Land of the Giants

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Land of the Giants

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This two-season series details the adventures of the three crew and four passengers of the sub-orbital spacecraft Spindrift. They are drawn through a space warp that crashes them onto a planet where everything is 12 times normal size. The castaways struggle to repair their damaged craft and somehow get back to Earth while being hunted by the totalitarian government that rule the planet. Despite the inherent scientific impossibilities (something 12 times as large would weigh 144 times as much, making it impossible for the "giants" to move), Land of the Giants, the last of Irwin Allen's four 60's s.f. programs, was highly-budgeted (about $250,000 an episode: a record for the time), features some decent characterization, and is another of the 60's shows to feature a competent African-American in a leading role.
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  • Brave New World?

    Land Of The Giants, a Sci-Fi series about a group of survivors of a crashed sub-orbital flight that somehow found itself in a wold populated by giants.

    This was Irwin Allen's last Sci-Fi series for TV that was on ABC for just 2 seasons. The stories revolve around the crew's attempt to restore their damaged craft & try to return to their own dimension while evading hazards like giant animals, curious giant children & of course, a pursuing agent of a secret police organization known as Inspector Kobrick.

    This show didn't get as much attention as Allen's previous effort, Lost In Space but at least it is nice to know that a few devoted viewers actually remember this forlorn series. I managed to see 1 episode back in the 90's when it was briefly run on USA Network on cable TV & it was interesting, to say the least.

    Not all Sci-Fi series needed high-tech effects & exaggerated violence just to make it worthwhile & Land Of The Giants is proof of that.moreless
  • I remember this so well

    I was 10 years old when I watched it, loved it so much, this was the show that created a love of Sci-fi for me.
  • It's good, and fun to watch.

    "Land of the Giants" is a great show for family entertainment. You have to keep in mind that the show was made in the late '60's, so the special effects aren't great by todays standards. "Land of the Giants" is alot more real to me than "Lost in Space" or "The Time Tunnel" because there was more interaction between the characters. By that I mean the shipwrecked passengers of the "Spindrift" actually got in arguments, something of a rarity on other Irwin Allen shows. "Land of the Giants" is very much like "Lost in Space", both shows centered around crashed spaceships and strange aliens, but "Land of the Giants" has great actors and didn't become so campy as "Lost in Space" did in its 2nd and 3rd seasons.moreless
  • Spaceship arrives in a planet that pretty much resembles the earth zoomed 10X

    There is nothing much i can say about this show because it has been a while since i last watched it. One thing i do remember that it was always the same story basically; the guys start in the middle of some kind of problem in which they are about to be devoured, destroyed or killed by some alien that obviously looks just like a human, then they fight the whole episode trying to escape or trapped and in the end, magically, they manage to escape. Other than that, this show is incredible, the special effects are still nice and the acting is good.moreless
  • People who dislike this show are missing the point.

    Shows such as this were never meant to be taken seriously. They were totally tongue-in-cheek and were not meant to be deep shows with some universal message.

    The show was about a US spaceship-the Spindrift-which went through some kind of space warp and ended up in a world identical to Earth-the only difference being that everything was much much bigger. The crew was led by Captain Steve Burton and they tried in vain to fix their ship and evade giant people and giant animals.

    It was a great show. Like other Irwin Allen shows, the heroes were always out of their depth. Minature people against giants-fantastic idea. Don't expect anything deep when watching this-just a damn fine show.moreless

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