 65th birthday party; thinking that he's reached rock bottom at the age of 42, Becker reaches out to Halliday for comfort and finds himself in church; Levinson represents an elderly clothing manufacturer sued by his son in a power struggle over their family business; Benny and Rosalie argue when Dominic urges him to invest money in a race horse.moreless
    • Whistle Stop
      Whistle Stop
      Episode 21
      Becker blames Belinda's personal malice for his becoming a murder suspect; Mullaney anticipates trouble with a judge who used to date Carolyn; and McKenzie gets troubling news.
    • How Am I Driving?
      How Am I Driving?
      Episode 20
      Becker tries to hush up his client's connection to a well-placed madam; an incorrigible teen sues to be released from rehab; Eli goes through a broker to buy a car.
    • Tunnel of Love
      Tunnel of Love
      Episode 19
      Patrick pulls another fast one; a rumor about Belinda troubles Becker; the owner of a show dog with a litter of mongrels sues her neighbor
    • Dead Issue
      Dead Issue
      Episode 18
      Markowitz reluctantly takes a court case of a libel suit involving an investigative reporter being sued by a former a nuclear physicist who was accused of conducting radiation experiments on unwitting subjects in the 1950s. Meanwhile, Kelsey handles a divorce case between a woman and her husband, a Grateful Dead fanatic. Also, Becker gets involved with D.A. Belinda Fox, who is determined to prosecute his client for pandering.moreless
    • Silence is Golden
      Silence is Golden
      Episode 17

      Becker and Mullaney suspect, but cannot prove, that Flanagan committed a felony in settling a civil damages suit in a child molestation case; Rollins successfully pleads with an over-controlling father to drop a law suit against his fashion model daughter; Flanagan wins the undying gratitude of the Brackmans when he uses his influence to get their son accepted into a prestigious prep school.

