Lamb Chop's Play-Along

PBS (ended 1997)


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  • I loved Lamd chop when I was a kid

    lamb chop and Sheri lewis, man what a classic.I loved Lamd chop when I was a kid,I still have a lamb chop puppit. lamb chop always brightend my heart and many children like me. lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop, lamb chop.
  • Sheri Lewis and Lamb Chop were a great team. With there pals Teebone and Charlie Horse, They sang and brightened up every childs heart. They sang songs, did crafts, etc.

    When I was a child, this was my favorite show. I still remember the theme song.

    This is a song that never ends. It goes on and on my friends. Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was and now we all sing it just because..
    and the song went on forever. I still have lamb chop things fro when I was little. A tape, t-shirt, etc. This may sound weird coming from a teenager but I miss Lamb Chop. I miss it soo much!!! I want them to BRING IT BAACCKK!!!!
  • childhood favorite

    Lamb Chop was one of the best shows ever when I was growing up. They just don't make good kids shows like that anymore. Sure Charlie Horse was a jerk and Lamb Chop was a baby, and Hush Puppy didn't get as much screen time as the two of them, but Shari was really cool. I really miss her.
  • Puppets and human interaction for childrens programming.

    I watched this every morning before I left for school. Good quality TV!! I loved her songs, the theme song and the song that never ends...... I still sing them from time to time. I even used to try to make the crafts she would make. Too bad they don't make great children programs like this anymore well they do have tapes you can buy. Most children programming contains too much advanced material now a days. I'm rambling because I have to have 100 words I guess. Almost there, I'll finish by saying Lamb Chops Play-Along was awesome I enjoyed every minute of it!!
  • A woman and her sock friends entertaining and teaching children and adults alike! It doesn\'t get much better than that!

    This show is up there in children\'s shows that could last the test of time. However, I am biased because Shari Lewis was my cousin, and we were devestated when she passed away. She was a very talented and intelligent woman who really reached into the hearts and souls of children with her games and activities. ITS BETCHA TIME!!! I grew up watching this show and I can\'t wait to show it to my children on video when I have children. Some other children\'s shows are annoying, but this show was one that even adults could watch and enjoy. BRAVO!
  • Sherrie Lewis was one of the best puppeteirs that I have ever know. She brought comman sence to a crass and brutal world. She was sometimes silly but always so right on the ball. It's a shame she is gone, she is sorely missed. My kids still love her.

    She was most all little kids super hero, she showed the world the good side of life. Delving out punishment to her puppets, as if they were real made a most spectular impression of america\'s little minds. It gave them an understanding beyond their age. Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse, and other puppets have shown our youth that you can be good and get what you want if you are respectful of parents and elders.
    Yea, it might have been a little silly, but at least it wasnt bloody and gore for the fragile minds of our young minds.We will always Love you Sherrie.
  • Lamb Chops!

    This was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up. I used to love Lamb Chops and all the little puppets they were so cute! The little horsie I remember all of them. This show entertained me for the years that it was on air. It will remain a classic because nothing can compare to it. The show itself is creative in the way they use the voices and use the puppets to develop fun stories that will grasp younger children. It taught me many things as I was growing up and I would recommend watching this show to anybody if they ever is a repeat.
  • Great show when i was growing up

    Lamb-Chops Play Along was another one of my favorite childhood shows. You could say I grew up on PBS shows. My favorite was Lamb-Chop, she was so cute. My other favorite part of the show was the ending, 'This Is The Song That Never Ends'. Everything about that show was great, and I wish PBS would still play it .
  • This show was first class. I should know, I'm rich and been on hunting trips to Cambodia on several occasions. I liked the puppets. It was a childhood show with the main characters being Lewis, Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse, and Hush Puppy. Love it!

    This show was fabulous. I often found myself dressing like Lewis after it premiered. I think her wardrobe choice was dead on. Her puppeteering couldn't be more edgy. She made everyone want to practice vantrillequism in those days. Really, who else would have thought of using sock puppets for nearly all the central characters? Sure, there were some human characters, but really who paid any attention to them? I mean, they were developed enough, I really got a sense of profound understanding for them... almost like I knew them personally, but it was Lewis and charmingly endearing band of sock puppets the brought me back for more.
  • I absolutely LOVED this show as a child.

    I absolutely LOVED this show as a child.

    I wish more shows for children today were like Lamb Chop's Play-Along. This was one of the sweetest, most innocent shows ever designed for children. It was original, entertaining, and there was no violence.

    It's too bad it's practically impossible to buy the tapes, CDs and videos that were made of this show because of the legal fight they had after Shari's death. More children should get to enjoy it.

    I heard Shari's daughter is trying to revive some of the magic created by her mother, but she only uses the Lambchop puppet and doesn't do the voice very well. It's really a shame.