Land of the Giants

Season 1 Episode 1

The Crash

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 22, 1968 on ABC
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The Spindrift crashes on the Land of the Giants and its crew and passengers quickly find themselves in a struggle for survival.

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  • Amazingi

  • Not as good as I had remembered.

    I haven't seen the pilot before but many of the other episodes on afternoon reruns in the 70s or 80s. Similar feel to Lost in Space but without good characterizations. I see Fitzhugh is the Dr. Smith of this group but after the pilot, he kind of settled down into a team player of sorts (& wasn't anywhere near so fey-thank God). The rest of the cast are all stock characters that I have a hard time keeping apart. The 2 girls are interchangable, the 3 young toughs have a token black. The kid is cute & wise. The captain gives Fitzhugh an earful but not Ms. Scott who got them trapped? If they are about 4 to 6 inches high, those spiders shouldn't be bigger than they are unless the giant world is radicallly different than ours. In fact, I always thought they had gone back to our world in the past & shrunk since they speak & write in English and drive Mustangs, etc.moreless
  • Very Good Start for Land of the Giants, I recently returned to this series after remembering it from my childhood here in England. I last watched this Program 30 years agomoreless

    As first episodes go i thought \'The Crash\' was brilliant, here we learn how they became stuck in a Giants world. Even in the first episode you could see Fitzhugh becoming a very annoying character although i think superbly played by Kurt Kasznar. Also the Dog was to become a real annoyance for me as it seemed to always land them in trouble. The episode itself is really enjoyable..infact i personally think one of the best, we meet all the main characters, and also see a giant cat and a dog and then there\'s the giants. One thing i remembered whilst watching this episode was my brother having a crush on Deanna Lund, infact i think he only watched because of Not my fave episode but one of the best.moreless
Anne Dore

Anne Dore

Giant Female Assistant

Guest Star

Don Watters

Don Watters

Giant Entomologist

Guest Star

Patrick Michenaud

Patrick Michenaud

Giant Boy (uncredited)

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • As the Spindrift heads directly toward the space warp, the passengers look out a side window and see the warp as well.

    • Although Fitzhugh seems to lose his money to the cat here, it is referenced in subsequent episodes so presumably he went back and picked it all up.

    • The cat is way too low in the scene where Dan sees it through the doorway. The bottom of the doorsill is only a foot or two off the ground: the bottom of the cat's neck is at the same level. It would have to be in a deep hole for the angle to be correct.

    • When the cat first appears at Spindrift, it is to the side, facing the outside door. However, in the next shot when Dan runs to the cockpit, it is instantly facing in from the front.

    • When the giant entomologist grabs Valerie and holds her up at arm's length, his hand is disproportionately much larger to her than the scale we see throughout the rest of the episode, or when he grabs Steve a minute earlier.

    • When the Earthlings flee into the drainage pipe at the end, the giant reaches in to grab them. The camera cuts back very quickly to a shot of him looking into the pipe from inside, which would be impossible if his arm were in the pipe. Then in the next exterior shot, the giant's arm is instantly back in the pipe again.

    • The Spindrift here doesn't appear to be that badly damaged: it lands once and then lifts off and lands a second time. Presumably the cat's attack damaged the ship enough to require two seasons' worth of repair, but this isn't made very clear, considering that the driving story element of the next two years would be repairing it!

    • Many of the episodes span the course of a single night. With a 1-to-12 scale, this means the little people can walk about 2-3 "giant" miles a night. So everything we see them walk to in all the episodes is all within 2-3 miles of everything else they walk to. This means a lot of giant buildings are absurdly close to the Spindrift site(s). Within walking distance this week: an entymologist's lab

    • The word entomologist is misspelled in the closing credits and is shown as entymologist. 

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Steve: We have to sit her down and recharge our power cells. We're gonna need enough power to reach escape velocity.
      Dan: Do you really think there is an escape?

    • Dan: Nice going, skipper. There's just one little thing.
      Steve: What's that?
      Dan: What do we tell the passengers?

    • Betty: Dan's firing the stabilizing retros.
      Fitzhugh: What good could that possibly do? We are doomed! Hopelessly doomed! (Mark and Betty glare) I know, I know. Shut up.

    • Valerie: He doesn't even know we're here. Maybe he would help us.
      Steve: What?
      Valerie: You could ask him.
      Steve: Are you out of your mind?
      Valerie: No, I think we should ask him. After all, he does appear to be civilized.
      Steve: Come on, to him we're just 6" oddities. Maybe you don't mind being kept in a bottle all your life and fed three meals a day through an eyedropper, but not for me, thanks.

    • Fitzhugh: What are you looking at?
      Barry: Nothing, sir.
      Fitzhugh: Is that a snide reference to the fact that I am a nothing?
      Barry: No, sir. I just thought since you were the only real soldier here, you'd be the first to fight.
      Fitzhugh: My boy, I'm sorry. I'm not a military man. I'm just a worthless old nothing who's never fought in a war in his life.
      Barry: But you could, sir. You could now.

    • Fitzhugh: I can't go on. I can't stand it any longer. It's a constant nightmare, this hideous world. I want to get out of here! Never knowing what's going to come next. I can't go on. I've got to get out of here!
      Steve: From now on, that's just the way it's going to be in this world.

  • NOTES (4)

    • John Williams was brought in to replace Alexander Courage's original work on the score and theme.

    • The opening of this episode starts with the opening credits, and then the episode begins with no credits. The show runs until the first commercial break, and then the story credits are shown. After this, all subsequent episodes would have a brief teaser before the opening credits, then show the guest and directing credits immediately afterward.

    • The opening credits here and throughout the first season, in order, are: Burton, Matheson, Arngrim, Marshall, Lund, Young, and Kaszner. Kaszner is irregularly listed as a "Special Guest Star".

    • The date of the flight June 12 (1983) is Irwin Allen's birthday. He was born on June 12, 1916.