Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

MTV - Music Television (ended 2006)


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  • Don't let season 3 fool you... The previous 2 were great!

    This show was a major guilty pleasure for me. I have always and still do hate "reality" tv and it is rare for me to actually sit and not only watch, but enjoy a reality tv show. Let's just say to hell with season 3! maybe I was just too old for the third season generation, but I loved the first and second seasons. Kristin was always my favorite!

    The best thing about this show was group of people chosen and all the drama that they created for themselves. The girls were all beautiful and the guys were all tan and fit (before that ridiculous Jersey Shore show came out and REALLY ruined the genre). But it covered more than just partying. There was family and friends (and enemies), graduations and other really big events in teen life. If a new version were to air now, I would probably NEVER watch it, but I was that age when Laguna Beach started, so for me, some of the stuff they dealt with was the same kind of stuff I was encountering in my life... I can still re-watch them now. Laguna Beach (seasons one and two) will never get old for me...