Land of the Giants

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  • Season 2 Episode 14: Home Sweet Home

  • The time travelers from "A Place Called Earth," and thus their time machine, come from the year 5477, yet Dan is able to fix it, and with present-day parts.

  • Look carefully during the scenes of the pod on Earth and you can see the power cables covered up by dirt and then running up to the leg of the pod.

  • The producers and writers go to great lengths to ignore the absent-due-to-pregnancy Heather Young: none more so then in this episode. When asked where everyone is, Valerie doesn't even mention the absent Betty, and the giants are now vague on whether there are six or seven Earthlings.

  • The timer in the time machine is going way too fast to signify minutes, as Steve claims. They should also run out of time much sooner if the timer is accurate.

  • Steve makes a reference to them having gone back 75 years in the past. However, much of this episode takes place in 1900, and the premiere episode says the date is 1983. He presumably meant 83 years ago.

  • What is "frozen time" and why is the torch burning despite the fact time has supposedly been frozen?

  • Actually, despite the fact that Fitzhugh claims never to have seen a space warp/"green gook" (see Quotes), he did indeed see the space warp in the pilot episode.

  • Is Dan really so dense he doesn't realize Barry's last birthday was only six months ago? Granted, he's had a lot on his mind, but given the stuff that happened on that birthday (i.e., the events of "The Creed"), you'd think he'd remember it a little better. Steve doesn't have any trouble remembering.

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Land Of The Lost

  • Titus can monitor the gondola of the balloon via camera (as we see when the balloon approaches his realm the first time). He forgets to do so the second time, allowing Dan and Fitzhugh to sneak into his palace.

  • According to on-screen dialogue, there is no ocean within 500 miles of the Spindrift's campsite. Yet there appeared to be a seaside fishing community in the first-season episode "Shell Game", within walking distance.

  • The 50-year technology gap cited in several first-season episodes (and subsequently ignored on many occasions) seems to be pretty much ditched in this episode. Steve claims the giants from "their" country have "advanced technology of sorts".

  • The SID pictures of Mark and Dan are a nice touch, but who took them and where did they come from? If an SID man was on hand to take the pictures, why didn't he just capture them?

  • Titus tortures people by making them unconscious and making their body parts go numb? Well, that's what he says while "torturing" Andros, although later Mark seems to be in actual pain from the effects of the collar.

  • The giants have an airport. This raises the question; how do you build airplanes that can get the kind of mass that even a single approximately 14 ton giant has, up into the air? This question was kind of addressed in Murray Leinster's novelization "Land of the Giants #1", so I'm not the only one who wonders about this stuff...

  • Season 2 Episode 12: A Place Called Earth

  • Why do Fielder and Olds take a ship to the past if they can simply teleport there (as the other time traveler does)?

  • Despite having a working time machine and 3-4 thousand years of technological advancement, the time travellers don't know they missed Earth and are an alien planet?!?

  • The title of the episode has nothing to do with nor any relevance to the episode.

  • The powers of the time travellers vary wildly: sometimes they walk, sometimes they teleport. Sometimes they simply raise their hand and freeze time, sometimes they need the medallion. Sometimes their force fields protect them (even if they aren't aware of an attack), sometimes they don't (when Steve uses the dart on Olds).

  • Despite being almost three thousand years in the future, the time travel chamber has the same swirly-radar screen thing that the Spindrift pilot cabin had in the first season.

  • Supposedly alien planet: A drug specifically named "sodium amo-barbitol"

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