Land of the Giants

Season 1 Episode 11

The Weird World

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Dec 22, 1968 on ABC

Episode Recap

Steve, Mark, and Fitzhugh are setting up an outpost in the forest when a giant comes by. He lights his pipe and tosses the match into the brush near the outpost, setting it on fire. They have no choice but to wait until he leaves and then hastily put out the fire before it endangers the outpost.

Valerie, Betty, and Barry are out scouting when Chipper finds an Earth tape recorder in the brush. The battery is dead and they decide to take it back to Spindrift to show the others.

As Steve and the other two men finish stocking the outpost, a crow flies down and attacks them. Steve and Mark try to hold it off but it pecks Mark in the arm, drawing blood. Fortunately, a giant boy comes by with an electric toy gun and scares the crow off. The battery goes dead and the boy tosses it into the brush as he leaves. Once he's gone, the three men find the battery and Mark figures that if it has any residual charge then they can use it to help repair Spindrift. However, when they return to the outpost Fitzhugh discover that a box of food and his knife are missing. As they start searching, Dan calls to tell them the others have brought back the tape recorder. Steve orders the others and they head back. Mark keeps hearing what sounds like someone following them, but Steve and Fitzhugh find nothing and Steve refuses to let the engineer stay behind to set an ambush.

Back at Spindrift, Steve and Dan confirm that the battery still has some charge. Meanwhile, the others speculate about whether it belonged to a National Air Research space lab that was lost in orbit. They hook up the battery to the recorder and play a log made by Major Kagan. Kagan reports that he and his crew crashed on the planet and the giants captured their spaceship. The astronauts lost all of their equipment during one giant raid and barely escaped. Kagan and the others plan to break into the science center at night, counting on the giants' poor night vision, and take off in their vessel. The tape ends there, and Dan volunteers to stand first watch at the outpost. Steve puts FItzhugh on guard duty while the others get some sleep.

That night, Fitzhugh dozes off and a shadowy figure sneaks into the camp and steals Fitzhugh's blanket. Chipper wakes up and goes after the thief, and Barry soon realizes that his dog is missing. He wakes up Fitzhugh, who claims that he was wide awake but didn't see anything, and then dozes off again. Barry goes after Chipper and the thief, a bearded man in a tattered uniform, grabs him and holds a knife to his throat. He leads Barry off and accuses the boy and the others of being spies. Barry insists that they aren't but his captor doesn't believe him and takes him to a gopher hole. Inside, Barry explains that he's an orphan and that he and the others crashed on the planet. The man doesn't believe him and insists that they're all spies for the giants, trading information for food and freedom. When Barry asks if he can go back to Spindrift, the man tells him that he's never going back.

Valerie and Steve discover that Fitzhugh is asleep and Steve goes to look for Barry.

Barry realizes that his captor is wearing a NAR uniform and identifies him as Major Kagan, the astronaut who made the tape. The cave shakes and Kagan tells Barry that the gopher the hole belongs to is still digging tunnels. Barry makes a break for it and Kagan chases after him, but Steve jumps him as the major prepares to shoot a bow and arrow at the boy. Once Steve has subdued the crazed astronaut, he takes him back to Spindrift. The castaways question Kagan about what happened to his crew and the major tells them that they're all dead.

Kagan refuses to give up any useful information, but Steve plays back Kagan's log tape where he warned any Earthlings of danger. Reminded of his duty, Kagan tells them that their spaceship was intact when it landed, and the giants took it to a nearby science center. Steve says that they're going there to find it and take off, and that everyone will have to go along. As they go to get equipment for the break-in, Fitzhugh stays behind and tells Kagan that he's a prisoner and the others really are spies for the giants. A confused Kagan and says that they should run, but Fitzhugh says that they should use the others to get to the spaceship, and then just the two of them can take it back to Earth and warn the authorities of the danger. Kagan agrees and Fitzhugh grabs his suitcase of money and then leaves with the major for his hideaway.

Inside the ship, Mark rigs the battery into a backpack that Dan can carry, and hooks it up to a handheld light. They soon discover that Kagan and Fitzhugh are gone, and Steve figures that Kagan will go back to the gopher hole. He tells the others to keep preparing while he and Mark go to find the major.

