Land of the Giants

Season 1 Episode 11

The Weird World

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Dec 22, 1968 on ABC
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The Spindrift crew finds a paranoid survivor from Earth...but his suspicions endanger everyone.

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  • The survivor meet a Major Kagan another earthling who crash lands into this giant planet.

    The survivors encounter a paranoid man named Major Kagan. Kagan lives in a gopher hole and thinks Steve and the rest are giant spies. He grabs Barry but Barry is rescued by Steve. They find a flight recorder with Major Kagan speaking about his ordeal and the loss of his crew.

    Eventually Kagan comes around to see that the survivors are not a part of the giants plan. This is the first episode which sees another survivor in the flesh (although survivors

    of same size are reference before). This also marks the second time where Fitzhugh tries to work up a deal to save himself when Major Kagan says he has a spaceship.

    Unfortunately the spaceship of Kagan is disassembled but the episode had more to do about the man fighting in battle. The last scene with Barry recording Kagan and his final moments with courage is classic.

Glenn Corbett

Glenn Corbett

Major Kagan

Guest Star

Don Gazzaniga

Don Gazzaniga

Giant Watchman

Guest Star

Art Reichle

Art Reichle

Giant with Pipe (uncredited)

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Trivia: This episode marks the first appearance of another Earthling other than the Spindrift castaways.

    • Within walking distance: the lab where Kagan's spaceship is being held

    • The title seems to have no significance or relation to the episode whatsoever.

    • The arrow that Steve shoots into the gopher changes in shape and size between when he fires it, and when we see it in the dead gopher F/X.

    • The episode was filmed second in production order, explaining why Fitzhugh still has the briefcase of money that he discarded several episode earlier.

    • Kagan claims the giants have poor night vision, another concept which is rarely adhered to consistently throughout the series.

    • Dan and Fitzhugh are unable to push open the grille. However, when Steve and Mark open it from the other side, they simply pull it forward and up with no indication that it was locked. In fact, it should have been easier for Dan and Fitzhugh to push it open then the others to pull it up.

    • Despite Barry's claim at the end, Kagan's sacrifice gained them no knowledge (other then that spiders are dangerous) that would help them get back to Earth.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Mark: Something's stalking us. You two go on, I'll hide and see what it is.
      Fitzhugh: Excellent idea. Come on, captain, I'll lead the way.

    • Barry: Where are we going?
      Kagan: Where they'll never find us.
      Barry: The giants?
      Kagan: Not the giants, nor your friends, nor anybody, ever. I know my way around this giant world. I've spied out its secrets. I've seen things that'd drive a man insane. It's only made me more cunning.

    • Steve: You must believe in us, Major. A man in your situation, a man who must have had the courage to think of saving others and not himself, can't refuse to help others now.

    • Barry: Log entry. Major Kagan died last night. He was a very brave man. He saved my life. Thanks to him, we gained valuable information which will help us return to Earth.

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