Land of the Giants

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 04, 1970 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Supposedly alien planet: the Giants have human Earth-type names.

    • So what the heck is going on with the radiation? If it's actually physically turning people invisible, why does it work inconsistently? It makes the Spindrift and the campsite turn invisible, but not the surrounding rocks and brush. It also works on Berger, who doesn't seem to have been exposed. How does it make the Earthlings "see" other things as invisible (i.e., the cars and people)? And how does it make just some inanimate objects disappear (i.e., cars)?

    • Alternately, if the radiation effects are simply hallucinations, why is the invisibility so inconsistent? Berger wasn't exposed to radiation, so why is he hallucinating little people turning invisible? How does everyone have the same hallucinations (i.e., Dan, Steve, and Mark all see the cars and people vanish at the same moment)? And why do they have coordinated hallucinations (i.e., Mark hallucinating Steve vanishing, and Steve hallucinating that he's disappeared into some limbo at the same time?). Why does Berger hallucinate the disappearance of Spindrift, but not other surrounding inanimate objects?

    • Why doesn't Kobick put Valerie in the force field cage he had in last season's "The Chase"? That one blew up but was it really the only one?

    • Andre isn't much of a conspirator: he leaves meetings with the Earthlings in his appointment book and detailed Earth schematics laying around his office.

    • Why can't the Earthlings contact Andre again? Granted, he's lousy at keeping secrets, but it seems silly to dismiss such a valuable ally out of hand, particularly given Kobick's final attitude toward Berger.

    • Once again, Betty's absence is pretty noticeable. Note that Fitzhugh is referred to as "the last one" and being "alone".

    • When Kobick is in his office with Valerie, you can tell that his glasses consist of totally flat lenses, which would be useless for improving eyesight.

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  • Notes

    • The original (alternate) title for this episode, "Nightmare," is "The Delta Effect."

    • The episode does make good use of time: there are clocks present in Kobick's and Andre's offices, and they seem to consistently and accurately measure the time that occurs on screen throughout the episode.

    • The shot of Steve looking down a ledge into a bottomless pit seems to be the standard stock shot of The Time Tunnel's power shaft from that series.

    • Series regular Heather Young is not in this episode.

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