Land of the Giants

Season 2 Episode 9

Chamber Of Fear

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 16, 1969 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Valerie manages to fall twice, and accidentally activate the Monk statue and endanger Mark's life as well. In general, she's not having a good day here.

    • The "statue" of Fitzhugh blinks just before it topples over in the second shot.

    • The proportions of the statues' interiors make very little sense. They are too wide to match the outside legs of the statues, and Mark and Valerie don't seem to climb up much more than 10-15' into them.

    • When Jolo cuts off the head of the first statue, the swords bumps into a second statue and knocks off that head as well, although the sword never touches the neck or head.

    • Why does Jolo bother to threaten Deenar by specifically cutting the heads off of wax statues to convince him to give up a diamond worth millions of dollars? Couldn't Deenar afford to make some more if he kept the diamond?

    • It's not quite clear why Jolo is impressed by Steve's threat to "throw the diamond out the window". Steve is nowhere near a window, probably couldn't throw it that far from floor level if he was, and even if he did they could just go outside and recover the diamond anyway.

    • When Dan and Fitzhugh emerge from the clay or wax or whatever, both their uniforms are spotless.

    • We never find out: why wasn't Betty able to raise Steve on the radio, even at "full power".

    • Several times up on the tabletop, the shadows of Steve and the dog don't match: the dog's shadow points one direction while his points another.

    • 50-year technology gap: the wax museum has a "walking" animatronic/clockwork statue

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  • Notes

    • Matheson and Lund were nearly seriously injured during their gymnastics on the statue-interior sets. Don Matheson actually was knocked unconcious when he fell during the filming of the scenes inside of the statue. Irwin Allen rarely utilized stunt doubles except when absolutely necessary.

    • Although Robert Tiedemann receives a co-starring credit listing, he has no dialogue and is barely recognizable beneath his robes and wax-like makeup.

    • Stefan Arngrim has exactly two lines as Barry in this episode.

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