Land of the Giants

Season 1 Episode 22

Return of Inidu

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 16, 1969 on ABC

Episode Recap

Five of the Earthlings take shelter from a storm in an abandoned house, only to be driven out by a ghost! Three of them are captured by some teens, who are frightened away by a green ghostly image of Steve. A man dressed as a magician shows up and whisks them back into the house. The other two follow, where introductions are made.

The magician is Inidu, a master of "teleportation" magic. Years ago he was convicted of killing an audience volunteer. He escaped from prison and has been in hiding ever since. The ghost and noises are more of his magic, meant to frighten away intruders. He and the Earth people get on famously, and he offers them shelter.

Attracted by the reports, Inidu's student Enog shows up. The little people witness him searching for something, then Inidu returns. Teacher and mentor prepare to share a drink, which Enog secretly poisons. The Earthlings warn Inidu, and Enog reveals that he came to find Inidu's book of secrets.

Three of the Earth people get captured by Enog, who uses them to force Inidu to give up his book. The police show up nearby, and Fitzhugh saves the day by both getting Enog's confession on tape, and using the green powder to project his voice and summon the police. The Earthlings depart as Inidu is cleared of the charges against him.