As Kagan and Fitzhugh enter the gopher hole, a giant walks overhead and the ceiling starts to come down. Kagan is trapped in the rubble and Fitzhugh tries to dig him free. However, when the gopher starts breaking through the nearby wall, Fitzhugh runs outside. Steve and Mark find him and Fitzhugh claims that Kagan ran for it and he followed the major. They force Fitzhugh to go back inside and find Kagan, just as the gopher breaks through. Steve uses an emergency flare from Spindrift to hold it back while Mark digs Kagan free. When Kagan wakes up, he tells Steve to use his bow and the captain shoots the gopher dead.

Steve and Fitzhugh help Mark free Kagan, and Fitzhugh admits that that he's still a wanted man. Kagan tells them that one of the gopher tunnels leads to the science center, and Steve has Mark radio the others to meet them there. Meanwhile, the major says that there's an air duct leading into the science center, but he can't bring himself to remember what killed his men. The deaths of his men have fractured his memory, and all he can remember is that something terrible happened there. Steve pressures him into helping, pointing out that he's their only help, and Kagan agrees to lead them in.

Once the others arrive, Kagan gives them a map of the layout and Steve decides to split them into two groups so that if one is captured, the other one still has a chance. While Steve takes Mark, Valerie, and Betty in through the front, Kagan will lead the others in through the air duct.

Steve's group arrives at the front door and they prepare to snag the door handle with a grappling hook. However, a night watchman comes over, forcing the Earthlings to hide behind a lamppost. The giant then settles down with his supper, blocking their way in.

Kagan leads Dan, Barry, and Fitzhugh through the tunnels to the air duct at the back of the science center.

Steve and Mark open the plate at the base of the lamppost and Mark struggles to unscrew the ground wire, taking out the light.

Kagan leads the others to the air duct and Dan tells them to stay there while he checks on the others. He goes around to the front just as the night watchman gets up and approaches the other group. Steve and Mark manage to unfasten the ground wire just in time, and the watchman goes inside to report the outage. Dan goes back to tell the others that it's time to move in, but Kagan, terrified says that he can't. The co-pilot tells the major to stay there with Barry while he and Fitzhugh go in. They make their way through the duct to the research lab but are unable to open the grille on the other end. Meanwhile, Steve and the others sneak in, taking care not to wake a scientist sleeping at the table. Dan uses the handheld light to get their attention and the others come over and open the grille. The spaceship is up on the table and Steve, Mark, and Dan toss the grappling hook up and catch on the line.

Outside, Barry suggests to Kagan that they hide in the duct but he refuses, starting to remember how his men screamed before they died. The major tells Barry that whatever killed his crew is still inside, waiting, and refuses to let Barry go in to warn the others.

Steve and the others get up to the table only to discover that it's been dismantled. Dan watches the sleeping scientist while Mark looks for parts to take back. When the scientist wakes up, the men are forced to climb back down and Steve and Dan have to scale a lamp cord. Their weight shifts the lamp and the scientist notices, and Steve yanks down the lamp when they reach the bottom. The scientist calls in the watchman while the Earthlings hide in the shadows.

Barry hears the lamp fall and pulls free of Kagan, going into the air duct to investigate. Kagan tries to go after him but can't overcome his fear. Meanwhile, Barry makes a wrong turn and ends up caught in a spider web.

The watchman enters the lab and uses his flashlight to try and spot the Earthlings. The scientist spots Steve and Betty and tries to grab them, and Steve cuts his hand with an axe. Meanwhile, Dan and Mark find a discarded flashbulb that fell off the table and try to rig the battery to the contact. When that doesn't work, Mark has Dan break open the bulb and they trigger the magnesium directly. The flash blinds the giants and the Earthlings escape into the air duct.

As the spider descends on Barry, he screams to Kagan for help. Kagan hesitates but finally overcomes his fear and runs into the duct. He finds Barry and frees him, only to get caught in the web himself. The others follow the noise and arrive just as the spider kills Kagan.

Later back at the ship, Barry uses Kagan's tape recorder to start his own log. His first entry is in honor of Kagan, noting the major's sacrifice and how it provided them with knowledge that could get them back to Earth.