Land of the Giants

Season 2 Episode 1

The Mechanical Man

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 21, 1969 on ABC



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    • For the second season premiere, John Williams comes up with a new opening theme, and the opening credits are redone to include clips from the show that eventually form the letters "Land of the Giants". The credit listing of the actors remains the same, although there are different (and more flattering) shots of the actors involved. Ms. Lund even wakes up for her new credit shot!

    • Clips from the new opening are: 1) The Spindrift flying into the space warp, 2) Dan and Steve being passed over by a car, 3) Fitzhugh and Barry being attacked by a giant cat (all from "The Crash"), 4) Steve fending off a giant hand (from "The Weird World") and 5) Steve fending off a giant gopher with a flare (from "The Weird World"). The clips fill in the words "Land of the Giants", going counter-clockwise from "the" ("Land" is above "of the" above "Giants").

    • Mark, Valerie, and Betty get new wardrobes. Betty's is substantially...baggier, to conceal her pregnancy.

    • Due to her pregnancy, Heather Young (Betty) is absent from a number of episodes, and appears only briefly in many more. In the latter she is usually concealed by foilage or loose clothing so that her condition isn't noticeable.

    • This episode marks the first use of the laser torch and the periscope.

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