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    Can someone help me identify the title and date of the L.A. Law episode in which the family of a college football player sues the coach/university for negligence in the suicide of their student-athlete who was abusing steroids while in the program?



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    The episode aired late in season 5- April 25, 1991 to be exact. It is called "Speak, Lawyers, For Me."

    Not only did it involve Tommy Mullaney taking this case on with almost no time to prepare because of the upheaval in the firm when Michael, Victor and Grace all left simultaneously, it also had several interesting highlights.

    1. We actually get to see Douglas Brackman in action in the courtroom! He sues a cosmetics company for firing his client, a transsexual model. Very appropriate considering Douglas is homophobic. He is quite good and kicks the defendant's butt!

    2. Michael agrees to give up the war against Leland for Benny's sake. Nobody really cared about who they hurt until Benny lost it in the mailroom.

    3. Look at the actor who play's Kenny's brother- the student-athlete who killed himself. He is Eriq LaSalle, who played Peter Denton in "ER".

    4. The coach in this episode is played by Paul Gleason, who played the principal in "The Breakfast Club".
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