LA Shrinks

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  • Season 1
    • Final Thoughts
      Episode 8
      Dr. V and Matthew take a trip to Palm Springs, but their attempt at a romantic getaway is hindered by her father's unorthodox babysitting while they are gone. Meanwhile, Dr. Eris and Clayton nervously await results from her fertility test. Dr. Greg receives a troubling message from his sisters on the morning of the wedding and as family and friends begin to arrive for the ceremony, Greg's nerves are at an all-time high.moreless
    • 4/15/13
      A consultation with their fertility doctor brings Dr. Eris and Clayton some very troubling news, raising more questions between the couple. At an active therapy session with her Playmate client, Dr. Eris is shocked to find out she is suddenly engaged to a mysterious ex-boyfriend. In order to see her client, Shane, in action, Dr. V sets him up on a few dates and is mortified observing how he interacts with the women. She sees a plastic surgeon to explore the options for her now burdensome breast implants. Dr. Greg's client shows up for couples therapy alone, and he takes her to task for it.moreless
    • Family Affairs
      Episode 6
      Dr. Eris' client, a former Playboy Bunny, shows up to therapy in her ridiculous pajamas. With the pressures of having children still weighing heavily on their relationship, Dr. Eris asks her husband to see a fertility doctor...with her mom. Dr. V airs her frustrations about her clients' made-up issues to her best friend Clayton. She admits to her clients, twin brothers Jacob and Jude that their active therapy session was a failure, and informs her other client, Shane, that he has unrealistic expectations of love. In an emotional sit-down with his father, Dr. Greg attempts to come to terms with the physical abuse from his childhood and they decide to see a therapist together.moreless
    • Under My Skin
      Episode 5
      Dr. Eris assesses the aftermath of her client's breakdown in her final session with Kimberly and Neil, and meets with a new client, a Playboy Bunny who doesn't understand why she keeps attracting the wrong men. Greg takes his client Chris for an active therapy session at a "fat camp." Seeking treatment to deal with issues between Dr. Greg and his father, he goes to see a therapist and has a breakdown during their first session. Dr. V worries that her breast implants perpetuate a stereotype that she no longer wants to be associated with. She sees an egotistical new client who thinks he's addicted to online dating.moreless
    • The Naked Truth
      Episode 4
      Dr. Eris sees a plastic surgeon and gets disturbing news about whether she will be able to ever breastfeed if she moves ahead with the surgery to fix her breasts. Back at work, Dr. Eris is shocked when her client Kimberly storms out of their therapy session with her husband, Neil. Toying with the idea of having her breast implants removed, Dr. V's dad has some words of wisdom for her. In their final session, Georgie and Michael get some unique gifts from Dr. V to improve their sex life, and she takes her homophobic client Jacob and his twin brother to a gay nightclub. Dr. Greg struggles to work with his prejudiced client, Chris, who has a fear of people that are overweight.moreless
    • Carry the Weight
      Episode 3
      Dr. V helps clients Georgie and Michael explore their kinky side with a trip to a sex shop. She sees new clients, a set of twin brothers, who have different sexual orientations. Dr. Greg sees a new client who despises overweight people. His sisters get upset when he tells them their abusive father may attend his wedding. Then Dr. Eris has an emotional breakdown in sex therapy with her husband.moreless
    • 3/11/13
      After giving them some special homework, Dr. V listens to a recording of her clients, Georgie and Michael, in the bedroom. At home, the mounting pressure of watching four boys on her own pushes her over the edge. Dr. Eris wrestles with her stubborn client, Kimberly, as she tries to convince her to let go of control in her relationship. At home, her experiment with tantric sex turns very awkward for her and her husband. Dr. Greg takes his client Elizabeth on an active therapy session in the car and is surprised by her obscene actions. He meets face to face with his dad, in what becomes a very uncomfortable lunch.moreless
    • 101
      Episode 1