Land of the Giants

Season 1 Episode 25

Shell Game

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 13, 1969 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Talf Ekorb's name says more about his character than you might think: when each word is read backwards, it spells "Flat Broke." Similarly, the wife's name becomes "Also Broke," and their son's name becomes "Lad Broke." Derg's name backward is "Gred," which is one letter short of "Greed."

    • The hearing aid is the same size whether an Earthling is holding it or a giant: roughly palm-sized. In other words, it grows when a giant holds it and shrinks when an Earthling does.

    • Within walking distance: a fishing/waterfront community

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Derg: Look. As I was saying...
      Tolf: You were saying there's nothing personal about it. How personal is a boy's ability to hear? What's that worth, Mr. Derg?

    • Betty: What happened to you?
      Fitzhugh: I went down to the waterfront after some real food. And it was there, too. A fine catch. Fish, shrimp, clam, lobster.
      Valerie: It sounds heavenly.
      Betty: Sure does.
      Fitzhugh: I had the most beautiful shrimp you ever saw. A giant boy sneaked up on me, seized me, and grabbed me in his fist. Courage and self-preservation is all that saved me.
      Valerie: Well, where's the shrimp? Didn't you get it?
      Fitzhugh: My life was at stake, young lady. Don't you understand that?
      Betty: Oh, well, Fitzhugh, we understand it. It's just that you're safe now and we're still hungry.

    • Valerie: (after a giant captures them) Well, at least he's nice to his kid.
      Steve: Yeah. Ain't it beautiful? Just keep in mind what he plans to pay the tuition with.

    • Dan: Well, Mark, it looks like there's just the two of us left now.
      Mark: You know, there've been times since we crashed here that if I never saw any of you again, it'd be too soon. But now, with the spaceship gone... well, there was always some hope before.

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