Land of the Giants

ABC (ended 1970)





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  • Brave New World?

    Land Of The Giants, a Sci-Fi series about a group of survivors of a crashed sub-orbital flight that somehow found itself in a wold populated by giants.

    This was Irwin Allen's last Sci-Fi series for TV that was on ABC for just 2 seasons. The stories revolve around the crew's attempt to restore their damaged craft & try to return to their own dimension while evading hazards like giant animals, curious giant children & of course, a pursuing agent of a secret police organization known as Inspector Kobrick.

    This show didn't get as much attention as Allen's previous effort, Lost In Space but at least it is nice to know that a few devoted viewers actually remember this forlorn series. I managed to see 1 episode back in the 90's when it was briefly run on USA Network on cable TV & it was interesting, to say the least.

    Not all Sci-Fi series needed high-tech effects & exaggerated violence just to make it worthwhile & Land Of The Giants is proof of that.