Land of the Giants

Season 2 Episode 15

Our Man O'Reilly

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Dec 28, 1969 on ABC

Episode Recap

A Giant, O'Reilly, is fleeing from security guards led by Krenko. He knocks himself out and Steve is forced to gag him so Krenko won't hear his moaning. When O'Reilly wakes up he sees the Earthlings and thinks they're leprechauns. The Earthlings take advantage of this to escape, but Fitzhugh decides to take further advantage of the situation. He goes back and convinces O'Reilly to start gathering repair parts, as well as beer and lollipops, for them. Steve is initially against the idea, but O'Reilly succeeds in getting some spare parts and the captain warms to the idea.

However, Krenko is still following O'Reilly, and wants to use him as the fall guy to cover up the fact he's been committing the robberies. He figures out O'Reilly is dealing with the illegal Earthlings, and plans to capture them as well.

The Earthlings need O'Reilly to break into a jewelry store and get important tools for their repair effort. O'Reilly takes them in, but is spotted by the jeweler. He knocks the jeweler out, then Krenko knocks O'Reilly out. The Earthlings manage to trip up Krenko and escape with O'Reilly, leaving the crook to be arrested by the police. In the end they tell O'Reilly the truth about where they're from, and he goes merrily on his way back to the country.