Land of the Giants

ABC (ended 1970)





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  • Worthy TV Series With Decent Special Effects

    I'm not a big fan of everything Irwin Allen created, but Land of the Giants has got to be up there with the majority of the greatest Sci-Fi shows ever. Using the best special effects the Sixties could create, the series convinced me that giants existed, and that women were a lot hotter when they were twenty to fifty feet high (shades of Allison Hayes and Dorothy Provine). Although the series had more than a passing resemblence to Lost In Space, particularly in Fitzhugh's friendship with the boy Barry, and the Spindrift's resemblence to the Jupitar II, the show made up for it with incredible sets, decent effects and convincing story lines. The only fault I can find is the certain limited imagination in the scripts, but they were certainly confined in what they could do with the available special effects of the series and the short run of the series! Would that this series was made today, I could come up with several episode suggestions.