Land of the Giants

ABC (ended 1970)




  • Season 1 Episode 1: The Crash

  • As the Spindrift heads directly toward the space warp, the passengers look out a side window and see the warp as well.

  • Although Fitzhugh seems to lose his money to the cat here, it is referenced in subsequent episodes so presumably he went back and picked it all up.

  • The cat is way too low in the scene where Dan sees it through the doorway. The bottom of the doorsill is only a foot or two off the ground: the bottom of the cat's neck is at the same level. It would have to be in a deep hole for the angle to be correct.

  • When the cat first appears at Spindrift, it is to the side, facing the outside door. However, in the next shot when Dan runs to the cockpit, it is instantly facing in from the front.

  • When the giant entomologist grabs Valerie and holds her up at arm's length, his hand is disproportionately much larger to her than the scale we see throughout the rest of the episode, or when he grabs Steve a minute earlier.

  • When the Earthlings flee into the drainage pipe at the end, the giant reaches in to grab them. The camera cuts back very quickly to a shot of him looking into the pipe from inside, which would be impossible if his arm were in the pipe. Then in the next exterior shot, the giant's arm is instantly back in the pipe again.

  • The Spindrift here doesn't appear to be that badly damaged: it lands once and then lifts off and lands a second time. Presumably the cat's attack damaged the ship enough to require two seasons' worth of repair, but this isn't made very clear, considering that the driving story element of the next two years would be repairing it!

  • Many of the episodes span the course of a single night. With a 1-to-12 scale, this means the little people can walk about 2-3 "giant" miles a night. So everything we see them walk to in all the episodes is all within 2-3 miles of everything else they walk to. This means a lot of giant buildings are absurdly close to the Spindrift site(s). Within walking distance this week: an entymologist's lab

  • The word entomologist is misspelled in the closing credits and is shown as entymologist. 

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Ghost Town

  • Barry flashes through the force field in about a second and is knocked out until the next day. Fitzhugh is stuck in the field for several long moments--not once, but twice--and is only shaken up for a brief time. Steve is also only shaken up when he goes to Fitzhugh's aid. The giant tramp hits the field and is killed. And while retrieving Barry, the grandfather seems not to have noticed the dead body lying just inches away.

  • The remote controlled truck looks totally different in the shots of it as a model in the hands of the giant than in does when shown as full sized with the little people. Noteable differences include the shape of the front end and grill, and even the shade of the blue paint.

  • After the giant girl pours gasoline around Steve and sets light to it, Dan jumps over the flames to rescue him when he could have walked around the short line of flame (which he did once he'd picked Steve up).

  • 50-year technology gap: In several episodes it is cited that the Land is 50 years behind Earth, technologically (about 1933, given the premiere's cited date). In this episode, the giant grandfather has electronic forcefields.

  • Within walking distance: a scale model of a Earth town

  • When the Earthlings go into the saloon to find Barry, they don't seem to notice that the ceiling is missing.

  • Rather unbelieveably, the town is far too detailed for the audience to believe that the giant constructed it based on magazines found in the wreckage of the crashed Earth plane.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Framed

  • Within walking distance: the photographer's home and a police station

  • When Dan climbs the trellis, it ends just above the doorbell. However, in the long shots with the photographer in frame, the trellis goes up several more rungs.

  • When Steve is stuck in the darkroom, he radios Dan who says that he's stuck in the other room. But a few minutes later, Steve tells Dan to move in and he casually walks into the darkroom.

  • The picture that we see of the photographer planting evidence doesn't match the position the camera was in when Valerie and Steve take the picture: the camera angle should be much lower then it is shown to be.

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