    • Whose San Andreas Fault Is it, Anyway?
      Levinson represents an advertising executive being sued for wrongful termination by a copywriter with whom she had an affair; Brackman is livid when Halliday's advice to a client seeking inner peace in the midst of litigation over earthquake damage ends up costing the firm over half a million dollars in fees; Ianello's earthquake anxiety begins to get the better of her; Morales leaves the firm.moreless
    • Three on a Patch
      Three on a Patch
      Episode 15
      Brackman represents senior citizens threatened with eviction from their retirement community for rambunctious behavior arising from their participation in a clinical study of testosterone patches; Rollins takes on the State Department of Corrections on behalf of an inmate who claims that the conditions in the super maximum security facility in which he is incarcerated violate the constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment; Becker learns that a kiss is just a kiss, and nothing more, where Halliday is concerned; the partners's choice of a new associate prompts Morales to resign.moreless
    • God is My Co-Counsel
      A few days before his wedding, Stulwicz is shocked to discover that his bride-to-be is already married, and enlists Becker's help in getting annulment papers signed by her reluctant husband; when Halliday's father arrives for a visit, Becker wastes no time trying to win him over, but father and daughter clash over his interference in her representation of a biology teacher fired for teaching creationism; at the Hendrickson-Stulwicz nuptials, a little romance is in the air for Kelsey and Markowitz, Ianello and Levinson, and Halliday and Becker, despite their truly terrifying bridesmaid outfits.moreless
    • Age of Insolence
      Age of Insolence
      Episode 13
      Kelsey represents a woman being sued for the custody of her adopted daughter by the girl's biological father, who's heavily influenced by a psychologist with her own unresolved adoption issues; Halliday defends a client with heightened sensibilities against the impolite palaver of the woman's coworker and an impish Becker; the partners resentfully capitulate when Rollins gives them an ultimatum about a partnership offer.moreless
    • Cold Cuts
      Cold Cuts
      Episode 12
      Two mountaineers face charges after resorting to cannibalism; a mathematician adds up the consequences of divorce; and Denise lands in the middle of a father-son feud.
    • McKenzie, Brackman, Barnum & Bailey
      A ballerina sues a dance company for breach of contract; an aging juggler accuses his protégé of stealing his act; and Benny dances around a commitment to Rosalie.
    • He Ain't Guilty, He's My Brother
      Morales agrees to defend a confused young man who wants to confess to a convenience store robbery, but who may not be guilty. Meanwhile, Kelsey takes a civil case of defending a man accused of sexual fraud because he implied to a woman that he was an undercover cop. Mullaney and Judge Walker face a defense attorney demanding a mistrial in the Turner case because of their developing relationship. Also, Becker ends up getting duped by a phoney come-on by Halliday after he tells her of his divine sight to see the truth.moreless
    • Rhyme and Punishment
      Mamie Van Doren is a guest at the firm's Christmas party; the son of an aging comic believes his father is being exploited by a mistress; Roxanne asks Mullaney to surrender parental rights.
    • Eli's Gumming
      Eli's Gumming
      Episode 8
      A prostitute brings rape charges against a record executive who claims to have exotic sexual needs; an insecure student sues his voice therapist for fraud; while studying for the California bar exam, Eli contends with the passions of two women.
    • Pacific Rimshot
      Pacific Rimshot
      Episode 7
      Becker's car accident with his Bentley prompts a spate of anti-Asian sentiments, which in turn inspires the minority members of the firm who include Morales and Rollins. Meanwhile, the Glassman case reaches its conclusion as Rollins and Markowitz try to turn the jury against the US government. Eli handles the divorce of the wife of a marriage counseling guru reluctant to give up on the marriage or his wife's money. Also, Jinx helps Eli with his case while showing him the wonders of Los Angeles.moreless
    • Safe Sex
      Safe Sex
      Episode 6
      Becker urges that the firm employ a security consultant in constructing a "safe room" for the employees, then falls prey to the innovation when he and Denise get locked in it after hours. Meanwhile, Kelsey and Halliday square off against each other while they are representing Karl Bullon, a self-righteous department store employer being sued by an ex-employee for eavesdropping on her who was having an extra-marital affair with a co-worker, where Halliday learns a courtroom lesson while cross-examining a witness. Also, Rollins decides to represent Glassman and seeks out a former Black Panther member as a witness while he and Markowitz begin to argue about the politics reguarding the case.moreless
    • The Green, Green Grass of Home
      Markowitz is approached by Barry Glassman, an old friend who reveals that he's a fugitive named Jay Ellison wanted for attempting to help a Black Panther member escape from prison in 1968 and asks him to help arrange his surrender. Meanwhile, Morales is representing a pot-smoking couple suing the school system for encouraging their daughter to turn them into the police. A casting agent raises Denise's expectations about an acting career. Also, Benny develops a crush on Denise and begins to ignore Rosalie who wants to move in with him.moreless
    • Foreign Co-Respondent
      McKenzie urges Eli to join the firm and his restricted men's club; a couple move to sue their travel agent for a nightmare trip; a Chinese financier faces murder charges for the death of an illegal immigrant.
    • How Much Is That Bentley in the Window?
      The Sandy Morris murder trial begins where Eli acts on his suspicions and calls the murder victim's husband, Jonah, to the stand. Meanwhile, Becker longs to buy a classic $275,000 Bentley Convertible, a dream that could come true pending the outcome of a messy divorce case involving his latest client, Jessie Wilks, and her wealthy CEO husband. Also, Morales' artistic eye puts him in charge of the office renovation and meets with the attractive renovator, Lauren Chase, to discus the costs.moreless
    • Leap of Faith
      Leap of Faith
      Episode 2

      New associate Jane Halliday represents a Gulf War veteran in declining health, who charges a VA doctor with negligence in treating his baffling illness. Meanwhile, Rollins is representing a TV shopping network executive being sued by a man for enticing his "shopaholic" wife to spend beyond her means. Eli enters a plea of not guilty for Sandy Morrison and hires an attractive private investigator, Jinx Baldasseri, to look into the murder victim's husband a potential suspect while Sandy's parents, Ed and Rae, quarrel with Eli and each other over what's best for Sandy.

    • Book of Renovation, Chapter 1
      The partners begin to interview candidates for a new associate at the firm which is under interior renovation. Meanwhile, Stuart Markowitz's cousin Eli Levinson arrives in town from New York to defend Sandy Morris, the mentally ill son of some old friends who's accused of murdering a social worker. Eli's former secretary, Denise Iannello, arrives and asks Eli to give her a job as his secretary again. Kelsey represents another attorney suing her own firm for sexual discrimination. Also, Becker finds the new associate candidate, Jane Halliday, a Christian fundamentalist, irresistible, while Kelsey is wary about Halliday's presence.moreless
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