Season 1 Episode 2

Part 2

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 23, 2014 on The CW
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While Alice tries to thwart Marie from obtaining the Grail in the present day... in the past, Alais escapes Carcassonne with the Book of Words but at a terrible cost.

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      • Trencavel: You have no such need of protection here, my Lord.
        Simon De Montfort: A wise soldier always comes prepared against treachery.
        Trencavel: No man will harm you during a parlay. I would see him dead first.
        Simon De Montfort: How touching.

      • Paul: Tell me, Javier, do you go to Confession?
        Javier: Uh, no.
        Paul: You should. there's no finer feeling than receiving Holy Communion in a state of grace. it feels like... being reborn.

      • Guihem: (after Oriane announces their affair) If you were a man, you would not leave this room alive.
        Oriane: If I were a man, I don't suppose we'd be in this position.

      • Esclarmonde: I have understood how few causes are worth sacrificing your life for.
        Alais: Not even faith?
        Esclarmonde: What right has one man to force his religion on another? Is the world a better place for all its martyrs? God is not some pagan preacher demanding sacrifice. He does not need us to kill or die for Him.

      • Simon De Montfort: Renounce your claim to Carcassone, and I will let you leave. Be sensible, man. This land is mine now.
        Trencavel: You could rule for a thousand years but this land will never be yours.
        Simon De Montfort: Leave. Leave while you have the chance.
        Trencavel: I choose death.

      • Audric: If you have sensed Alais near you, it is because we carry our past with us in our blood, in our bones. All our lives, our common histories, are intertwined.
        Alice: You know so much about her.
        Audric: I'm a historian. It's my job to give a voice to the dead.

      • Rixende: I must let the fire do its work before I call to Oriane. I will pray to God for strength.
        Alais: I forbid it.
        Rixende: I've lived as a servant, Dame. Please, let me decide when I want to die.

      • Alice: Was it worth it? Was their faith were dying for?
        Audric: Only God can answer that. But I have worked all my long life to ensure that their names and their courage will never be forgotten.

      • Marie-Cecile: She's prettier than I thought. But I'm disappointed in you, Will. You could have done better.
        Will: Like who, you? I don't think so.

      • Audric: Had I known what it means to wonder this world alone for so long, I would have refused.
        Alice: But you succeeded, Sajhe. You did what Alais asked of you. You bore witness. You told the truth.
        Audric: And the truth... shall set you free.

      • Audric: I loved her. And if the gods are good, then I shall finally see her again.

      • Audric: Alais, I have endured the long life you gave me with emptiness in my heart. An emptiness that has spread until it became bigger than my heart itself. But now I see, at least, what you always knew, that the true grail lies not in the books, but in the love handed down from generation to generation. The truth lies all about us, in the stones, and the rocks, in the changing pattern of the seasons. Through the shared stories of our past, we will never die.

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