Ladies Man - Season 2

CBS (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • The Estrogen Wave
    The Estrogen Wave
    Episode 8
  • El Dutchy
    El Dutchy
    Episode 7
  • No Cinco, Seis!
    No Cinco, Seis!
    Episode 6
    Donna and Jimmy make a wager to see who can collect the most phone numbers at a speed-dating place where singles rotate around tables trying to get to know each other in five minutes.
  • The Happy Wanderer
    The Happy Wanderer
    Episode 5
    Jimmy is crushed when Bonnie decides to break up with Mitchell after developing a crush on the hunky guy who delivers their water. Meanwhile, despite Jimmy's advice, Gene continues to stalk Terry.
  • Family Dinner
    Family Dinner
    Episode 4
    Having not had a sit down dinner with the entire family in quite a long while has gotten to both Donna and Jimmy. They decide to set up a new rule, which is that the family will start eating dinner together more often. No more nights out with friends, no more excuses for having other things to do. However, one thing after another keeps this from happening and the evening keeps getting pushed back. Gene, who has been pining after new-found "gal friend" Terry, although she has a boyfriend, gets his one wish when Terry's relationship goes on the brink and she comes running after Gene. In an effort not to move too quickly, Gene finds himself having to go to great lengths to keep at a safe distance from Terry.moreless
  • The 31-Inch-High Club
    Jimmy and Donna are in a continual amorous mood and at every turn, someone manages to walk in on them while they're "getting close." Afraid they've scarred Wendy for good from this experience, they attempt to broach the subject of the birds and the bees but realize that she's still too young to even care to hear it. Jimmy makes his first appearance on-site as the building contractor at Alex Trebek's house. It seems our celebrity client has some pretty outrageous ideas for his home and it's up to Jimmy and Sabrina, his architect, to try and make them happen. A woman named Mel Hanlon, who used to live in what is now Jimmy and Donna's house and who also happens to be an ex-therapist, arrives on Donna's doorstep in the hopes of taking a nostalgic look at her old home. A friendship strikes up between the two and it appears we may see Mel more in the future.moreless
  • A Quiet Evening at Home
    Jimmy starts his new career as a full-fledged building contractor. His first client: game show host Alex Trebek. With the help of his architect partner, Jimmy learns that there is a special way of dealing with celebrity clientele. Jimmy also coaches Gene in the art of making moves on women. It seems Gene has it together when it comes to approaching people in the Jaguar showroom where he works, but with women, he hasn't got a clue. However, after selling a beautiful woman a new car, Gene musters up the courage to ask her out. Meanwhile, Wendy gets a dog from the pound that is anything but a "standard" poodle.moreless
  • Upright and Breathing
    Waking up on the morning of their 10th anniversary, Jimmy and Donna find themselves revisiting the same argument they've had for the past ten years. It seems that on their wedding day, Jimmy "wimped out" and didn't write his own wedding vows as they had planned on doing together. His reason being that he thought he would embarrass himself by starting to cry during the ceremony. When Donna doesn't believe him, Jimmy shows her the 10-year-old vows that he kept all these years and before you know it, no one seems to be arguing anymore. Meanwhile, downstairs, the girls work to make their annual anniversary breakfast for their parents as special as possible, despite needing a fire extinguisher along the way!moreless