Ladies Man

Season 2 Episode 4

Family Dinner

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 20, 2001 on CBS
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Family Dinner
Having not had a sit down dinner with the entire family in quite a long while has gotten to both Donna and Jimmy. They decide to set up a new rule, which is that the family will start eating dinner together more often. No more nights out with friends, no more excuses for having other things to do. However, one thing after another keeps this from happening and the evening keeps getting pushed back. Gene, who has been pining after new-found "gal friend" Terry, although she has a boyfriend, gets his one wish when Terry's relationship goes on the brink and she comes running after Gene. In an effort not to move too quickly, Gene finds himself having to go to great lengths to keep at a safe distance from Terry.moreless

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      • Jimmy: Ma, eighteen dollars for gnomes is one thing, twenty-five hundred dollars bail is another.
        Mitzi: Right, dear, because all I ever gave you was life.

      • Police: You think when I went the police academy I had a dream of one day making the gnome squad?

      • Mitzi: Okay, yes, I did it, and I'd do it again... those miserable little pointy-eared bastards.
        Wendy: I like the gnomes, they're cute.
        Mitzi: Oh, please. If gnomes are so cute then what happened to all the real ones?
        Jimmy: Ma, why did you do this?
        Mitzi: Because people should not be allowed to destory the beauty of this neighborhood with whimsical lawn crap.

      • Jimmy: Y'know, the important thing, I think, and I don't mean to jinx it, is that the Stiles family dinner is actually...
        Police (knocks on door): Police!
        Jimmy: ...apparently illegal.

      • Wendy: Do you people have any idea how veal calves are raised?
        Mitzi: With a certain live for today attitude?

      • Donna: The message is that she's cool and you're not.
        Jimmy: She needs a tongue stud to figure that out? Look at my pants.

      • Jimmy: Until you remove that thing from yourself, I'm not going to feel comfortable or hungry around you.
        Bonnie: Well, enjoy being nervous and really really thin.

      • Jimmy: What if the guy severs a taste bud or something? For the rest of her life her favorite Chinese food will be sweet and nothing pork.

      • Bonnie: Dad, can you drive me to get my tongue pierced tomorrow?
        Jimmy: You mean on the way to the orphanage?

      • Terry: You're out of bubble-bath.
        Gene: Are you taking a bubble-bath?
        Terry: No, I just noticed.
        Gene: Ah, you're right. I used the last of it when I was... eight.

      • Bonnie: I'm going to Mitchell's.
        Jimmy: Homework?
        Bonnie: Yeah, cling to that, daddy.
        Jimmy: Oh, I do.
        Bonnie: Uh, I should be home by...
        Donna: Ten.
        Bonnie: Eleven.
        Donna: Ten fifteen.
        Bonnie: Thirty.
        Donna: Twenty.
        Bonnie: Twenty-two.
        Donna: Must you?

      • Jimmy: What are you making?
        Donna: Potroast.
        Jimmy: Oh, good, I could do with the exercise.
        Donna: What exercise?
        Jimmy: Walking back and forth to the bathroom.

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