Land of the Giants

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 25, 1970 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A friendly Giant has a teleport device that can send the Spindrift crew back to Earth, but the SID use the whole thing as a trap.

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    Don Marshall

    Don Marshall

    Dan Erickson

    Deanna Lund

    Deanna Lund

    Valerie Ames Scott

    Heather Young (I)

    Heather Young (I)

    Betty Hamilton

    Don Matheson

    Don Matheson

    Mark Wilson

    Kurt Kasznar

    Kurt Kasznar

    Commander Alexander B. Fitzhugh

    Gary Conway (I)

    Gary Conway (I)

    Captain Steve Burton

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    • TRIVIA (6)

      • The opening soundtrack is off on this episode: the opening music is actually out of sync with the credits, so that it ends about a second before the final "LAND OF THE GIANTS" appears on screen, resulting in dead air.

      • What's the relationship of the teleporter viewscreen to what it teleports? Apparently the user brings up a picture of what is being sent, but when they lock on to Earth presumably they are bringing up the picture of what they are teleporting to.

      • The title, perhaps the shortest and most generic possible, has no connection or relationship to the contents of the episode.

      • Kirmus' boarding room interior bears a suspiciously close resemblence to the Senator's study from the episode "Pay the Piper".

      • Dr. Kirmus refers to "solar system charts". There is technically only one solar system (i.e., the system that orbits the star Sol).

      • Dr. Kirmus has never heard of Earth. This seems a bit odd, given the giants know about Mercury and Venus (in "Target: Earth") and occasionally refer to the little people as "Earthlings".

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    • NOTES (5)

      • ABC put out a promotional packet to some of its affiliates related to this episode: a sheet containing a "warning" and having a little squeaky-type "panic button" attached. The sheet states, "PRESS!...on the "PANIC" button for suspense on Sunday, January 25th, when the LITTLE PEOPLE are captured by a giant with an experimental terror machine in the "PANIC" episode on...Irwin Allen's LAND OF THE GIANTS on ABC Sunday, January 25, 1970 (followed by a list of cast members).

      • Betty and Valerie both get new light-colored summer-style dresses, although Betty's subseqently proves inconvenient when she is locked in the freezing chamber.

      • Diane McBain is specifically credited as "Mrs. Evers".

      • Jack Albertson played a somewhat different character in "Return of Inidu". However, in both episodes he manages to play an elderly giant who can teleport things and is sympathetic to the Earthlings.

      • Series regular Stefan Arngrim is not in this episode.

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