Season 1 Episode 1

Part 1

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 22, 2014 on The CW
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Student Alice Tanner is excavating a ruin in France and is haunted by visions of her ancestor Alais, who lived in the city of Carcassonne eight hundred years ago... and was chosen to become the guardian of the Books of the Grail.

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    St. John Alexander

    St. John Alexander

    Noublesso Man

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    Aurélie Bargème

    Aurélie Bargème

    Karen Fleury

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    Jake Curran

    Jake Curran

    Languedoc Parfait

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      • Bertrand: How dare you be late for council?
        Guilhem: I'm not late.
        Bertrand: If I say you're late, then you are late.

      • Trencavel: I will not betray a single one of my own subjects to persecution and death.
        Braissart: You are young, monsieur. Perhaps you should listen to older heads and wiser council.
        Trencavel: In your case, Father, I fear age has brought only cruelty, not wisdom.

      • Trencavel: We shouldn't have insulted him, that's all. But it is worth it for the look on his face.

      • Marie-Cecile: What are you doing here, Will?
        Will: I thought I'd take you to lunch.
        Marie-Cecile: I haven't got time to eat.
        Will: Food's optional.

      • Simon: Oh, damn this infernal heat. These are the Devil's lands. It's the fires of Hell that warm them.
        Guy: Perhaps God will grant us a cooling breeze once we've burnt all the heretics.

      • Simon: Such humility becomes you. Perhaps you can join me in prayer later.
        Guy: Nothing would give me greater pleasure.
        Simon: Good. I'll make honest Christians of these people even if I have to kill every last one of them to do it.

      • Will: There's a famous labyrinth in St. Charles Cathedral. Apparently it's rumored the Holy Grail is buried beneath.
        Alice: Well, has anyone ever looked?
        Will: And risk finding out it's not there? Nah, that'd be bad for business.

      • Guy: I'm going to flip this coin. If it's heads, I'm going to stab you. If it's tails, I'm going to flog you to death. Now, that's going to be very exhausting for me. And it's going to be a damn site more uncomfortable for you. But it's your choice. The whip... or the blade. Or... you could tell me where the books are. (flips the coin) Oh dear. It's tails.
        Simoen: Tell me your name, sir. I'll pray for your soul.

      • Paul: Do you know why I am here? Someone must stand against blasphemers. Someone must take God's side.

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