Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp

ABC (ended 1972)





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  • Monkey around

    I't's no secret that I saw "Lancelot Link:Secret Chimp" when I was a kid. I found the series very funny. A few years "Lancelot Link:" was rerun on Nick at Night and that episode was just as funny today than many years ago. He's part of the spy group APE, battling his arch enemy the Baron. This is major Gulty Pleasure! I don't admit I saw "Lancelot Chip: Secret Chimp," but it's better than some of the very bad Saturday Morning cartoons show being shown back then. Also, Lancelot Link and his band The Evolution Revolution. Now that's music to my ears.
  • Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp. The Pinnacle of TV Programming! I laughed, I cried, I wanted to chew gum!


    No animals were harmed in the creation of this review.

    This show was Television Genius! Monkeys chasing each other threw rooms and that crazy trapped door automan, over and over show after show. The range of emotions these actors displayed was staggering. This show single handedly raised the bar for all actors and their "Craft" throughout Hollywood. Man did those chimps chew a lot of gum.

    My only gripe about this flawless show is that the creators completely ripped of the legendary TV show "Get Smart"!

    The world could use a "Where Are They Now" TV show for the fine fine thespians of Lancelot Link.

    PETA, please forgive me!