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Antisemitism on L.A Law

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    [1]May 2, 2009
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    I believe that there was antisemitism on LA Law. Look at the characters. Kuzak: A white good looking WASP lawyer. Becker: The same. Sifuentes: A good looking Hispanic lawyer. Rollins: A good looking African American lawyer. All these characters have good storylines. And then there is Stuart Markowitz. How did the writers deal with him. Since he's Jewish they used every sterotype. He's shorter not as good looking and is a tax accountant and lawyer. He had money so of course when he marries Kelsey he asks her to sign a pre marital agreement to protect his money. They give him a low sperm count. The other lawyers only tolerate him that when the other lawyers left the firm they didn't take Kelsey because she would want to bring Stuart.
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    [2]Jul 10, 2009
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    I believe the character Arnold Becker was Jewish as well as Stewart.
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    [3]Jun 14, 2013
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    Ridiculous. With regard to the prenup, he merely wanted to know that someone would want him for him, because he was insecure. He is much, MUCH less money grubbing than Douglas, Arnie and Rosalind. Look at how arrogant Jonathan was at first. Was that racist? And let's not forget that Stewart is consistently one of the most moral people on the show, even overshadowing Michael, Ann and Leland on that score at LEAST once each, probably much more often than that. Come on. This is pretty damn histrionic, in my opinion. There are much uglier people on this show, and maybe outer looks being so important to you is something that should be the basis of your own self-reflection? I personally don't think the man is unattractive at all. Why don't you ask Michael Tucker how he feels about your negative attitude towards the great human being known as Stewart Markowitz, almost entirely on the basis of the looks that Michael was born with? I have a pretty good idea of how he would respond.......

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